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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Simple Formula - This Is IT!

Would you like to be the number one person in your company?  In your community?  In your nation?  On your continent?  As well as your own family and extended family?  With power galore? 

With everyone loving YOU, respecting YOU for who  YOU  are?

Or, increase substantially, if not double, your income? 

Or, just turn your life around and truly be happy, stress-free with your finances in order? 

All these can be yours.  And more.  Lots more.  Within 26 weeks (that's 6 months) or less. 

And only with 1 hour a day invested in your incredible future.

IF ... you want ... AND ... are willing to listen, willing to put the time and effort in to learning the basic principles ... The BASIC FORMULA ... AND then ... practice what you have learned. 

Simple as that.  That is THE FORMULA.

We guarantee it.

Just learn the following secret key foundation.  Then live it.  That's all.  And this formula for success really is that simple.

What do we consider The Foundation? 

Good question and glad you asked. 


The 6 Modules are the most critical of an even bigger formula.  And those 6 Modules of principles are built on the real obviousness principles as laid out in a super simple 39 page 1916 Classic booklet called Obvious Adams: The Story Of A Successful Businessman by Robert R. Updegraff.

Begin with this basic foundation and build on that afterwards.  What is that foundation?

Let us digress for a moment.  For an important reason that will become self-evident obvious as we proceed.


Attitude Is Everything

Quickly before anything, one can say that the international well-known speaker - Zig Ziglar - has condensed attitude beautifully.  Click and watch this -

Please consider Johnny The Bagger as well.  A short clip to let you know ... YOU, too, can do it. 

These two video clips will set the tone for the balance of The Foundation.  It really is up to YOU.  No one else.  

Hence, our suggestion in the tab on How To Get The Most Out Of AGS Life Academy to watch the movie "My Fair Lady"

YOU  are about to be transformed. 

But, ... that  - your transformation (whether just a tweaking or complete overhaul as it was for me) - cannot happen without YOUR attitude being right.  It really does have to be a WILLING attitude.  Then, ... the sky is the limit ... for now. 

The opportunities will open themselves up for YOU.  Some may say, magically.  Shockingly.  Miraculously.

Let us say simply profoundly beyond your wildest expectations.  Seriously.

Perhaps the universe even...


First, A Word About Copying

There are both sides of the discussion about copying.  Bad aspects and good.

Obviously, bad aspects is copying the  work  of another and that is wrong and appropriately so.  One should NEVER copy another's work without their authority and giving them credit for it.

The other way of copying is actually good and should be done. 

William E. Bailey, the CEO and founder of a multi-level marketing company back in the 1970s called Bestline Products, Inc., used to promote "Copying is the first step in developing your own style." 

He promoted look at others that are successful and learn what they do that is successful and copy those successful habits. 

Remember however, mankind also has habits that are not successful, so, the key is learn to discern which habits you want to copy and which ones you don't.

AGS Life Academy is using Mr. Bailey's principle of copying above.  Actually, teaches - learn to discern what each are and then copy only those habits that YOU like using YOUR filtering system whatever that system is.  And that is how to develop YOUR own style.

Once you incorporate those habits of others you have selected and chosen to copy and then lived them awhile, you naturally will modify them to your personality, your environment, your background and your lifestyle. 

Someone else's habits, therefore, will become yours ... but, ... slightly or totally different as they will have been modified and tailored to you

To fit you like a suit custom-designed for and to you.  And that custom-built aura will radiate out to others with neon lights you're special.  Super special.  Uniquely super special.

In other words, prove you want to keep those "successful" habits of others but trying them or testing them out in you over time to make sure they still are "successful" FOR YOU.

Having said that, PLEASE, do not copy us or follow us as we are imperfect human beings.  Do focus on and copy us and follow us ONLY as we follow those laws that always work.  Those principles of Cause and Effect taught here in this Self-Help educational Academy.


Take The Test Drive FREE For 30 Days... (and Thereafter Continue It Free As Well.)

You may have heard, "Try this carpet or this piece of furniture in your home or this whatever for 30 days and if you don't like it, return it for a full refund." 

Well, in a sense, that's what we're saying here at AGS Life Academy

Search out what works for others. 

Copy that which you like and mold it and shape it to YOU. 

What YOU don't like or not comfortable with at the moment, you don't have to accept until you are ready.  Or have adapted the principle to you.

What you have here at the Academy, is loads of successful principles to learn from.  Principles that work and work well. 

The question will become, will they work for YOU?

YOU are in total control of YOU and how and who YOU want to become.  Each step of the way.  You own YOU in how YOU are.  No one else.  YOU and only YOU.

Therefore, one key in becoming successful is modifying the mind a bit to accept the need to learn.  Appropriate learning. 

Not all learning, even from the Academy here, is appropriate as not all change is good. 

YOU have to learn to discern what is good and what isn't.

AGS Life Academy leads YOU to learn in an appropriate way to learn how to discern this.  For YOURSELF. 

Do NOT allow anyone else to force you to do something against your will.  Including us.  Actually, don't follow us except in the ways that YOU like and feel is appropriate to YOUR future. 

We can't stress that enough.

To repeat the principle,

The first step in learning is learning one needs to learn.


Therefore, learn to think for yourself.  Any good decision making course will tell you to gather the information, the facts, first.  From all sides of an issue. 

And then, once you analyze them, the facts from all sides of a situation, can you make a decision.

One of the goals for AGS Life Academy is to open the mind to think.  Not merely accept what other people say or do.  But to discern what is important and valuable to YOU, the student, and YOUR filtering system. 


Full Disclosure

AGS Life Academy does introduce perhaps controversial issues from time to time in the textbooks used and elsewhere for a reason - one of which is just for this goal.  Not just to THINK.

We don't necessarily want anyone to think as we think or believe what we believe, but to open YOUR mind to THINK and believe what YOU think and YOU believe for yourself

To prove EVERYTHING  BEHIND  what YOU think.  Behind what YOU believe.  The reasons  WHY  you do what you do.

Not just be sheep.  But be the shepherd that leads sheep.  And to do so for good and honorable reasons and objectives.

The Academy uses a different set of textbooks than the normal bricks and mortar, dumbing down "public education" institutions might for that reason.

The AGS Life Academy 6 Modules Foundation is a simple and almost too simple foundation. 

A true  step-by-simple-step  Self-Help University type Academy in learning.  Teaching principles.  Principles that never change as circumstances sometimes do.

Therefore, learn the causes and the effects of each principle and consequently the corresponding results will always remain the same.

Follow good principles - get good results.  Follow bad principles - get bad results.  Simple as that. 

Teaching the WHYS behind what is done and the HOW TOS at the same time. 

With examples to reinforce them and make it easy to learn those principles.

Doesn't that make sense?

Isn't that simple?


The Book Of The Month Program

If you can read, you can become.  Simple as that. 

As the founder and president, was told by an astute Sales Manager way back when (when he was a basket case of basket cases literally), read on the average of one new book a month so in twelve months, you will have read 12 books and in twenty-four months, you will have read 24 books. 

These are not the sensational romance or Perry Mason mystery time-wasting books, but highly specialized mind-stimulating books to get you to think.  AND to grow intellectually. 

But not just in knowledge.  But, in street smarts THINKING.


It Works Simply AND Easily

After decades of putting this system he recommended into practice, we can vouch for the astuteness of that Sales Manager.  And the effectiveness of his system. 

The President is not perfect yet, but still very willingly striving in that direction. 

He has learned what works and what does not work. 

And that course of action focus works fabulously.

It began with reading.  Simple and easy reading.  1 book a month on the average.

AND thinking upon what he read AND still reads.  And then putting it all into practice.  Daily. 

Observation of others is a huge part of that learning.  Multiply your learning by observation of what others do and have done and the corresponding results. 

Hence, the books selected for the textbooks here at the Academy.  None others are as good to teach what I want taught and none can be left out.  They form the whole for a simple reason. 

They work and work incredibly rock-solidly like no other combination would.


YOU Can Do It Too

You, too, can do the same.  The same as he's done and others have done.  If not more than what any of us have done.

It really is so simple, it might not work because it is so simple and easy. 

People may ask, "Is this all I have to do to be profoundly successful?  In 6 months?  Why, everyone can do this." 

To which we would say, "Yes.  Yes.  And yes." 

ANYONE can do it, it is so simple.  Just follow directions slowly.  Methodically.  Resolutely. 

AND, ... we guarantee it as the link here states.  With money.  And the Academy and the website has a FREE option you may take to test drive yourself.  And you can test drive that full program for as long as you'd like. 

In other words, prove us whether we know what we're talking about or not.


Have You Ever thought of that? 

Why would we back a FREE Academic course with money if it didn't work? 

Simply because it DOES works. 

And, we don't care who YOU are or who is "trying" this Academy.  Just listen, follow directions and prove us by doing what is recommended.  End of story. 

You WILL become successful and profoundly successful.  In 6 short months.  Only one hour a day.  Or through 6 simple and easy Modules of learning that can be completed in 6 months.  Or, less.  Or, longer if you want to attack the program on a slower pace.  Whatever your pace is.


Having Said That...

Having said that about success in 6 months with only 1 hour a day invested in your future is so simple anyone can do it backed up with guarantees, ...IF ... YOU don't listen, YOU don't follow directions, YOU don't practice what is available to be learned simply, then, ... simply, ... it won't work for YOU. 

It has been proven to work for others.  Countless others. 

But, again, if YOU don't work the system, it won't work for YOU.

And, ... as Zig Ziglar said, your stinking thinking will get worse.


First The Prerequisites

The prerequisites should be done first.  These include those found in:



NOW,  The Foundation
6 Modules


The Foundation 6 Modules

These are the foundational transition from the "old you" to a "new you" for an ever growing success after that.  6 Modules plus a period of time to practice what you learned in the "real" world. 

This builds in flexibility to be all purpose generic for just about any circumstance at any time with just about anyone anywhere.  In any industry or any profession.  Worldwide.

PLEASE, do not underestimate the simplistic POWER in this simple formula.  That is why these specific 6 Modules work.  They are simple and easy to learn. 

There really is more here than first meets the mind.  Especially if YOU use the Diploma Program to complete the process. 

Just a short few weeks from now, you'll look back and think, "This really was deep.  Profound DEEP." 

AGS Life Academy really WAS and IS a profound Academy. 

And you'll be glad you paid attention and followed the almost too simple and too easy meticulous directions.  And 5 years from now, even more so. 

You'll be singing the praises of AGS Life Academy to everyone you know. 

As you proceed through your Academy and beyond living life experiences, remember this word of Caution.


Seven Levels Of Options

For more info about the Student Options check the Student Levels Of Involvement.



The Following Are The Academy 6 Foundation Modules

Everything rests on these modules - These 6 Modules ARE "The Foundation" of living life  more  abundantly.  The Sensational HOPE, the winning LEADERSHIP and the amazing SUCCESS YOU should have ... guaranteed.  Remember only 1 hour a day...

Step 1 - Orientation - A 14 Day Preparation System

Orientation - Part 1 - How To Get The Most Out Of This Academy AND Very Uncommon Insights In A Lot More

Orientation - Part 2 - Specifics Tailored To YOU including goal setting & value determination, time management & organization, good health, getting a handle on finances, proving FOR YOURSELF & learning how to ask with boldness, beginning the process of how to read between lines and discern more appropriately for YOU (people do lie and are deceptive), how to study in 1 hour a day to achieve it all and a whole lot additional.


Step 2 - The Learning Modules

Obvious Adams: The Story Of A Successful Businessman - The foundational pre-studies of seeing & doing the "obviousness" and being & keeping it all simple.  Learning how to THINK for yourself.  Quite the profound example of learning the core principles of cause & effect in everything.

Module 1 - 4 weeks - Attitudes of ambition, drive & motivation & how to use them appropriately.  In life;  being influential to others;  with your finances, homework assignments given and everything you do

Module 2 - 8 weeks - Human relations & emotions - building, maintaining and controlling for unworrying confidence for winning results at the heart of your being

Module 3 - 5 weeks - Learning the lessons of and developing outstanding work ethics, great character, & going from poverty to 200 million a year generating peace wherever you go

Module 4 - 5 weeks - Role models & principles to learn ... or ... how to be a man  &/or  how to be a woman  &/or  how to be a family  more fully  in uncommon happiness & joy inexplicable - That's what it is all about - happiness & joy beyond words

Module 5 - 4 weeks - Tailoring it all to YOU  personally  in all 7 areas of life

Module 6 - ... & Beyond - Congratulations!  Being the leader YOU now are;  YOU have a major responsibility - go & enjoy life  ... AND ... go, teach others so they can teach the world what YOU  have learned & now know ... 

Welcome To The Beginning ... 


Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill wrote that history would be kind to him as he planned to write it.  In other words, after going through these 6 Modules in This AGS Life Academy, your history can be kind to YOU as well.  You will have what it takes to write YOUR own history.


There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island
... and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life
Walt Disney




Thank YOU for your consideration in joining the ranks of the best of the best.
AGS Life Academy

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