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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

Start fresh today?

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Do you have any health issues?  Do you have any financial issues? 

Can YOU be honest in asking yourself do YOU consider YOURSELF  THE best of the best?  Honestly?  Do others consider you to be the best of the best?


The highest character values imaginable?  The highest work ethics imaginable?  The highest giving, sharing, cooperating traits conceivable?  That EVERYONE wants to be like you?  To be around YOU?

Again, are YOU  the best of the best  and even higher than the best of the best in everything YOU do and everything YOU are associated with?  Higher than the best?  The Rolls Royce quality beyond reproach?


What about other people?

What do they think when your name comes up?

Do they (everyone that knows you or knows about you) look at you as being the best of the best?  And, higher than the best?  In ALL areas of life?

If not, then YOU can learn something at this Academy.



Look around you today.  What horrible events, shocking heart-wrenching events, hope-depleting events are going on in almost every direction almost like sucking you into them just by living are encompassing you? 

How many disturbing issues can you name?

We don't care about your past or your present situation, do YOU have troubles, worries or do YOU suffer in ANY way?

Be honest. 

Time for sincerity as well.  This quick test is for YOU and you only.

Do YOU have $500 in savings?  How does that make you feel? 

YOU own YOUR life's experiences.  Your life's situation. 

Are YOU happy with it - YOUR life?  Truly happy?  100%? 

Is there any area of your life that can be better?  That YOU would love to be improved?  Or, ... others would love you to have improved?

Maybe your family?  Your co-workers?  Those that know YOU?  Those that know OF you?

If you have ANY area in YOUR life that is NOT in peace, NOT in harmony, that is NOT uplifting, NOT positive, No hope in the future or ANYWHERE in living life, then YOU can learn something from this Academy.  Either or.  Cause and effect.  Simple as that. 

Isn't that great?!

You can look up.  You can have hope again. 

There IS a future and YOU can make it fantastic.  Awesome.

Some consider ANY not-in-harmony, non-peaceful, non-uplifting, non-positive event, any type of trouble is like a scratch on a brand new automobile. 

A spot or a wrinkle on a new suit, a new dress, a new outfit.

If you wish, THE "NEW YOU" is that new automobile and not just any automobile but a top-of-the-line Rolls Royce one.  Or that brand new just released from the factory whatever you want to name.

You can think the same as well. 

How many "scratches" or "spots" or "wrinkles" do YOU have?  Are YOU the best YOU can be?  Are YOU higher than the best?  Can't YOU at least be tweaked to be even more sought after than some prestigious Rolls Royce?


Why Are You Accepting Mediocrity? 

Don't YOU deserve the best?  For FREE! 

Then, why are you still in a 2nd grade or worse YOU?

Isn't it time to upgrade your automobile (YOU) to a Rolls Royce (high quality - the best YOU can be) making sure there are NO scratches on it?  It really is simple to do.  And really super inexpensive.  Like FREE!


Actually, can you NOT afford to NOT make YOUR life peaceful?  In harmony?  Super Positive?  Incredibly uplifting?  Regaining your hope for the future beyond your wildest expectations?  To a Rolls Royce standard? 

So, let's get started, shall we? 

Do you know the Secret Of The Red Shirts?

Let's begin to learn in 6 simple Modules the missing dimensions or the key secrets why THE BEST of life has alluded YOU... and YOU can grasp them for yourself urgently.

That's partially why AGS Life Academy exists.

The first thing people need to learn is that they need to learn.


The first thing people need to learn is that they need to learn


Are YOU willing to learn?  That IS the question facing YOU.  The future Rolls Royce YOU is really being offered to YOU inexpensively in YOUR hands.  Before YOUR eyes right now.

Are YOU ready to go after it?  ... for just one hour a day?

You will see benefits in yourself within the first 30 days while others will see benefits in you within 60 to 90 days.  And a dramatically changed you in only 26 weeks (6 months).

Begin to dream and dream big dreams as many of them are about to come to pass...

Imagine ... IF ... you were the best of the best or higher than the best ... in everything you were and did and said?  Imagine what your world would be like...

Let's begin tweaking YOU, shall we?

Every page you will learn something.  Are you strong enough and willing enough to learn what you did not know before?

That's the bottom line - are YOU all talk or are YOU ready to learn some things?

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - THE TEST".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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