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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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What Does It All Mean?

Like an outstanding recap of kindergarten, grammar school, high school, college, post-grad & a specialized academy for hope galore, winning leadership, amazing success while living life more abundantly as a by-product and all rolled into one. 

Yes, YOU can put life on auto-pilot and "play" doing what YOU want, when YOU want & how YOU want.

Seriously.  And this Academy is super practical in the process.  Tailored to the individual.  YOU  the student.

With all the repetition of the simple as it is presented here online content, the visitor-to-this-Academy-turned-student-without-realizing-it goes through all the recapped education one really needs as a brief refresher of what they really should have been taught in earlier years whether at home, in public or private educational systems or in the work force. 

Maybe not everything, but what is here at AGS Life Academy should remind the student of the full content, the almost overwhelming information they should have learnt filling in lots of details I know they weren't taught.

One can tell they weren't taught the full life skills by the fruits displayed in the world today.  Check out the ages guidelines of what to expect at different life stages.


Cause and effect laws or principles don't lie.  Obey the laws and be blessed.  Disobey whether known or ignorance of those principles doesn't matter, they still cause the same negative outcomes.

If you will, the graduates of this Academy are taught the practical street-smarts of Life Skills to be leaders in a successful future in whatever direction you desire to pursue.  AND, while you begin to live life more abundantly.  And peaceably.  And lovingly. 

Did we say prosperously as well?  Seriously.

This 26 weeks will have corrected many areas of life the student can't get any other way so rapidly or as completely. 

The easiest hard work they will ever go through.  And the most fun as well.

Each section of the Foundation Program is here for a reason to achieve that overall balanced "New YOU" individual, whether for international officials, national leaders or appointed responsibles, business leaders/managers/supervisors/employees, complete households or the individuals themselves at whatever stage of society they fall into at the moment in time they become a student.

It doesn't matter if they are the only ones in their environment or everyone in their circle has taken the course, eventually more will see the effects of each student and the word of mouth build-it-and-they-will-come philosophy.

The end result is greater effectiveness without much effort.  Almost like done naturally without resistance.  Without forcing.  Without conflict or worse. 

Actually, with those above, around and below willingly loving the student of AGS Life Academy for having gone through the program as diligently as they did.  They willing will do whatever they suggest. 

Much different responses will happen than demanding or ordering.

Following are some of those Life Skills the graduate will have gone through.


Your Life Skills To Be Enhanced While ALL Rejoice Profusely

In addition to knowing the remarkable jam-packed content in the ONLY 10 selected inexpensive everyday-practical textbooks and other content in these individual Modules over 26 weeks, the following links information that should be established in your first two weeks as a lead-in to those Modules. 

They are presented here first to make & keep YOU sharp & effective in less time as you proceed through the Academy.

You as the student will be groomed like you could not imagine.  Beyond your wildest expectations and so simply and easily you'll wonder why you were not taught this material before using this makes so much sense formula.

It is revolutionary. 

It can change the world.  The world can flourish with everyone happy and content in sensibleness.

And that is one of the reasons for AGS Life Academy.  One student at a time. 

Or, at least to stop the Titanic world of hate, conflicts, destruction and worse while turning it around setting it up to go in a different direction of love, giving, sharing, cooperating for everyone's best interests. 

The emotions of peace, harmony, love will abound one student at a time.  One household at a time.  One business at a time.  One state, one region, one nation, one continent and then the world.

All in an attitude.  Attitude is everything.  Seriously. 

Take a step back to SEE the big picture and then plan out where it should all be and the plan to get there is right here at AGS Life Academy.

All online day and night conveniently for the masses to take at their own pace.


Rejoice In The Easy Knowledge Gained Without Realizing It

1.  Goal setting and value determination

2.  Time Management & Organization in 7 to 8 minutes a day

3.  Staying Informed in 12 to 18 minutes a day

4.  Health improvements including a simple exercise program most people can do established in 30 to 45 minutes a day two or three days a week

5.  Finances established and Cash Flow Professional Tips taken into consideration so your finances can be completed in 2 minutes a day before brushing your teeth before bed for the overall complex area of comprehensive financial planning

6.  Your future in an hour to two hours a day studying raising YOU to a Rolls Royce best of the best standard of peace, cooperation, harmony, joy and happiness in 6 unique Modules.

7.  Other Practical Techniques as in How To Study and the Process Of Osmosis eliminating problems BEFORE they are problems or even issues.

8.  Other recap or reminders and other helpful items, such as:

9.  Attitude, Motivation, Drive and more:

10.  What is required

Step by step process always doing more than expected with all one's might with encouragement and practical suggestions, recommendations along the way so YOU can SEE progress in yourself within 30 days.  And others can too.

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - Sharpen the saw & how to become more effective".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

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This is about re-engineering failing or weak individuals, families, organizations, businesses and even nations looking forward. The ideal age is from 16 to 25 to prepare for and build a rock-solid Copyright 2014
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