International Wisdom and Hope Academy
Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Orientation - Part 2
Specifics Tailored To YOU








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These And More Life Skills Established In First Two Weeks

1.  Ambition, Motivation, Drive - goal setting and value determination

2.  Time Management & Organization in 7 to 8 minutes a day

3.  Staying Informed in 12 to 18 minutes a day

4.  Health improvements established in 30 to 45 minutes a day two or three days a week

5.  Finances Established so they can be completed in 2 minutes a day before brushing your teeth before bed

6.  Your future in an hour to two hours a day studying raising YOU to a Rolls Royce standard of peace, cooperation, harmony, joy and happiness in 6 unique Modules.

7.  Other Practical Techniques as in How To Study and the Process Of Osmosis eliminating problems BEFORE they are problems or even issues. 

And practical exercises in getting the students name, your skills and your talents out to and in front of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands so potential "influentials" worldwide that make decisions (like hiring decisions, strategy decisions, buying decisions and many other decisions) will see them in an obvious way.

Step by step process with encouragement and practical suggestions, recommendations along the way so YOU can SEE progress in yourself within 30 days.


With The Orientation - Part 1 Having Been Previously Stated

So, now, with the Orientation Part 1 - How to get the most out of this Academy already gone through, let's tailor it all specifically to YOU, shall we?

Understand that the site offers a ton of basic principles in and by itself.  Several life skills.

The mentioned textbooks offer a lot more.  This is THE meat of the Academy. 

There are other referenced sites and material to glean from as well.

As mentioned though THE real KEYS are the textbooks.  Those will begin in the third week.

Everything before that is ground preparation for the real training.  The real heart and core fundamentals for your future begins in the third week - those textbooks.

What is given in first two weeks helps round you, an outstanding best of the best leader, to be more balanced in all 7 areas of life building in flexibility and how to be organized with effective time management.

Almost like kindergarten, grammar school, junior high school, senior high school, college and even post-graduate all rolled into one 26 week unique leadership training course.

As in many institutions, you can't go through college without having graduated from high school and can't get into high school without having gone through that education that precedes it.

We offer tons of Job Opportunities, but only if you have the fundamentals that come before it.

Great leaders always seek to improve.  That's what we look for.  Yes, there is some and actually quite a lot of repetition, but it is the new information they seek.  That is what they hunger and thirst for.  A mixture.  Shore up what they know already.  But dig to get additional knowledge.  Additional understanding.  Additional wisdom.

How are YOU in your hungering and thirsting?  Are you still interested in repetition as well as the new?  You ought to be.  All that produces pleasures beyond your wildest imagination.

Meditate on it all in how it all fits in with YOU.  Your make up.  And think about, imagine those pleasures YOU want.


How to use it all to your advantage?

Use the site, the referenced non-Academy sites and material AND the textbooks with the goal of gleaning as much as possible from all of the sources mentioned and suggested.  It IS to YOUR advantage.  Not ours.

Please see a General Comment about textbooks, various material whether read, watched, listened to, observed or participated in.

But, when added to the rest of the Academy each of the textbooks add hidden benefits that can only come together the way they are presented here at AGS Life Academy.  

Hence, there is no other school, college, university like this one.  No where in the world.  We teach people the fundamentals so they can individually think for themselves. 

There IS a step by step process to THE system presented here.


Many Are Called.  Few Are Chosen.

As simple as this international education institution is open and available to the masses worldwide, we know only a few will initially take advantage of what's here.

And, that's OK.

They will be the unique elite.  Those very uncommon leaders above the norm setting the direction for others to follow them.  They will be forced and literally pushed to leadership positions.  In nations.  In businesses.  In organizations.  In families.

It can't be helped.  They will have been like the common fish fighting, struggling, swimming against the current upstream to be the wild Salmon to lay her eggs for additional fish to come along after them. 

The taste of this type wild fish is a lot different than farm-raised common fish of little to no nutritive value.  The masses.

In other words, become the few.  The proud.  Unique.  And this Academy is how.  Teaching the whys behind you do. 

We want you to learn not only to swim in some fish tank, but to be special.  The world is not what it used to be.  Very hostile to man.  It takes a certain fighting.  Struggling.  To go against the norm.

The earlier you start learning the fundamentals the better.


Training Wheels

For an example, when a parent tells a child you must stop when you come to the street and hold my hand before crossing, they don't have to explain as if they would to an adult that vehicles move at such a fast rate, that they can take the child out before the child realizes what happened. 

But, the law that is taught the child is when you come to the street, you must STOP.  AND then hold my hand tightly before we cross the street together. 

That is the law you have to obey.  At early stages in life, just obey.

Please understand one teaches at the age of the recipient.  Also, realize one should constantly upgrade that teaching as one matures through the ages.

Later on, when the child becomes older and more mature, then they will learn those consequences and the other hidden reasons initially why stopping at the street and holding the hand of the parent is important. 

There could be other unintended consequences if the law is not obeyed.  

So a certain amount of faith & obedience is critical to the child's growth and development.

The same with this Academy. 

Those laws are like training wheels to the child to help them grow up and learn how to ride for themselves.  Once they learn, the extra wheels can be removed.


We're Here To Help YOU Learn

The law or laws so to speak is or are listed in each textbook or each section of the Academy, but it is the internalization of each principle in combination with everything else that will give the greatest benefits. 

In other words, to teach the spirit of the law or the principles behind the law to use the principle in multiple situations.  Not just the letter of them in specific circumstances.  Tailor the principles to YOU and then obey them.

Initially, learn and obey and later on you will UNDERSTAND and we already learned that knowledge comes before understanding and understanding comes before wisdom. 

Just like the child holding the parent's hand at the street corner. 

When they mature a bit more, they will learn and eventually be able to cross the street on their own without the "training wheels" holding the hand of the parent. 

Their inner nature of those children raised this way will be like the fish fighting, struggling, swimming upstream against the current of normal go with the flow living life of those children or fish swimming in a fish farm.


WHY 26 Weeks Used in Example Going Through Academy?

Let's understand why AGS Life Academy uses 26 weeks as a guide in the Foundational 6 Modules Program. 

There are 6 Modules and that is perhaps the better item to focus on.  Module by Module.

The Academy could easily be done in 3 or 4 months by the super aggressive and already inclined to think this way;  6 months by most people;  9 to 12 months by slow reading individuals who also maybe super workaholics and super socially active and who knows how long for the non-serious or those who fight what generates true riches and true happiness preferring mediocrity than greatness they could have had with a little fighting.  A little struggling.  A little swimming against the normal current.

For balance in life, we use one hour a day for studying, yet, if one doubles that time to two hours a day, obviously, the Modules would be done faster than if only one hour a day were used to go through the Academy. 

Obviously, should one increase their study time to 2, 3 or 4 hours a day, so much the better. 

8 Hours would be full time and not recommended as we do encourage working at the same time as going through the Academy.  A minimum of 4 hours a day 5 days a week for at least 20 hours a week, again, minimum is suggested to work.

Please see the typical day for sample routines.  These are guidelines as suggestions.

You need balance in life and as was said in the Organizational & Management college the President attended - "Everything has a place and everything in it's place".  This Academy is geared for the world as a whole. 

The principles behind how to live life more abundantly.

Yes, it can be modified to the individual while we look to the whole.  Please be patient if it doesn't go as fast as you'd like or as you think it should go.

There IS a reason why we suggest what we suggest and when we suggest. 

Our point is whatever time it takes YOU, it will be worth it  FOR YOU.

Get the foundation first.  Then, in Module 6 you can decide what direction you may want to pursue after that.

As many Self-Help Self Improvement books teach, read them over and over again.  What we call using the Process of Osmosis to your advantage. 

Yes, we also agree, once you've gone through AGS Life Academy once, go through it again.  And perhaps again.  Three or four times.  Some of those Self Improvement material say 6 times to let it all sink in more thoroughly.  Even more when the current of life is so anti Self Help and anti Self Improvement.  Be raised in a fish farm for the slaughter.  One of the masses.

We encourage you to be unique.  Be special.  Be one of the few.

As we say, the 6 Modules in 6 months time frame is being kept to keep the overall focus of the student on the missing dimension of the basics of how to live life more abundantly while raising their standards in the process AND leap-frogging ahead of their peers.  

To be THE leader of leaders.  The best of the best.  The Rolls Royce of leaders.  Very unique and super special.

In other words, the basics of what needs to be learned. 

You, the student, should realize you should go through the 6 Modules AT YOUR PACE so YOU get the most out of them  for yourself

Do it the right way as suggested regardless of whether you complete the process in 3 or 4 months or 9 to 12 months. 

Take it step by step at YOUR pace.  YOU will be the winner for it.  Your family will be the winner for it.  Your nation will be the winner for.  Your business will be the winner for it.

Let's get started, shall we?


A 14 Day Preparation System For Mind-Blowing, Solid, Ever-Growing, All-Around Success

The rest of your life depends on what you do over the next several days.  The next 2 or so weeks.

Hence, take this seriously as suggested.  Consider this is a true Academy for learning as it is.  It may just be the most important learning you have ever done. 

If you can read 3rd grade English, then YOU can achieve great things within the next 6 Modules.  And, we don't care from what kind of background you may have had.  Nor, what kind of situation you may find yourself in at the present.

Quite frankly, we expect you are either a non-Basket Case or the other extreme of a worst case Down and Outer Basket Case possible. 

Quite frankly Basket Cases are who this site was geared for originally.  In other words, if the President can do it, then just about anyone else can as well.

Hopefully, that type attitude of doing whatever to become a somebody is YOU. 

But do keep in mind that we've found that if we can turn the lowest in society humble type Basket Cases into Rolls Royce type best of the best leaders, what can we do with you non-Basket Cases? 

Can YOU not be tweaked profoundly?  Beyond your and others wildest expectations?

We believe so and guarantee what is here.


All Inclusive - CEO, President, Board Member Or Other Extreme "Basket Cases" And All In The Middle

So, now, this AGS Life Academy is for both Basket Cases AND non-Basket Cases.  And we explain to all what we're doing so YOU know and understand and will be able to work with them yourself as you progress going forward.  Your life is made up of them all.  Both extremes.

We do believe, however, that Basket Cases will be transformed more dramatically.  And faster.  There is something about them.  Maybe their attitude is they don't care.  They have nothing to lose and everything to gain so why not? 

We do love the humble.  They learn and are willing to be receptive to learn. 

Basket Cases in many cases are more "hungry" for knowledge to help them achieve goals of improvement than non-Basket Cases.  In general.  You non-Basket Cases, prove us wrong.  But, it really doesn't matter.  Both can succeed.

It is all about Self Help and Self Improvement.

Like a rose with plenty of sunshine and water and the right nutrient filled soil, you will blossom in time.  6 Modules time.  Or, if you follow the schedule - 26 weeks time. 

Whether CEO, President, Board member or the other extreme Basket Cases, it doesn't matter to me. 

Just follow directions and YOU can't help but explode in greatness.  Bloom fully.  Magnificently.  Gorgeously.

Just follow directions.  Don't innovate.  Just follow directions.  AND ... read EVERY word.  Don't skim.  Then, plan on reaping the rewards galore.  26 weeks is all it may take.  6 months.  Or even less.

The only difference between this Academy and a brick and mortar building Academy is the distance between us.  And YOU will do most of the work yourself. 

This Academy is THE Self Help, Self Improvement institution of all that is Self Help and Self Improvement oriented.

Both types of Academies - brick and mortar and here online - require textbooks. 

Our textbooks are different than most Academies and that is true. 

Ours will prove more beneficial real fast, however.  They are filled with Street Smarts while the other is filled with expensive theory or what some want the masses to learn, whether practical or not. 

They need to fulfill government requirements.  We don't.

One Academy has a live body over-priced teacher with greedy self-oriented benefits galore while the other (AGS Life Academy) is at a distance online not looking for what's in it for us. 

We just don't believe you will need a live body to walk you through what is in this Self-Help educational Academy. 

Yet, we do walk you through step-by-step as if we were there with you, beside you holding your hand guiding you.

You should be smart enough to learn on YOUR own. 

Hence, Self Help and Self Improvement but not by yourself.

Therefore, we are not going to insult your intelligence by requiring you to have a live in many cases, unqualified never been there themselves body in front of you. 

And if you should want, we are available for whatever questions you may have online.  AND, without the private Academy expense either.  (By the way, we are considering a private and very exclusive Academy in the future.  One to be very expensive but worth it.  As this is.  In a different way.)

Remember, the President understands what it is like to be a Basket Case and a Down and Outer.  In the circumstances YOU may find yourself in, at any given moment.

He also knows what being a CEO and President and highly sought after is like.  And being wealthy beyond belief.

Start from where YOU are.  Either extreme or anywhere in between the social register.

The key is DO THIS  STEP BY STEP, Module by Module, as the Academy suggests. 


These First 2 Weeks

These 2 weeks are considered key and critical preparation days.  Preparation to free you up to do the Academy without worrying about other things.

See the typical day section.

The following third week, you can actually get started in the Self-Help "new YOU transition" development portion of the Academy.  From who and what you are or have been to the "new YOU".


Very Practical Exercises

We suggest get started right up front on a very practical exercise.  One using the Social Media.  Especially, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others worldwide.

A quick reminder of the Social Media sites and forums that are available to all students. 

Specific questions and interaction issues may also be available on those sites with direct communication with the Academy.

Besides, when you use these sites, these Academy home pages, you may help others with similar issues that you may have had.  Helping others help themselves many times without even knowing what you did.

These will get your name, your skills, your talents, your thoughts right out in the marketplace where very high "influentials" will see them.  Seriously. 

Hopefully, you will be seen often so within a short time, when someone thinks of certain talents and certain skills, they automatically think of YOU.

Remember, many of these individuals are decision makers worldwide.  From all walks of life from nations to businesses or organizations right on down to local levels within a local community.  They are hiring.  They are buyers.  They connect the dots in unique ways.  Will YOU be one of those dots brought into their connections?

Learn the basic how tos of Social Media and how to use them properly.  Not obnoxiously.  But appropriately.  Learn the dos and don'ts.  Never be negative.  Never be disgusting.  Never tear down or be critical.

It is suggested to tweet and share things often and how you tweet and share may be critical.  Be uplifting.  Be encouraging.  Be helpful.  Share things others may not know expecting nothing in return. 

The book "Try Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn is an excellent book for many reasons.  In that book, he gives a challenge to the readers to try giving yourself away 5 times a day in some way without expecting anything in return.  If you get something in return, that time doesn't count in one of the 5 "give-aways" that day.

Why not set a personal goal of using the Social Media to "give-away" of yourself at least 5 times a day?  As an example, how many times can you talk about the Academy you are going through?


Here is a  STRONG suggestion:

Immediately contact your local library and reserve and/or obtain as quickly as possible the movie or DVD  My Fair Lady.  (Libraries are fantastic FREE sources of lots of great things.  More about this source elsewhere.)

This movie - My Fair Lady - is an outstanding movie not only as an excellent quality family entertainment, but also for YOU and YOUR transformation situation towards the  "New YOU"  right now.

Again, ... IF ... YOU are serious AND willing.  Watch the awesome movie and understand that YOU are the flower girl and AGS Life Academy is Mr. Higgins ... AS A REMARKABLE ANALOGY.

Didn't she become an accepted princess not only to the masses but even those that are IN THE KNOW?  How long did it take Professor Higgins to do his transformation?  From a lowly flower girl?

Then the question becomes ... how high can YOU dream?

By the way, many times when I find a great movie, I watch it several times.  "Hadassah" or "One Night With The King" is an example.  I love learning and that movie you one can learn from.  This My Fair Lady, when I watch it, usually, is like that.  I watch it 3 or 4 times right in a row.  It has so much meaning to me.  In what it portrays.  So much potential in our students.  In our graduates.


Another Suggestion

Are you familiar with Johnny The Bagger?  You should be.  If you have not viewed the following short video, please do.

Then, between the My Fair Lady video and Johnny The Bagger videos, consider what YOU can do going forward? 

AGS Life Academy can and will transform YOU in the next 6 Modules on a more profound basis.  In all 7 areas of life. 

Yes, YOU have YOUR part in that transformation, but YOUR future really is in YOUR hands starring you in the face as you read this.

Consider never quiting for some have been rejecting more times than they would like before achieving success.  Consider How Many Times Should You try?


The first day - Known as "The Site Day" and "The Books Day" - Read the entire site through completely on the first day. 

The purpose this day is to look at the big picture and how it all fits into the whole.  The balance of the day, allow the mind to consider what you have read in relationship to yourself.

You should have already bookmarked the site.  Maybe even made it your home page for awhile.

Also on this day, acquire or order the textbooks and material you'll need for The Foundation material mentioned:

1.  The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
2.  The Way To Wealth by Benjamin Franklin
3 The Dale Carnegie program or at least the 3 textbooks for the course

a.  "How To Win Friends & Influence People"
b.  "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living", and
c.  "The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking" 

4.  A Message To Garcia by Elbert Hubbard
5.  The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong - Volume 1 (get ONLY the 1st edition Hardcover 1986 version).  There is a Volume 2 and there is merit to have and read it, but Volume 2 is not nearly as important as Volume 1, from the Academy's perspective.  See textbooks for potential alternate sources only if necessary due to hardcopies being limited.  Hardcopies are always preferred.
6.  The Man of Steel and Velvet
7.  Fascinating Womanhood and
8.  What Color Is Your Parachute? 

You should have ordered already the 39 page booklet "Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman" by Robert R. Updegraff.  Make sure you obtain the 1953 Copyright edition from the Updegraff Press as this edition has notes made many years later by the author on doing the obvious.  Try here for $3.99 delivered to YOU.  Please tell them AGS Life Academy recommended them.



Each of these textbooks will be gone through in their respective Modules in how to learn AND what to learn from each.  For now, please find and acquire each, preferably a hard copy, this day.

For now, understand that these 11 textbooks will be your primary textbooks for your learning at AGS Life Academy

Buy pre-owned but in good to excellent quality.  You want the information, not the high price new books would require.  AND yes, spend the money up front and get them all in.  It will be worth it.

These textbooks are not like most textbooks in mainstream colleges and universities costing upwards of several hundreds of dollars a piece that teach theory. 

These textbooks teach principles of living in a certain way that makes sense and is easy to understand.  There are other books that are good, but I feel these are the best for the purpose and objective AGS Life Academy wants you the student to learn.

These 11 textbooks should cost for the most part under $10 a piece plus shipping of $4 or $5 or so.  Yet, in some cases, the cost may be much higher.  Some may cost $0.01 a piece, while the shipping may still be $4 or $5.  Hence, the expectation the total investment for YOUR future to be under $150.

Therefore, the total cost for ALL 10 of your textbooks at AGS Life Academy should be under $150 for pre-owned books. 

Many libraries also contain these books with the understanding they cannot be marked up as they can be if they are your own.  New may be slightly more expensive.  The key, is to order them as soon as possible to get them ALL received up front.

You might try,, or other online book outlets or more locally in book stores or eventually our own Fulfillment Center

Some of the above books and material cannot be acquired through local stores and must be acquired online.  We do suggest find these books as quickly as possible as some may be harder to acquire than others.

Remember, you will need a few of these books in just a few days. 


Hard Copy vs. Electronic Version

It is always better to have and use hard copies of these textbooks.  For a multitude of reasons.  Sometimes, it is not always possible.  Perhaps due to finances at the present time. 

When necessary consider the local library system that may have these Classics you might borrow.  These you won't be able to keep in your own personal reference library after having read and studied them.  You also won't be able to make notes in them, but you will be able to read them. 

Please keep in mind, some editions may have been corrupted more than others and especially online, so caution and understanding are required.

Expand that local library with the online libraries and again, most of these might be found online someplace.  You should not be deprived these textbooks if you seriously want the material.  They truly are worth the effort to find and read in the order given in this Academy.


The second day - Known as "More In Depth Day" - Read the site again, yet more specifically pondering each section in how it may pertain to YOU.  

Cover the first five sections more thoroughly -


The third day - Known as "The Goals Day" - Read the site again, especially, The Foundation;  The Support Program Courses and the various sections on that page.  

Begin thinking about YOUR goals, your objectives and your plans of what YOU want to get out of this program.  Write them down.  

Do NOT do this until the third day. 

The first two days emphasis needs to be done to set the stage for this day.  This may be one of the most important days in your life going forward.  It sets the stage dramatically and cannot be under estimated in its value as the first two days does as well.


The fourth day - Known as "The Goals Day Review Day" - Review your goals, your objectives, your plans as you review the site on the fourth day to make sure you are following the guidelines as best YOU can with YOUR filtering system.


The fifth day - Known as "Time Management & Organization Day - Read the site again so it really is part of you.

Review and finish up your goals, your objectives, your plans program as you review the site on the fifth day.

Begin preparation for YOUR learning and using Time Management & Becoming More Organized.


The sixth day - Known as the Weekend Preparation Day - Read the site again and review the progress you made over the last six days. 

Review all that has been done this week.  Especially the Goal Setting & Value Determination portion.  And finish up your time management & organization section.

This is a nice time to look back at this week and see all that you have accomplished.  AND ... look forward to the weekend of reflection and further planning.  Enjoy your sleep.  You've earned it.

Consider YOU are a student again with incredible out-of-this-world goals, objectives and visions while you have gotten hold of a major thorn-in-the-side of most people known as Time Management.  The beginnings of being Organized has started as well. 

WOW!  What a week!  Isn't that what you should be saying?  Think as well, you have just exercised the Process of Osmosis.


The seventh day - Known as the "Rest Day" and also "A Learning Day" - Sit back and relax from your "normal" activities.  A great day to slow down, meditate about the big picture of what's it all about vs. your learnings so far.

Get into the habit of taking one day a week, preferably the 7th day of the week, to relax and do really nothing but meditating and thinking about the big picture. 

A great day to meditate on the week just past AND think about what you did poorly and want to do better and what you did well.  Your learnings of what you'd like to do more of in the future.

In certain locals, 7 means "complete".  Hence, the day to rest from "normal" activities looking back over it all meditating about it all.  Recap the week.


The Second Week

This week is also just as important as your first week.  Building on the real basic foundation you've begun.  Hopefully, it was deep enough for you that when storms come along, you won't be washed away as if you were built on sand.


The first day of your second week is known as "Planning day".  Many make Sunday this day and use the morning for this planning. 

The 7th day of last week, many call Saturday, was a recap day and this planning day takes that and projects it forward.

Therefore, continue with your day dreaming about your life ahead and everything YOU believe YOU can do and achieve in the future. 

Begin building that ambition you need going forward.  That drive.  That motivation you will look back and say this period was  your  turning point in your life.

You truly have begun the awesome process of using this Academy to YOUR advantage. 

You have set the stage for explosive, blockbuster, leaps-and-bounds progress for yourself.

Imagine what others will think of you in 6 months or in however long it may take you to complete the 6 Modules.  

Consider how much progress will be seen in 30 days?  By you and by others?  And, I mean that very sincerely.

This is an excellent day to spend with the family perhaps as a family planning day.


Suggestion - Family Council Session Day

Give everyone in the family a separate set of Goal Setting sheets.  Have everyone go into separate quiet without ANY distractions areas and fill out their own sheets for themselves.  Have them dream a bit.  2 or 3 hours is not too many for this exercise.  Perhaps in the morning do this.

Then, have lunch together talking in general terms about some of those individual goals, desires, wants of everyone.

In the afternoon, sit down AS A FAMILY going through a completely new set of goal sheets.  This time FOR THE FAMILY as a whole. 

A nice meal out after it all for dinner would be a nice congratulations of the first of many in the future Family Council Session Days celebrations.  Extend the meal if possible in a nicer than usual location enjoying the time together.  Something special.  Definitely no fast food.

The evening after that special dinner showing what you just did all day was special would be excellent to start a history of family board games or a family puzzle together.


The Second & Third Day of the second week - This could be known as "Staying Informed Day" and "Finances Set Up Week".  Continue the format you started last week.  With certain modifications and additions.  This will take most of this week.

Look over the individual Modules to see what's in each.  For those Auditing the full program or even the Certificate Program plan on taking the Diploma Program without needing to send in any of the questions, quizzes, papers, journals, tests, etc. 

Those on the Diploma Program, you may already have the Diploma Program Recap as your home page always in front of you as a reminder.

Also this week go through the Staying Informed News Media and bookmark each one of the sites listed under "News Sources".

You can also begin your Finances this week as well.  This week go through the Budgeting Cash Flow page, the Cash Flow Professional TIPS page and the Life Finances ... Made Simple program as well. 

We're not promising you will be like one individual that got his budget in order with only $1300 income, not a week, but a month and lived very well.  His roof over his head was always neat, clean and orderly with his landlord and neighbors loving him, but he also had clean appropriate clothes on his back, good food in his belly, friends that would do just about anything for him, even drive an hour or so each way when his nice car was down to pick him up to do some errands.  And all his bills were paid on a regular basis, sometimes ahead of time.  His needs were ALL covered.  On $1300 a month.

Can you do that at the present time?

We know another individual struggled making ends meet on $7916 a month income and we do mean struggled. 

We got his finances in order as well so he lived without struggling.

Could YOU live on $1300 a month being content and happy?  Or do you desire the $7916 a month and to struggle?

One individual did and lived well.  Very happily. 

Obviously, it took work and he worked at it.  The other did also but not on the same calmness and contentment.  But, quite frankly, it took a lot more effort and diligent hard work on his part.  His attitude needed adjusting first.  And in a major profound way.  And still overall, not nearly the contentment as he on the lesser amount.

It is NOT how much income one has, but how it is used that matters.  We teach to live within one's means setting aside some for emergencies as well as everyday opportunities.


A Slight Digression Here

This brings up something the President had noticed being a former Comprehensive Financial Planner and a Consultant for individuals, households and small businesses for years.

Those with "the least" or nothing or very little are usually the easiest to work with.  Their attitudes are receptive to learning.

Those with "the most" or having many toys or "things" usually take the most effort.  They need major hand holding and attitude adjustments BEFORE we together can  begin  to work on their situations.

So it is not the amount of toys that is important.  It is what you do with what you have.  It you can be happy with little and use those few items well, then when you have lots of things, usually you will continue in the same way - being happy, content, outgoing loving towards others.  You can do a lot more.

Yes, we would prefer to work with those with little and teach the basics to those giving them the rock-solid foundation.

It is much harder to work with those with too many things all at the same time as they strip themselves away from their "wants" vs. their "needs" until their capabilities will support those wants.  First things first as Steven Covey says in his book.

Hence, this Academy's foundation training towards outstanding and super uncommon leadership of reality.

We've talked with other "professionals" and they agree with this plight, unfortunately.


So, Which Are YOU?

Which are YOU?  Are YOU receptive to learn how to live more abundantly within your present means or do you think you know it all wanting some major magic button to push to increase your income to meet all your wants and desires right this instant?

Will YOU work on YOUR situation as they both did?  And others have done? 

With the right attitude?  A listening attitude?  A putting into action what you learned attitude?

Or, will you just "see" what this Academy proposes and then decide whether you will do any of it or not?

Boldly, our question to YOU is simple - will YOU be serious enough to begin wherever YOU are at and take our promise to you that it will work?


In Other Words...

In other words, let's set the ground work up so you will be able to do YOUR finances in 2 minutes a day just before you brush your teeth before bedtime as a former client said to tell all new people.

And yes, it is old-fashioned using paper and pencil for a reason at this stage.  Please don't gripe nor complain.  Just follow directions for now.


The Fourth Day of the second week - This could be known as "The Backup Day". 

Even though the Academy is constantly being upgraded, revised, refined, it is strongly recommended to print out a hardcopy of AGS Life Academy to have on hand as your own personal copy of how to be an outstanding above the norm Rolls Royce caliber leader extraordinaire.

Currently there are well over 600 pages within the Academy and when printed, some could be several sheets. 

Yes, it may be time consuming to print them all.

Yes, this project may add an expense in both paper and ink.

Yes, the Academy will be changing after you will have printed everything out.

Yes, there are numerous other potential drawbacks to this homework exercise assignment.

But, ... it does several things however.

This hardcopy of the Academy along with the hardcopies of your textbooks make a more permanent series of study material for you to use should something happen to make online study impossible or difficult. 

I.e. when the electricity goes out or the internet goes down for whatever reason or the computer crashes or various programs on the computer become corrupted that the whole no longer works as it did before whatever event that happened. 

Don't think this won't happen as many influential people say that day is close at hand.  Any number of issues may occur.

The Boy Scout motto used to be "Always be prepared".

But, it also tells whether YOU follow directions or YOU do your own thing not understanding fully why you're being told to do something.

As a leader, would you want those reporting to you to do their own thing for whatever reason?  Perhaps because they don't understand why they were told to do something?

Then why do YOU do your own thing when YOU are told to do something YOU may not understand?

It is always wiser to follow directions even if not knowing the reasons why fully than doing your own thing.

Therefore, print out the full well over 600 pages AGS Life Academy.  Guard it as precious.  It may just become extremely valuable in the future.  More than you can imagine.  Along with your hardcopies of your textbooks.

You are hereby granted the authority to print out AGS Life Academy for your own individual and personal needs.  And, yes, that copy may be shared with others as desired.

One final comment in this regard - put the date and time of the printing on what you are printing.  Obviously, the latest date and time will always be the most current, up todate edition.


The Fifth Day of the second week - This could be known as "The Preparation Of Attitude Before The Course Itself Begins Day". 

Read and go through the booklet "Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman" by Robert R. Updegraff.  A Classic and for good reason.  This book was written in 1916 and updated by the author and that 1953 edition is the booklet you want. 

An outstanding booklet many of the super successful have found ways to give away to others as a thank you.  As an incentive.  As encouragement.  As a business builder to their employees.  And any number of reasons. 

What do YOU think?  Who can YOU think of that could use their own copy?

A good way to finish the second week.  Before your 7th day of rest and meditation.


The Third Week

This is the first week of the rest of YOUR life AND the "new YOU".  The transformation really begins now.  The foundation is being laid before you to build your success platform on.

On the first day of the work week, Monday for most people, first part of the day, begin reading according to The Foundation and Module 1.

Using the typical day guide, the second of the first three things is your Exercise Program while the third item is Staying Informed with the international news.

These three things should be first part of your day and every day from here on out. 

Actually, first 6 days a week.  The first day of the week is planning day and the seventh is always a rest day.  Build that rest day into your plan right from the get-go.  You'll see the benefit later.

Continue your family meals and evening and Homework Section Programs as well from this day forward.

You will be beginning this week to prove all things for your self taking nothing for granted while learning to understand where others are coming from. 

Don't innovate.  Just follow the system and learn to discern what YOU want with YOUR own personal value system.  Check out the full disclosure page.

So, the first day of this third week sets the stage for the rest of your week and your future at AGS Life Academy

It IS YOUR future!


Lessons to learn - down 4 levels & why

Please keep your mind open and receptive to learn.

There really is so much to learn from this Academy, it WILL blow your mind.  Not just in how to live life on a regular basis.  That is NOT the objective of this profound fundamental course.

We want YOU, the student to learn how to not only live life abundantly, but more importantly to UNDERSTAND what makes it positive and what tosses in the negatives and then to CHOOSE that which always will be outstanding.

This requires digging down 4 levels as mentioned elsewhere.

Every section is designed for this.  To expand your mind to be receptive to deeper and more profound learning. 

Some of that you can get from reading many Self-Help books on the market today.

The material here is structured so that YOU will learn as much as possible in the quickest manner possible.  And especially, down 4 levels to really "get it".  To understand what it is all about.

This down 4 levels learning will really blow your mind in how deeply you can change the world.  Literally.

You will understand what many or perhaps most leaders don't know while thinking they do.  Hence, YOU will be an outstanding incredible out of the norm leader beyond your wildest expectations could imagine.


From the Academy as well as from each of the Modules individually along with the textbooks in the order presented here.  Even if you have read and gone through the same books recently before.

Don't learn how to live life but how to master living life so deeply others flock to you to teach them how to duplicate what you are doing so calmly, positively, enthusiastically, lovingly and super happily. 

26 weeks may be all it takes.  But even if it takes longer, you will still be way ahead of anyone else.


Brief Recap Of What To Do NOW

Have you bookmarked your brief recap page depending on your registration yet?  This would help you stay focused going forward.

Now, let's get started right now.  Suggest take it slowly but fast.  Meaning go step by step as fast as you can.

Read EVERY word and EVERY section in the manner suggested.  In this order:

1.  Orientation - Part 1

            a.  Process Of Osmosis
            b.  How To Study

2.  Orientation - Part 2

a.  textbooks
b.  Job Opportunities
c.  General Comment
d.  ages
e.  typical day
f.  Rolls Royce
g.  if the President can do it
h.  guarantee
i.  The Foundation
j.  other books
k.  purpose and objective
l.  goals, your objectives and your plans
m.  Time Management & Becoming More Organized
n.  Goal Setting sheets
o.  Staying Informed News Media
p.  Finances
q.  Budgeting Cash Flow
r.  Cash Flow Professional TIPS
 Exercise Program
t.  full disclosure
u.  brief recap page

3.  Read "Character In Crisis" by Herbert W. Armstrong

Read everything on these two main pages 3 times.  The first time quickly to get an overview.  The second time for more depth and a third time as a reminder of what you have just gone through understanding the whole all together.

SUGGESTION - Use the links on the first read-through to clarify an area whereas on the 2nd read-through them.  Do read the links for the information.  Lots of teaching are in those links. 

Remember, we do want your mind expanded so you'll be receptive to future teaching. 

Certain times purposefully we'll include issues to do just that.  Even sensitive topics.  We do want YOU, the student, to THINK.  As a leader above the norm, you MUST be ready for just about anything at almost any time.

You are being developed to be all-purpose, flexible and the leader that thinks.  Not shocked.

For those doing the Teachers' Certificate Program or the Diploma Program, this 3 times is important BEFORE you go through beginning the assignment in creating your 25 questions or 10 questions per section depending on which section you're reading.  Try to understand what is said BEFORE you begin on the question creation assignment.

When you finally do the assignment, it will then become an easy exercise while cementing the information in the mind deeper.

Branch out on the other pages listed that are on the AGS Life Academy site and do the same on those pages.  Read every word and every section 3 times.  Primarily within the Academy only. 

Other sites listed but not on AGS Life Academy site are for reference only.  Including my other sites - and .  They are listed as a reference. 

YOUR primary focus should be on AGS Life Academy.  And the main pages with the links as support and deeper penetrating depth to raise the standards to Rolls Royce best of the best standards.

The first two weeks are critical to get the foundation of "other" potential distractions in order and therefore out of the way upfront.

Then you can concentrate on learning the lessons, the principles, the laws of Cause & Effect more diligently without worrying about all those other elements.  The "stuff" as I'll call it all to distract one.

No time to lose and we cannot under-emphasize that at all.  Seriously.  Completing this Academy is urgent.  Super urgent.

Therefore, get through this preliminary material so you can get into the 6 Modules and the 11 textbooks themselves.


Tell The World What You're Doing

One suggestion we make is to tell everyone you know that you have decided to go back to school.  A special type school.  An Academy for leadership development.  An online 6 Modules program you can do at home, your office or wherever you want and whenever you want.  At your own pace 24/7.

Just an off-hand remark may be sufficient.

Or, you may want to challenge those close to you - immediate and extended family, co-workers, supervisors, acquaintances, others - to join you in your educational pursuits. 

Why not do it together?  Helping and encouraging each other? 

But, do make it clear that YOU will continue whether they join you or not.

As you progress in the Academy, you will be able to remind all that know you that you did tell them what you were doing and now they can see the difference in the transforming "New YOU". 

When activities of the day want to smother your "New You" desires, you may need that extra support as well. 

One pat on the back from any one of them may just keep you going to overcome a particular obstacle of the moment or a "pull" of the moment that you might not would have succeeded through without their assistance.

We do understand this need of encouragement, of being uplifted, of being positive and not of "the norm" and will do whatever we can to also keep you going on YOUR path you have chosen. 

In other words, please do use us.  Please feel free to keep us in the loop letting us know how you're doing. 

We really are different.  We really do care about YOU.  It will be worth it for you to do whatever necessary to keep going.


Life Is A Giant Jig Saw Puzzle - A Family Fun Assignment

Life is a series of learnings.  Like a giant puzzle.  Life is built upon and around a series of learnings and they go together only one way.  The more pieces in the puzzle, the bigger the picture of your life.  The bigger the picture means the more you have learned how to do well.  Not for the sake of doing more, but in achieving it all well.

Here is a suggestion of family fun and learning at the same time while bringing the family closer together.  Incorporate this family activity in your course work here at AGS Life Academy.

In the evening with the family, choose a jig-saw puzzle of progressively bigger numbers of pieces to put together as a family slowly and methodically until it is complete.  Initially choose a real simple 100 piece puzzle.  Then a 500 piece puzzle.  Progress to a 1000 piece puzzle.  Then graduate to a 5,000 piece puzzle. 

Then continue these jig saw puzzles thereafter.  They will get you to think here a little, there a little with all sorts of seemingly non-joined parts finally come together in a remarkable way.

Consider doing one of these jig saw puzzles a month.  A few minutes here and a few minutes there.  Pretty soon your puzzle, like your life, will be complete and you will be able to show others what you've done.  The picture you have completed.  In the process, you show the picture more and more of YOUR life.

Suggest that you choose a picture that is uplifting, encouraging, positive in scope and of nature, of the country or of a peaceful generic setting.  As when you have put your life (the jig saw puzzle / this course) together as it can go together only one way, your life is complete and uplifting, encouraging, positive and very peaceful to those looking at it.  In all 7 areas of life balanced.

This may become a "family tradition" in your home.  Always a jig-saw puzzle in the works.  Isn't that like life always new learnings?  "Things" coming together just so?

Now, with this comment about jig-saw puzzles your Orientation - Part 2 is now complete and time to dig in to your actual foundational learnings.  Your more serious growth.  The 6 Modules of Hope, Leadership and Success program.  Your legacy building of predetermined accomplishments.  And achievements for a specific reason - YOUR betterment.  You now do have the prerequisite foundation to build upon to blow your mind beyond your wildest imagination.


Plan To Return At Least Once A Year

There really is so much here and so much more to be added in the future.  You may have noticed in the time you've read through 3 times.

After you complete the 6 Modules Foundation just ahead program, it would be worth your while to return at least once a year.  Go through it again.  Completely. 

There will be more added by then.  Actually, we are updating the material constantly as well as adding new material.  Actually, it may be wise to return more often than once a year.

Repetition is very good as well.  It refreshes the mind to what you have learned before.  The second or third time you repeat something, it fine tunes you as you learn so much more.  As if you never saw it before.  Which may be the case as well as so much is being added almost daily. 

Again, by the 6th time, it has become you. 

The old Process Of Osmosis.

So, plan on returning once a year and going back to the basics.  Plan on taking the entire program as if you were taking it for the first time. 


YOUR Future Is Now In YOUR Hands


Having stated all this, there are some things you may need some additional guidance and humanitarian assistance with,  To make sure you can't do whatever you need yourself, after Module 5 if you still are in need of outside help, contact the President and he may have a source to help you directly.

Now, Let's Move To The  Obvious  Next Step


Thank YOU.
Your friends at

AGS Life Academy


You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - Orientation Part 2 - Tailored to YOU".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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