International Wisdom and Hope Academy
Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Orientation - Part 1
How To Get The Most Out Of This Academy.  Actually,
 3 Academies in One.








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A word up front

Please read EVERY word throughout the Academy.  Actually, it is true, AGS Life Academy is 3 FULL Academies in One.   

AGS Life Academy is 3 schools in one

Please watch this YouTube video clip and read the script for it.

Again, Do NOT skim throughout the Academy for most benefits.  Please read EVERY word.  AND... follow directions.  Everything is where it is for a reason.  When you follow directions on every page and don't skim, you will reap the full benefits.  You won't be able to NOT be a leader.  You won't have to seek it.  Leadership will come to YOU.  So read every word, don't skim and follow directions and become the leader YOU can be.

And, please remember what Robert F. Kennedy (U.S. attorney general and senator as well as a brother of President John Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968) said, "Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

Dare to fail greatly by obeying every instruction and doing the best you can with those instructions.  Don't skim and read every word.  Don't try to short-cut the training as you need everything in the 3 schools that are one to be THE leader YOU can be.  Obey.  Don't skim.  Read every word.  Do your best each step of the structured way.


Reject And Resist

Reject mediocrity of human nature that always deteriorates itself to its lowest common denominator and keeps going.  Resist the pulls that will come from many sources to pull you away from the goal.

Become strong as oversized spikes and straight and narrow to the end.  Rely on what you're taught here and only here so  YOU  can be THE OUTSTANDING LEADER  YOU  CAN BE.

We are very serious about this admonition.  And the fact it may take 3 or 4 attempts to go through this program to raise your standards to the class to truly be this rock-hard outstanding leader everyone will love and seek out. 

Most will fail.  Hence, remember what Robert F. Kennedy said.  Will YOU fail or become the outstanding great select leader YOU can be?

Here is a quick reminder of 50 successful people that failed at first.  You will read and study another individual in Module 4 who went through 28 years of dire poverty before becoming the Ambassador for World peace having visited by invitation to the most Heads of States in their own offices than any other human being alive ever.  His income was not too shabby either at two hundred million a year by giving everything away free.  Again, you will meet him in Module 4 and has earned the right to be listened to.

Strenuous Life vs. The Easy Peace

Another real life modern example was Theodore Roosevelt who wrote the book on Strenuous life.  In his book, he wrote "The highest form of success which comes, not to the man who desires mere easy peace, but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph."  His example has been documented in the Time Magazine, July 1, 2006 The Self Made Man as evidenced here.

He also wrote in his book, "We do not admire the man of timid peace.  We admire the man who embodies victorious effort; the men who never wrongs a friend, but has those virile qualities necessary to win in the stern strife of actual life.  It is hard to fail, but it is worse to never have tried to succeed.  In this life we get nothing save by effort."

To conclude this section, "in the last analysis a healthy state can exist only when the men and women who make it up lead clean, vigorous, healthy lives;   when the children are so trained that they endeavor, not to shirk difficulties, but to overcome them;  not to seek ease, but to know how to wrest triumph from toil and risk."

By the way, a book you may want to consider acquiring for your own personal library and subsequently reading for yourself.

Now, let's get started, shall we?

First and foremost - Congratulations.  You made a wise decision.  A smart decision.  You are now on YOUR way to becoming a Rolls Royce best-of-the-best type high-quality leader.

Times have changed dramatically in the last few years and now we NEED major adjustments in how we approach them.  Selective adjustments.  What this Academy is all about.

The more you invest in your learning right now here at AGS Life Academy, the more you will glean from it and the higher caliber individual you will become. 

The more joy, the more happiness, the more hope and the more "fruit" you and others will see in your growth. 

The more others will automatically be brought into your sphere of influence to become more like you like a vacuum sucks others to you willingly.  All in a positive, uplifting, encouraging way.

And you will see it faster as well.

So, please, invest the time up front to read through and understand the overall format of the training and the various aspects of the 6 Modules. 

Once understood, you can zip through these Modules relatively easily in an hour a day usually. 

More about that as we go.


A Major Issue Right Up Front

This may go against what you currently are doing and if so, sorry (but we're not really sorry).  We're sorry to confront certain habits right up front but not sorry because it has to be done urgently.

According to studies coming out proving the severity of this topic, this needs to be almost first in importance due to the degree it is so profound today.

What are we talking about?


Do you want to learn the fastest way possible?  Do you want to learn the best way possible?  Do you want to end up being the best YOU can be in the shortest amount of time possible?

Then, turn off your cell phones.  Turn off your internet messaging.  Turn off your background music.  Turn off any and all distractions or "noises".  Seriously.  Turn it all off.  None.

You want silence and no distractions to your studying.  Just your textbook and this Academy for the length of time you're putting into this course. 

And your mind.

As mentioned studies show you will go through the material twice as fast with a higher retention rate of more material than with even one other distraction.  That "stuff", with all due respect, will take away from what you could gain from your studies.  Seriously.

It is our intention to teach not want YOU want, but what you NEED.  This Academy fills in the gaps from both what you may learn as well as where you have and will go to learn.

Some say, unfortunately due to the "formal" system of education today, it might be better just skip all that and just use AGS Life Academy to learn from.  Save the money and the time and get a better and more thorough education.

There is some merit to that statement.

Especially with some follow up programs being offered and on the drawing boards to be offered.


AGS Life Academy Is 3 Schools In One

1.  A Finishing School To "normal" formal education

AGS Life Academy is an outstanding education catch all to finish normal "formal schooling, whether high school or college or even post-grad schooling.  To make sure ALL the traits needed to live life have been accumulated.  Especially today when so much is lacking in the "formal" education of the world.  AND much is deceptively mis-taught so the unsuspecting student is taught how NOT to be happy and create problems for themselves and others.

This Academy is outstanding to make sure the psychology behind how to think has been learned by the student.  The difference of discernments of lies, deceptions, twistings, indoctrinations, competition, slander leading to hate, confusion and war vs. honesty, integrity, merit, justification, true love, happiness, peace leading to an incredible life of joy is stressed here at this Academy so the student becomes aware of both ways of education.  The discernment of the way of right learning and the way of false indoctrination of unhappiness and strive galore and how to choose the right decision for yourself.  And the whys behind it.

One becomes a more serious mature young adult in the process ready for the next stage in life.  Whether additional education and if so, what type and how to go about getting it inexpensively.


2.  A Prep School To Additional Education

AGS Life Academy gets students ready for future learning with a solid foundation to be receptive to be taught at a higher pace than normally and the average student. 

This Academy gives meaning and purpose to it all so the understanding of what is taught is faster received.  The assimilation to incredible hope and potential real success is really there available for the taking when one knows how to go after it.  It cuts through lots of "double-talk" or "double-speak" to plain easily understandable 3rd grade English.

And mind-blowing wisdom one can discern for themselves while being guarded in a world fast being known for no hope, despondency and why bother attitude.

Students will learn all the foundational needs to be gotten to really absorb the "higher learning" they will receive to assimilate it appropriately.  So they will be able to live life abundantly with fewer worries and incredible ripple-in-a-pond-effect joyful hope that will rub off on others to greater stimulus for them as well. 

A much better foundation to go forward.  Regardless of one's pursuits they decide on.


3.  A Transition School To Live Life More Abundantly Instantly

AGS Life Academy prepares students for whatever they decide to do next in life tailored to them.  It builds in purposeful flexibility giving them an outstanding lead in to their next stage in life progressing upward purposefully filled with strategy and determination. 

Whether transitioning from "formal" education to living life in the real world, transitioning between two jobs or between two lifestyles, the bottom line is the student will begin raising themselves to a higher-than-belief life than they thought possible.  Seriously.


The Best 5 to 8 Week Type Summer School Program One Could Imagine

Some could say "The AGS Life Academy is the best Summer School Program one could imagine". 

It gives students the incredible foundation they won't find anyplace else so they can go forward with gusto. 

To prepare for the future as a man or a woman in society.  One that you as an individual can easily hold your head high watching others gravitate to you like filling clippings to a powerful magnet.  A true magnate of influentials.

Yes, it will take work.  We believe those leaders of the future are more than willing to put the effort in to do that what is required type work.  The mediocres won't.  They will sort themselves out automatically.

Although it was designed for 26 weeks (6 months) 1 hour a day, it could easily be fast forwarded into a 5 to 8 week endeavor over a summer or month or two during other times of the year.  Or in between job opportunities.  Or transitioning between life styles.  Or from employee to supervisor/manager status. 

It can be taken at any time one chooses to.  Their choice.  It is available 24/7/365 night or day convenient to the student.

And the results are loved by all.  Those above.  Those below.  And those all around.

It is designed to raise the standards of the student quickly to Rolls Royce best of the best level sucking all those around in.  Everyone will be a winner in the process.


A Wholesale diverse Academy full of all purpose wisdom as an unmatched foundation to life you can't get any place else

As a post-High Schools' educational institution and as a pre-college institution to prepare you students for future education of higher learning, it makes an excellent summer school catch up program.

Very smart on your part taking advantage of the opportunity.

As pre-employment education to prepare employees to be minimal employees, never mind being great employees.  It teaches that as well. 

But, initially, teaching the fundamental "how to" have the proper working attitude to become long term employees to grow and develop and progress within a company, business, organization, entity giving back to them for the opportunity they give you to work there.

To the point the employer will want you to stay and not leave them while others seek to draw you away.  We're serious.  YOU will be so valuable you will be sought out.

As initial training of newly hired employees to give the foundation to THINK tailored to that new endeavor you are being engaged with.

As older more seasoned individuals to be retrained or given additional training for potential promotion capabilities either desired or desired for you.

As employment agencies induced to give potential present and future job seekers the fundamentals most businesses and organizations would love to have in future employees making them easier to place in subsequent opportunities.

As transition therapy from employee focus to launch self-employed entrepreneur thinking.

At all levels of businesses, organizations from the sole proprietor to the largest corporation in the land the Academy you are now going through may just be perfect for you at this time.

Whether in a crash short term full time (it could be accomplished in just 5 to 8 weeks) or a longer regular 26 week time frame (what it was designed for 1 hour a day 5 days a week) or maybe even a longer full year strategy-driving type program, the AGS Life Academy meets the needs of just about everyone at some time in their life.

It was designed for 25 % of the world's population to have gone through at least once.  Maybe several times.  We recommend at least 3 times as minimum, the amount you'll learn as a student is that intense.  Also, the information and content and the courses offered are constantly growing with that expectation.


Getting Students to THINK - Not In Mediocrity But In Perfection

Students at AGS Life Academy are not taught to be mediocre.  We do not want those type students.  Go elsewhere is what we say, in all due respect.

We want students to become the elite.  The best THEY can be.  Not someone else, but them.  The Academy is tailored to the individual regardless where they are and regardless of their circumstances starting.

We want students to THINK in perfection when they graduate.  There is a difference and we believe students want to do their best but don't know how unless they are taught.  And that takes a different mindset from their unique and special world-class beyond the norm teachers - us.

We value our students, not who they are right now, but who they can be.  That is what we shoot for.  Not just for the mountain tops, but the entire universe.


For Your Information

For your knowledge as this section is being updated, 8 months from the concept of this Academy has gone by and it already is worldwide with several students (no marketing nor advertising has been spent todate so all current students have come word-of-mouth) already.  The raves of students and others are great.

In that light, we are currently looking for an International Sales Manager to get the foundation established even faster for this to run by itself. 

We are serious wanting 25% of the world's population as students and do expect wholesale opportunities for that to happen.

If you know others that might be interested in promoting the AGS Life Academy or perhaps bringing it on board in your nation, your organization, your business, we're interesting in listening to what you have to propose.

We are serious.  We want to transition the world one student at a time or groups of students at a time or whole nations at a time.  Will YOU help us and yourselves and others in the process please?  We can waive the fees if appropriate. 

It is more important to us to educate than earn money.  People need what is here.  In simple understandable English.

If you know someone that might be interested in these positions International Sales Manager or National Sales Manager, please pass this on to them.  We are eager and serious.


All will be winners in the process

This AGS Life Academy will raise the student to be the Rolls Royce of their future studies, their industry, their profession, their organization, their family, their whatever getting others to gravitate to them automatically forcing them into leadership positions to seriously help and serve others as they should be served so all will look at the end result as a total win-win reality wondering how it all happened.

And loving it.  All naturally.  As honey bees make honey.


Think of the El Sistema music program in Venezuela and how that worldwide program started with just 8 students.

This Academy looks at the Whole Person developing him/her not only to be balanced in all 7 areas of life, but, to think.  To THINK for themselves.

It also finishes students filling in an incredible amount they won't find anyplace else and making sense of it all. 

This Academy will also enhance whatever the student has learned elsewhere or has been practicing elsewhere.

It will make all that much more relevant, more meaningful, more profound with a big picture systematic crystal-clear understanding to assist them to look and think outside the "normal box" to achieve an incredible amount further than anyone might have expected propelling the graduate to the head rapidly sucking others along in the process.

So, whether you take AGS Life Academy as a preparation program or whether you take the Academy as a finishing program, or whether you take the Academy to transition from one endeavor or type of endeavor/lifestyle to another, you, the student will gravitate to the top regardless. 

See the Mission Statement & Syllabus or the outline of the programs you'll be digging into unlocking those secrets YOU can incorporate into YOUR whole being.  Tailored to YOU.

YOU will be THE leader.  Others will force you to be and it won't matter if YOU wanted to or not.

Now, for those who take it a step further and take the 26 week program both before and after, they really will be way ahead by leaps and bounds.  Others will have to attempt to play catch up.

As Tom Hopkins, the international # 1 sales trainer/motivator, admonished, "Return to the basics once a year, every year for at least the first several years." 

He said without expecting to nor realizing they have, one slides from the basics ever so slightly at first, but pretty soon back to their old ways.

This goes with the Process Of Osmosis.

Therefore, we suggest do the program before any other studies or other activities and then again after whatever else one has done.  It is still all FREE or can be free.  Cement the principles of greatness into YOU from the inner core so you live it.

Then, return once a year for at least 6 years in a row before maybe taking a year off.

You do want to be the best of the best or even higher don't you?

Go for it.


If Not Fully Understood, Choices Provided

Even though we try to write this Academy in 3rd grade English, (it has currently been graded as 6th grade however) to make it easy to understand as you progress, if there be something you don't understand initially, you have two choices.

1.  Keep going learning as best you can from surrounding material as sometimes that may give the meaning behind what you might be struggling with a bit better. 

It is always better to search yourself for the understanding yourself than always handed something. 

That searching builds character you can't develop any other way.

Hence, trying to get you to understand is one of the reasons we do repeat ourselves often.

So a combination of repeating ourselves and you doing a certain amount of digging yourself to understand on your own is designed into the FULL teaching self-help self-improvement program.  AND ... the end result when you have completed it all is what we are after.

If YOU are going to be a king or a leader of a nation, a business, an organization, you will need all of what is taught directly and indirectly here at AGS Life Academy.

2.  If you still don't understand, ask for help.  We're here to help you as best we can.  We do want to serve YOU as YOU need to be served.

In the end yes we can teach the basics in how to do things for yourself, but we want you to learn to THINK beyond the basics and do them yourself.  This will help you rather than show we know what we know. 

Remember, it is not about us.  It is about YOU.  Teaching YOU  to become what YOU can become.

This is what is important and different about AGS Life Academy.  No other educational source in the world teaches this as we do.  As one of our objectives right off the bat.

Are YOU humble enough to realize what is being offered to you and willing to do your part to accept the teaching many in current leadership positions either think they are too good for or refuse outright wanting to do their own thing for themselves rather than learn how to think of other people and learn to do whatever it takes to help others? 

That's a long sentence.  Read it again to understand there really are two ways of life.  One is the way of self and getting at the expense of others while the other is giving, sharing, cooperating for everyone's benefit so all will be in harmony. 

It takes a choice which way to go.  We teach the second approach to life.  Primarily to the masses if the masses are willing to receive that training and are willing to act on it themselves.


It's About Your Enemies

It's about your enemies.  Whoever they are.  Remember the only way to really win long term is to win over and reprogram your enemies to love you and everything about you and be your advocates for you.  Have them speak very highly of you with nothing negative that they can think of or say.  This may include yourself as an enemy.  You may be an enemy of yourself as well as anyone else you may think of.  So regardless whoever your enemy is, go on the warfare as explained below.



Please Understand up front.  AND take this seriously.

You as a student are at war with impulses and pulls of the "immediate" in this society we live in always wanting to drag you away from your studies doing other things that may "seem" more pressing or more urgent than your future.

That's human nature.  A fact of life.

Therefore, it becomes critical to have solid reasons as to WHY you are going through this Academy.  Your future. 

Hence, do YOUR own goal setting and value determination AND know why YOU are here up front.  NOT for someone else's reasons.  But, YOURS.

Yes, we'll do another goal setting and value determination in Module 6  AFTER  you have learned what you will have learned.

Yet, an up front goal setting and value determination is ALSO necessary to see you through those "pulls" to reach Module 6.


Start Strong With Full Thrusters On

Go on the offensive as warfare is never won being passive or defensive going with the flow.  Go all out.  With a shock and awe attitude.

From Winston Churchill's biography by Martin Gilbert, we can learn lessons from him who has been credited with saving western civilization from Hitler's German Nazi takeover during World War II. 

He said be whole-hearted and go on the offensive with your whole might or you'll get slaughtered.  It takes 4 to 5 times the effort to go on the offensive than it does in just being defensive.

Why is this important when the Academy claims this 6 Modules program is simple and easy?

Good question.

True.  The program is simple and easy. 

Yet, physics teaches as in anything one starts, teaches it takes much more effort up front to get started forming new habits breaking out of the normal routine of going with the flow just living life than just going with the flow. 

Yet, once a habit has been established, again, physics indicates it really is much more simple and really easy to continue.  Actually, one can save energy if done right.

Think of an airplane taking off vs. cruising way up in the sky. 

The pilot always puts the thrusters full force with the brakes on to build up the trust power to take off before letting off the brakes and being trust down the runway to take off.

Just before that happens, the pilot gives the aircraft one final "push" lifting the wing flaps for more air momentum under those wings and flaps and the plane lifts off the ground.

But once in the air, he always backs off the throttle to use a cruising energy.

Then, only periodic increases of the throttle and periodic decreases of the throttle are sufficient to maintain flight of the plane.

The same is true about AGS Life Academy learnings.

It is strongly suggested as soon as you, the student, learns something new, you should jump in with both feet so to speak aggressively and put it into action. 

You will learn by doing.  Not just by reading.

Actually, you won't learn as much by reading as you will by putting into practice what you read.  That is where you WILL transform yourself.  And quickly.


Do It With Intensity

Winners have passion, zealousness and fervor instilled in them to a point of boiling over spilling onto others as they do things.

That becomes contagious infecting others to follow in your wake doing as you do.

They don't have the attitude of hitting the snooze button oh hum, I'll get to it when I get to it.  They are fired up ready to go at a moments notice.  Don't need to be called twice.  Once is enough.  Maybe, not even once they are always ready.

Great leader warriors don't negotiate.  They want to battle.  Annihilate whatever is in their way.  Then ask questions.

The 5 expressions of great leaders:

1.  act without hesitation
2.  act without asking end result
3.  venture into face of impossibility
4.  act as if nothing to loose
5.  free of fear and frustration.  Nothing can stop them 

Therefore, whatever you do, do what is right not to lead others astray doing inappropriate things or things that are not good for them, you nor others.  And do it with all your might.

By you being the leader you are either tweaking yourself to become even more or you will become. 

That is your responsibility to get this concept deeply into your inner being - never do anything harmful to anyone.  Others or yourself.

That is your responsibility.  This character trait separates the mediocre leaders from the truly outstanding above the norm leaders of most countries.  Most government entities.  Most businesses.  Most organizations.

Isn't that what you aspire to become - the truly outstanding above the norm in anything associated with your name?

This course is here to raise your thoughts in who and what YOU are.  Seriously.  Raise your vision of yourself.

Therefore, put some passion, some zealousness and some fervor into what you are doing.

This course is a prime example.


Beat Yourself

Yet, go slow enough to get it not allowing one word to drop by the wayside.  And be serious about learning as much as possible.  Compete with yourself.  Not others.  Set a personal goal to beat the best you personally have ever done before.  And sustain that pace learning to dramatically be better than your previous best ever.

Do this so others will remark about your passion, your zealousness and your fervor.  Obviously, in a positive way.

In the process, you are starting others to look to you.  Look to you for everything.  Special guidance.  You know everything or will come across as if you do.  As you progress, you will.

Get in the habit to think about and consider how you will teach others what you know.  The more you do this, the more you cement in these seductive traits you are learning here at AGS Life Academy.

In the process, you won't be able to be casual about what's here.  Nothing about average, mediocre or unconcerned.  Students of this Academy are not the norm.  They are unique.  Special.  Super special.  Future leaders of the world.  Seriously.  The elite of the elite.

They will have a single mindedness to face difficulties taking the bull as it is said by the horns and boldly give it all you can with your whole might and even more to the bursting point and beyond.

That's where your future will be.  Seriously.  Beyond your wildest imagination.  Get used to it and you had better now expand your thinking.  Don't limit yourself.


It Is All About YOU

Here At AGS Life Academy, we're after YOU winning the war with YOU and "YOUR pulls away" from being successful. 

Resist those pulls and shy way away from them.  At all costs.  They will hold you down or back.  And there is no time to be held down or back.  Time is urgent.

Our question to you is simple - why settle for 2nd best or partial success when you can have all that you can have?

"CONQUER!  Don't give me excuses, GIVE ME VICTORIES", Abraham Lincoln said to his generals near the end of the Civil War of the U.S.  They would come back even with a partial victory, and Lincoln would say that is still not victory. 

There is no substitute for victory.  You have to win victories in war and life is a war.

We have to get more  WAR-thinking  into our minds!  We must think like people who are in a war.  We are  WARRIORS.  

How exciting and wonderful: We are SOLDIERS.

Hence, put YOUR thrusters on full force to get started.  30 days is what we ask and suggest. 

Then you can back off a bit.


Habit is key

Some may say, for those that remember them, that the old fashioned clocks that one would wind every 8 days was easier to wind than those that needed to be wound daily. 

That shows how ignorant they are as to habit and the importance of habit.

It may take extra effort initially to remember to wind the clock daily, but once in a routine, say either first thing in the morning or before going to bed, has been established, it becomes real easy and a habit. 

One wakes and one does that "whatever" first thing in the morning without thinking.  Or does that "thing-um-a-bob" just before going to bed.

But, it takes lots of extra effort to REMEMBER which day is the 8th day to do something. 

They are not in the habit so they forget and pretty soon, what one started with gusto, vim, zip and full of vigor pretty soon dies along the way having not only forgotten the whys behind doing it, but also has gotten out of the habit of doing it.  

Hence, at AGS Life Academy, we exhort students to start first thing in the morning when they are fresh to set aside the time for their studies.  A full hour and if possible two full hours without short-changing that time slot. 

And if necessary get up an hour or two earlier in the morning without those sighs or groans.

Let it become a habit and in only 26 weeks see the progress to a Rolls Royce type leader you've become.

When first learning something new, learn it fully and completely as perfectly as possible. Try to understand what you're doing.  Studies show the more you do this, the easier it will become as you progress.  AND the more it becomes a great habit others will notice in you.

In other words, as you learn, always take the time to do it right upgrading whatever you are doing to the perfect level plus a bit more than you would normally do regardless how much extra time it may take. 

This is for you and you don't want to short-change your future.  Do the Rolls Royce level best of the best.

As you progress, you will do it faster.

The key is always do it as top quality fully as possible up front.  Then, initially, practice that high quality until it becomes you as you practice the "new you" and it becomes the "new you".  And, it will be done faster with more practice and habit.

Amazing how that works.

We want you to gain a reputation of high quality rather than mediocrity.  And yes, even if it may take slightly longer to do the full high quality work after you have raised your standards, it is well worth it.  That extra time is worth the difference in quality.

By the way, we've found in many instances, it actually takes less time overall as some things done mediocre won't have to be redone or shored up with extra time later on.  So the savings in time over all will also match the high quality of workmanship and reputation as more rock-solid.

Remember, this Academy is designed as a practical Academy of wisdom after understanding which comes after knowledge.

First step is to gain knowledge of what to do.  Then, after doing for awhile, understanding what you're doing.  Later still comes wisdom to teach others what to do and why.


An Illustration To Show What Is Meant

Some of the former clients used to tell the President to tell all new clients that all it takes for rock-solid finances is two minutes a day just before they, the new client, brush their teeth before they go to bed.  That's all and that was true. 

That's what they told their advisor, the founder of this Academy, to tell all new clients.

People got into the habit of doing their recaps daily and those recaps became habit and so easy, clients easily put their finances into auto-pilot. 

They still are doing that same two minutes now a decade plus after being taught.  AND their trainer (the retired Financial Planner now President of this Academy) is not there watching over them.

But, ... it does take more time than that initially to learn the how tos and the whys BEFORE they can get it to the two minutes a day maintenance stage.

As with anything of merit, it does take extra effort up front to grasp what is taught. 

Then, once one understands the basics, it is a lot easier and faster to maintain the momentum to continue something.  All the details were incorporated into the process and they were quite content it all was.

That is simple physics as in that airplane mentioned before.


The First 30 Days

Habits takes 30 days to form solidly.  Miss one day and when the habit is started again, it will take another 30 days to get that habit formed. 

Obviously, then, figure 30 days is critical in your "new you" transformation beginnings.

Then it takes another 30 plus days to PROVE the habit.  Meaning once the habit has been formed, it takes another 30 days to show that the habit has been formed. 

So, miss one day in that time and guess what.  Go back to reform that habit again.  This is serious stuff we're talking about when discussing critical things like habits and your future.

Relating to AGS Life Academy, initially, during the first two weeks orientation, it may take longer than one hour a day to set up the foundation to get started to later fly in the one hour cruising altitude to grasp what is taught.

Thus, in setting the stage for when you actually start the Academy Modules, you will give yourself the necessary tools for success eliminating much of the above-mentioned "war" of the pulls holding you back that may come about.

These two Orientation pages (this Part 1 giving general comments and the Part 2 provides more specific recommendations tailoring it directly to YOU) sets the stage for the 6 Modules.  It is not only the big picture concepts. 

It will sharpen the saw so YOU can slice through the material faster and easier.

It helps you get the most out of the Academy.

Set the stage initially so all you have to do is maintain.  Two weeks of extra effort should be all it takes.  Your thrusters in full blown mode to trust you down the runway.

Learn it right in the beginning and then maintain as in auto-pilot habit.

Then, fill in the details with the regular maintenance. 

For that regular maintenance one hour a day should be sufficient for you to achieve what we expect you will achieve in the 6 Modules. 

Obviously, two hours or more is always better for you to achieve your goals faster.

Rolls Royce status and envy and personal joy, happiness, hope, gladness in all 7 areas of life.  A transformed YOU.  An upgraded YOU.

We do recommend also to address some health issues.  Learn some simple things you can do quickly and easily from where YOU are right now.

Do some simple exercises AND spend 12 to 18 minutes first part of the day to stay informed.

There are some Time Management & How To Be Organized things that can be established in these first two weeks as well.

Check out even more tools to aid you in this set up at Orientation - Part 2 - Tailoring it all to YOU.


Rebelliousness vs. Obedience

Remember that it is hard to work with and love the rebellious.  Whereas it is easy to work with and love the obedient.

Having stated that, consider the both options.

Which would YOU want to work with to accomplish some task?  Some job you are responsible to get done?

Someone that is rebellious in nature or obedient to whatever is asked?

Do you want your job in the task made harder or easier?  How others act to you affects how you do your job. 

Therefore, wouldn't you want to make it as easy on yourself as possible? 

Consider the individual being rebellious doing everything possible to hinder whatever you're doing?  Their attitude just is not in sync with you. 

Whether in what they do or don't do.  They might do things inappropriate to hinder you or maybe even purposefully do things slower or sloppy workmanship or maybe even saying they are with you but come in late, leave early, take breaks often or are absent often with or without excuses. 

Actions speak just as loud as words.

Bottom line is they fight you step by step making your job much more difficult than what it should be. 

Or they blatantly put stumbling blocks in front of you so you know about them as they are happening or they are done subtly so you might not be able to put your finger on the cause.

But the end result is the project you are responsible for is not getting done as it should be.  In the time frame and the caliber it should be.  Overall effect is your reputation is lowered accordingly.

How much rebelliousness will you take before eliminating it from your project?  When will you find a replacement to work with you vs. against you?

Wouldn't you want an individual allowing you to be the boss working with you to accomplish what you want done how you want it done?  One that says "Yes, sir." or "No, sir."

That "Yes, sir" or "No, sir" shows respect and honor who is in charge and who is not.  Key two words. 

Which attitude - rebelliousness or obedience - will produce the harmony and peace and joy at the conclusion? 

Wouldn't you want the obedient to work with you in the future in almost any other project or task you have?

In other words, can you see the consequences of being rebellious vs. being obedient?

Now the other option is YOU are that individual whether rebellious or obedient.

How long do you think others might respond to your rebelliousness or your "yes, sir" or "no, sir" obedience? 

The lesson to be learned here is simple - become obedient with a receptive attitude to learn how to support the boss as much as possible so that they will consider take you on any future activities they are involved in.


Spirit of Righteous Indignation

Having talked about rebelliousness vs. obedience, there is also what is called Righteous Indignation.

This is where it is proper to stand up and say no. 

It is all in HOW one stands up and says no.  When something is done wrong, and knowingly done wrong, then it might be appropriate to stand up and say no. 

Within the law.  Never in rebellion.  It is never right to do something against the law.  Never.  Also, it is not appropriate to threaten in the approach to be righteous indignant.  Be polite, sincere, calm, firm in resolve, explaining why you are standing up saying no.

This also assumes you can correct the issue so it will be right.  This takes wisdom to know when to stand up and when to remove yourself from the situation when you can't correct it.

You'll learn more about this delicate issue later in the course.


A Word About Correction

In the process of learning everyone makes mistakes or learns they have made mistakes.  That's human.  Students at AGS Life Academy take this "Hope, Leadership and Success" program to become the best they can be not accepting mediocrity.  They are correcting their past mistakes and upgrading themselves as fast as possible in areas they need to do that to raise the standards to best of the best. 

It doesn't matter you may not have known you didn't know what was right or got away from doing what was right or whatever reason you were wrong, you were wrong.  Guilty in a court of law.

The thing is to correct the past mistakes, the past lifestyle of mediocrity at best as fast as possible as soon as you learn what is right way to be the best of the best.  Anything less is wrong and needs correction.

Not wanting to be corrected sends a different message that is just as wrong as having done wrong.  You THINK you are already perfect and don't even want to entertain the thought you could be wrong.  That you are not quilty when you really are.  That is the wrong message and attitude about correction.

There hasn't been a human born of man that hasn't been wrong and done wrong yet.  Therefore, we all are wrong and NEED correction.   Look for correction.  Learn from correction.  Thrive on being corrected.




Did we make it abundantly clear how important  correction  is AND our attitude is about being corrected?

Correction means being humble enough to state we are NOT perfect yet but striving to become perfect.  In everything we do.  We are or were guilty of needing correction.

Correction is positive.  NOT negative.  Before we are corrected, the need for it is very negative.  Yes, we are quilty.  Once we realize we are quilty, what is our attitude?  We should immediately try to correct the cause of that quilt as fast as possible.


Overall Objective

You should have noticed AGS Life Academy is different than any other Academy, school, college, university you may have encountered before.  It is designed to be different.  It is designed to be PRACTICAL. 

It is designed to teach the fundamentals in how to live life abundantly deep down in oneself, from the inner core.  The heart.  AND, to radiate that out towards others. 

Steps for the WHOLE person.  Combined, IN BALANCE, for the individual person.

For a reason.  A very specific and profound beautifully colossal practical reason. 

The Street Smarts practical of how to get ahead quickly while raising YOUR standards is part of the focus.  The Causes and Effects behind the how tos.

So YOU can leap frog ahead of your neighbors and peers in leadership type positions.  Also, to have magnetic relationships.  Attracting others to YOU like never before.


Don't Follow Us

Don't follow us nor any other human being.  None are perfect.  Each is imperfect in their own way(s).  Or, follow us as we follow those laws that always work greatness.  Learn to obey them.

Learn the principles  behind  the actions and form your own YOU.

But, first, you must discover what those laws are.  Hence, this Self-Help educational Academy with specialized textbooks and unique Modules to do just that.  To help YOU.

This AGS Life Academy is designed for just that reason - YOU.  Not someone else.  To develop YOU to YOUR full potential and behind. 

Having said that, it teaches to learn the secrets behind the results that happen, especially in observation of others before forming your own style.

William E. Bailey, the former CEO of Bestline Products, Inc, said "Copying is the first step in developing your own style."

That's what we want YOU to do.  But, first, you have to know what you can copy and what you can't.

That too is what this Academy is all about.

Keep reading.


For The Largest Audience Possible

Keep in mind, that AGS Life Academy will go throughout the world to people in many nations.  Each person it reaches is being taught the same thing - learn the basics and tailor them around themselves to form a new them as it is being designed to form the new you in you.

It is respectfully directed to those within all spectrums of situations and backgrounds and cultures and religions.

From the depths of almost despair - what we call the "Basket Cases" & "Down And Outers" - to the super comfortable & responsible with all sorts of authority - the Heads of State, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Presidents - and all those in between those extremes as well - the supervisors, managers, employees, wanta-be employees & wanta-be supervisors.

From those just starting out in their respective careers to those that have been in their job all their lives.  To the young as well as the ancient.  Check out the Age Receptivity page.

Therefore, AGS Life Academy is for every man, woman and child from about age 16 to 18 and above throughout the world.  Yet, it is also for those aged younger than 16 via their parents.

Hence, the request and suggestion to forward this Academy to everyone in your address book with a simple notation, perhaps "Just found this - - and found it interesting.  What do you think?"

It includes all cultures and religions of the world that are receptive to being trained to become better than what they currently are.  Basically, those that are still breathing (or living) as the country boy in us men might say.  Or those that put their pants on one leg at a time. 

[For those who don't have legs and can't put pants on one leg at a time or those that are limited in their physical capacity some way, there is still lots of material for YOU too.  Lots.  By the way, there is a story about one individual who was paralyzed from the neck down who became an international invited remarkable and incredible speaker.  Literally.  And others without arms or without legs doing awesome things or handicapped in what many might think in major ways.  So, regardless of YOUR limitations, there is something here at AGS Life Academy for YOU.]

In other words, the largest audience possible.  Just about the whole world.

Perhaps, billions, and, yes, we're serious about billions

And, ... that is one of our goals - 2 billion students. 

We want to change the planet.  One student at a time.  One group of students at a time.  One business or one organization at a time and also, one nation at a time.  We'll willing try to change multiples of each though at the same time.

We believe there is something here for everyone.  Whether just a tweaking or a complete overhaul.  A complete transformation. 

26 weeks is all it should take.  Or less.  Yet, for others up to 12 months ... and ... that is ok as well. 

The key is that they are taking the Academy and making progress for themselves.  They are changing themselves.  That's awesome.  Fantastic.


Unfortunately, ...

In this regard, we know not everyone was taught good habits of how to study. 

Especially, in this day and age where students, unfortunately, have been taught more about self, self esteem and how to get for themselves than old-fashioned habits of doing with all one's might more than is expected work-ethics, thinking of others, giving to others, sharing with others, etc.

This is one of the reasons many employers can't find responsible qualified potential employees and leave good-paying jobs unfilled.

Consequently, we have included a section on How To Study and the Process of Osmosis.  Please read both of these sections in this order.


However, it is NOT for everyone ... At This Time

Attitude will separate those with a receptive mind and those without.  The serious vs. those just flapping their gums.  We do tell things as they are.  Sometimes frankly.

Sorry for the bluntness, but this Academy works. 

Students are already writing us with their stories and very happy this Self-Help Academy began.

And the Academy is not even finished!  Consider what will happen when it is further along and finally finished...  And, fine tuned ...

This site works for those that want it to work.  Regardless of their current situation.  It works for both their current situations and their future situations due to the principles and flexibility it teaches. 

And it will do the same for YOU.

The question is whether the reader - YOU - are READY. 

And when YOU are ready. 

We don't expect everyone to be ready all at the same time but will at some point in your life.


One could say this unique Academy teaches 
The Lost Art  to profound  all-around  Success ... AND ... confident  Peace Of Mind!
For ANY circumstance.

It Teaches Principles For Success.  For just about anyone at all ages and all English speaking levels.

And, it is balanced - in all 7 areas of life!


Therefore, with that in mind, it is written NOT for the college graduate nor for the high school level student, but the 3rd grader. 

[editor's note - currently, the overall readability factor is at the 6th grade level.  Overall.  6th grade level is good as far as what others say.  But not for us.  We're still trying to bring it down to the 3rd grade level.  That's our goal.  Please have patience with us.]

A simple reason is some throughout the world may not know the English language as well as others. 

We have found in international travels and livings (the President has traveled to close to 30 countries so far having lived in three of them and his parents lived in two more and his immediate family in several others and others on the staff have traveled to others - we are international in scope), most students can probably get by in 3rd grade English.  Hence, our target.

Information is repeated often for a reason.  And digressions occur as well to drive home certain points to be learned. 

This is not the Cliff Notes version as we attempt to explain the details so there is no mis-understanding.  And the grammar may not be perfect as we know we are not perfect. 

We do, however, speak from the heart.  Not necessarily what you may WANT to hear, but what you NEED to hear.  We tell it like it is.  The truth.

One other thing, there is nothing for sale at this Academy and there are no financial supports other than those willingly and choosing to donate to the cause so there is no one over us saying sell, sell, sell, when it is inappropriate.

Or, just as important, teach this or that when this or that is neither appropriate nor truthful.

Our motivation is YOU and YOUR betterment.  A total give-away.  Pure and simple.

Your improvement, your tweaking, your transformation will be our glory.  Our happiness.

We want YOU to be a future king or leader of many.  Leading others to become like you - a leader of top notch leaders.  Loved by all below and around you.

Seriously.  Are you serious?  We are.  Exceedingly.

Yes, we do accept donations, but believe those are by-products of how YOU are doing.  The progress you are making.  Or are expecting to make.  Or an endorsement of the whole Academy and what it is doing.  On a voluntary basis.


If the Founder/President can, YOU can...

He does understand that sometimes it is not always easy to "get" things the first time one receives things. 

He also knows what it is like to not be able to speak the language correctly.  He has lived in foreign lands where English was not spoken well and he had difficulty with the local language.  People had to speak slowly and simply to him and even spell certain words before he "got it".

In English, in all honesty, he still has his challenges. 

Fortunately, there is spell-check, dictionaries and an online Thesaurus.  Would you believe that he flunked English in his American school system?

Each section on this Self-Help educational Academy website has been written and rewritten literally dozens of times just to get it to this point.  Seriously.  Some have been revised and edited close to a hundred times.  Seriously.

Each of his former weekly published articles required more than 20 red-pen corrections by his wife before they began to say what he wanted them to say and be easily understood.

There are other issues and handicaps we won't share with you that some might feel would hold them back if they had them.  We will share with you, the reader, though, he did not graduate from high school with the rest of his class.  He had to make up classes just for the minimum requirements to be met.

We're not saying the above for sympathy or woe-is-him, but as an example there may be hope for YOU.

Hence, if he can do certain things, like have any of his former professions or even plan out and create this AGS Life Academy, then YOU sure should be able to as well.  He's had to struggle with education and the whole learning process.  It would almost always take him longer than his peers.

But he knew that even though he might be slow to start compared to his peers in any new profession, but allow him time to learn it and then watch his tail as he'd quickly lead his peers with statistics they wished they had.

You see, he had encouragement way back when he first started in management and in sales and then later in consulting/advising. 

We thank the one that saw something in him he didn't see in himself.

The President of one company told him when he was raised to Operations Manager, "Gary, you will take this course or you're fired."  Now, that is motivation. 

He talks elsewhere about the benefit of what that did for the company in the process.  And for himself personally.

A Sales Manager later said, "Gary, get on the book of the month club where you read on the average one new book every month.  You will double your income in 6 months if you do." 

He said a few more things in connection with that, but that too was motivation. 

Those books were awesome and let him know he didn't have to be perfect to be successful. 

Just have ambition.  Drive.  Motivation.  And focus.

Actually, looking back each step of his life and background he was taught and motivated while having fun in the process of learning.  All over the world in multiple cultures and multiple languages. 

Due to his incredible slow yet methodical starts later on other companies sought his expertise.  Here is one example.


PLEASE - What Are We Saying?

PLEASE - Take your time in starting AGS Life Academy

Go through the material to UNDERSTAND it.  That IS the key. 

Go through to understand.  Then build on that.  What you have already learned.  Step by step.  And ponder it along the way.  

Try to understand it as you go.

For the actual Modules we're suggesting an hour a day to read through the textbook for that Module.  An hour a day on average. 

One book or textbook a month on the average.  Some Modules, there might be 2 or 3 textbooks.  Some small.  You should be able to average at least one book a month.

If it takes two months to finish a Module, you will still be ahead of your peers.  By leaps and bounds.  

If you are a speed reader, you may be able to hum through a book in a week or two and that is just as great for YOU. 

This Academy is not a competition Academy.  It is geared for YOU to go at YOUR pace.

Start from where YOU are comfortable.  Work at YOUR pace.  Not someone else's.

The approach used here is what could be called the funnel approach. 

From the top - it begins with the big outline or big picture.  Understand that.  Then, work your way down to the specific.   Understand each section BEFORE going on to the next.  The funnel approach. 

Consider and always keep in mind YOUR end goal and how each section fits with the whole.  You being THE most outstanding leader YOU can be.



When each Module or section has been completed, ponder it and think how it fits with what you have already learned.


A quick digression...

With all due respect, as this Academy is going to the largest audience possible and a diverse culture, a wide religious and multiple language base worldwide, we must assume the worst situation - the student may not know what we are talking about.  Or, has a limited grasp of a specific topic.  For an assortment of reasons.

Therefore, AGS Life Academy is written simply to be understood by just about anyone.  We do guarantee the results ... and mean that guarantee.

Thus, please read every word.  It IS and WILL be to YOUR benefit.  DON'T SKIM.  And obey ALL instructions. 

And, especially, DON'T ASSUME YOU KNOW THE MATERIAL.  If you do know selected material you're going through, two thoughts. 

First, it will be good reinforcement and act as a refresher. 

Second and more importantly, do keep in mind, we expect everyone including YOU will learn something

Whether just a tweaking or a complete overhaul in principles.  There is material here that may surprise you or even shock you in how much you will learn.

Consequently, it WILL be to YOUR best interests in going through AGS Life Academy step by step as directed.

(Besides, with all due respect, many college grads today or the P-H-D [Piled Higher and Deeper as some view those initials] needs to UN-learn much of what they learned before they can learn the basics or what they really need to learn. 

[Remember Dr. Spock in his apology for teaching what he taught in his textbooks about child-rearing?  Unfortunately, he has not been alone -

(In many instances, there is a conflict with what has been learned in "formal" education and what is taught here as street-smart principles of true leaders.  You, the student, can make that choice in what you want to keep and what you want to override.  YOU are in control each step of the way.  But, do read EVERYTHING.)

Strong quick suggestion is this Word of Caution.


Please understand about correction - LOVE IT

We are serious about this Academy.  A high-quality out-of-the-NORMAL-box unique Academy. 

That teaches what NEEDS to be taught.  Not what government or industry leaders want taught.  To keep ignorant sheep as ignorant sheep and not become street smart leaders type students to show how the masses are being kept down as low-life ignorant.

We expect the Academy will be broadcast by word of mouth quickly to the everyday no-names of society.  It already has started and it is not even finished yet. 

AGS Life Academy is gaining a fabulous reputation and may just change the world.

Therefore, we expect many will have to un-learn what they've been taught so they can learn the truth.  The reality in how to think.  In how to reason.

That takes correction.  Do YOU love correction?  Hopefully, you will learn to really appreciate it and LOVE it.

Correction requires the right attitude about it.  Not in punishment what world teaches for something wrong.  But correction in learning the wrong way brings a penalty and the obedient way brings blessings.

This is what AGS Life Academy teaches about correction.  How can you or anyone else improve in some way?  Correction could simply mean or be another word for learning.

That means you are learning so the more correction you have, the more learning you are doing.  Love correction and grow in knowledge, in understanding, in wisdom. 

Hence, love correction.  It is VERY positive.

In other words, learn how to be perfect.  How to constantly strive for perfection.  An upgrade to the best of the best.  If no correction, then could it be said you don't love correction shying away from it repelling others from giving it?

We suggest encourage it.  Seek it.  Love it.  Embrace it.  Learn from it.  Grow from correction.


Choices - to learn or not to learn, that is the question...

YOU are in control each step of the way.  That is up to a point.  To whom you obey, you are their slave. 

We are in a war remember.  The small against the masses of pulls of desire and urges of the moment.  We're trying to teach YOU to be strong and a warrior to break out of being a slave and go forward in a right and appropriate way.

You can break your chains holding you back and holding you down.  This is the way.  Walk you in it.

Consequently, learn to have faith in what works.  Then you can bust out of that prison of slavery.

Please DON'T necessarily put your trust in the theory someone wants to teach so you can have a piece of paper saying your stuff is PHD. 

Remember that war we talked about earlier on?  Well, guess what? 

Two types of wars - to keep you so busy and so involved pulling you in so many directions with so few resources so you can't get ahead.  And those that have extra "challenges" placed in front of them.

YOU college grads and PHDs, in essence and again, with all due respect, have extra burdens on yourselves. 

In addition to the wrong education you've been taught, many just don't feel they need to lower themselves to learn from anything other than a "top" prestigious-type college or university.  They want that title and are satisfied for that "name". 

When they open their eyes removing the scales from them, they may see that "name" is not what it used to be.  Times have changed.  In other instances, that "name" is not what they thought it really was.  They may have learned how it has hindered them.

Check out if you think that is not the case.  Or check many employers who can't find qualified employees resulting consequently in not hiring.

They just don't know about AGS Life Academy ... yet.  What a shame.  They may also believe they know it all.  Which they don't.  

Anyway, that is what we've discovered in previous teaching and consulting opportunities with these two groups, even those with other initials behind their name. 

Other professionals and non-professionals have noticed that as well. 

Hence, many times, this is why we prefer working with those without those handicaps.  The "regular" every-day people or even the "Down and Outs" as some call them.  Or the "bottom of the Social Register".

They seem to be more receptive to be helped and less of a hassle fighting with their snobbery know-it-allism.  

[By the way, if YOU are offended by these remarks just above about being a college grad or a P-H-D, that probably means YOU may NOT be quite ready for AGS Life Academy, ... yet.  You may NOT be receptive to learning.  Ready for correction.  You may think you know it all already. 

[Sorry, you PHDs do have a reputation and that is not always good.  And, not just by us professionals nor by many companies.  The President does have several PHDs within his own immediate and extended families so he's encountered that attitude first hand more than once.  You really do have so much to learn ...  if ... you would only humble yourselves... 

[Remember, the AGS Life Academy is for those that are willing.  And correctible.  Moldable.

[In other words, those that are humble or have been humbled or have struggled to a point, nothing really offends them any more as they ARE ready for change and WANT to learn HOW to change.  They are receptive for the Academy teachings to do better.  To improve.  To excel beyond their wildest expectations.

[What type of attitude do YOU have

[Are YOU a know-it-all-head-in-the-stratosphere?  Or, are YOU humble?  Are YOU ready for a change?  Are YOU ready to learn something and feel YOU are receptive to new information that can help YOU become even better than you are currently?]


Reality is ... Reality

AGS Life Academy explains, therefore, not in the Cliff Notes version, but more in the full disclosure, in stages, with no abbreviations detail so the solid foundation of the entire program is understood by all quickly and easily.  Again, in 3rd grade English.

Remember,  UNDERSTANDING  comes before  WISDOM ... and  KNOWLEDGE  before  understanding.  Therefore, get  knowledge  first.  NOT any  knowledge, but  specialized knowledge.  The type that produces   understanding  AND  wisdom  ... AND then ...  greatness  will come.

Let's emphasize that ...


Remember,  UNDERSTANDING  comes before  WISDOM ... and  KNOWLEDGE  before  understanding.  Therefore, get  knowledge  first.  NOT any  knowledge, but  specialized knowledge.  The type that produces  understanding  AND  wisdom  ... AND then ... greatness  will come.


Nothing of greatness was ever built in a day and neither are YOU changed in a rapid fire onslaught of quick bullet points.  The Cliff Notes Version. 

We're looking at 6 months from now, assuming you follow the simple and easy 6 Modules directions.  6 months is all it may take.  6 months.  ... or possibly less.

That is reality.  6 Modules is reality.  However long it takes you to go through the program will still put YOU head and shoulders ahead of your peers that have not gone through the program yet.


How To Go Through The 6 Modules

Take things slowly.  READ EVERY WORD.  DON'T SKIM.  Slow down and DO everything requested.  Obey the instructions.  In detail.  Initially, don't innovate, duplicate.  Just obey. 

Learn to understand.  And that is done by doing.  NOT assuming. 

A major problem today with all too many people is that they assume they know.  And the truth be told - they don't know what they don't know.  And no fault of their own.

All too many are like an impersonal computer program with lots of code missing.  Lots of code is there but some critical code is not.  And some of that code is corrupted.

We say at no fault of the individual. 

The end is still the same.  Guess what is going to happen?  More of the same of what you have been going through.  Not what it could be like...

As in a corrupted computer program that doesn't know what that code doesn't know, go back and reapply from scratch the program.  The re-application will fill in what is missing as it goes through the reinstallation of the program.


Here's A Few Secrets - Live The Academy Way

Each student should go through the program Module by Module with the objective to teach that Module to everyone else they know.  Directly or indirectly.  In your own words.  As YOU know it and understand it. 

Preferably within 24 hours. 


When you review what you've learned quickly, you cement it in your mind much better.  And within 24 hours is ideal as the volume one forgets after that is substantial.

When you teach others, even if just one person, it goes down deeper than if you are attempting to learn it just for yourself. 

Besides, others you teach may have questions to help you clarify things even more in your mind.  The teacher though, always learns much more than the student by teaching.

In the process, you are building up leadership skills and the more you do of that, the more skilled you'll become as a leader.

There are lots of other reasons as well we don't have space for here.

Hind sight down the road, it may become more crystal clear as to all the whys behind the instructions offered here at the Academy. 

If you are having difficulty explaining an issue, you may want to recommend to everyone else to go to the source of your knowledge  - AGS Life Academy - and learn it all first hand.

What is taught in these 6 Modules and here at AGS Life Academy are principles so these benefits will become part of you.  Ingrained in you.


Don't Skimp

Don't short change yourself by skimping.  Do as you are recommended to do it. 

Slow down and do it right.  Do it right from the get go.  As best as YOU can.  It will pay dividends later.  

Always do the best YOU can do and do more than what is expected.  Gain that type reputation.  Of always doing more than what is expected and the best you can do.  Make it an ingrained habit.  In everything.

Part of the training is not only in obeying, not only in setting up or preparing, not only in doing, but in practicing what you are doing. 

Therefore, learn up front to set up or prepare with the highest quality possible for YOU.  Get in the habit to always practice quality from the get go.  

High quality is much easier to maintain than it is to raise poor standards after a bad habit has been ingrained in you.  Some say 10 times harder.  And trying to rectify the reputation will never be complete.

If you have an existing mediocre or worse standard attempting to raise that standard for now on - two things.

Good for you.  Congratulations.  Better late than never.

Second, you have your work cut out for yourself.  You must first break the barrier or your attitude limiting your potential before you can begin to implement the process in raising the standard.

Part of the training is also monitoring or meditating on what you have done, tearing it apart in the mind asking why this old way and why that old way but still doing this new way and that new way as you learn the new way. 

Ask yourself how it all fits together in a whole.  The who, what, where, when, why and how much and other basic questions of this sort.

It will come together in the mind later.  Initially, just obey.  And do.  And think.  But do.

Part of the training is thinking how will you benefit from this aspect of the training.  How can you use this whatever now or in the future? 

Not specific situations but what kind of situations.  You want to learn flexibility to gain the principles vs. a hard and fast do this and this in this once-in-a-lifetime situation.

Remember, you are learning principles in general.  For a multitude of situations, not any one specific situation.

As the President's father used to tell him, "Son, learn principles.  Circumstances will always change, but principles don't.  When you learn principles, you can adapt them to circumstances as they occur.  You can always be successful if you remember these principles."

The training is a complex process and there IS a reason for everything here at AGS Life Academy

It is all for YOU and YOUR betterment and YOUR benefits. 

It is to get YOU to think and raise YOUR standards in the process.  Through YOUR own filtering system. 

Therefore, live the Academy and try to teach what you learn to others daily.  And throughout the day.

The outcome is the result of YOUR choice and choices.

Do you want those results labeled as mediocrity or high quality?  It Will be YOUR reputation.


Old Saying You Are NOT Raising Your Son Or Daughter, YOU Are Raising Your Grand-children's Father Or Mother

When you learn the material yourself and practice within 24 hours on your children remember the old saying, "You are NOT raising your son or daughter, but you are raising your grand-children's father or mother to be able to train your grand-children's children."

That is a deep sentence. 

Stop and re-read it.  Ponder it.  Understand what is being said there.

What YOU do is extremely important for future generations.  And if done properly, YOUR future posterity down three or four generations.

THAT is what you should be focused on. 

Three or four generations down line from you.  Not just the one you are training currently, but those three or four generations after those you train now. Whether in the home or in business or an organization or a nation.

Change the focus.  The objective.

In other words, if you focus on raising your sons and daughters in how to raise their sons and daughters and also in how to raise each of their sons and daughters to raise each of their sons and daughters, then you will have started something special.

Seriously.  Take a moment to think on what is being said here.

Or if you focus on teaching those you are training now to train future people to train future people, aren't you cross training all your staff to think more long-term giving them leadership skills in the process so when it is time they train their replacement, the future employee will be well trained with consistency and thoroughness right from the initial training.

AND... if your spouse/mate or all your supervisors/managers are taking this course as well as you, so much the better.  Seriously.  Profoundly.  Rock-solidly.

This training needs to go down at least 3 or 4 levels to really be effective AND self-perpetuating.

This really is more difficult than what it may seem.  But, super worth the effort.


With That Said

So, now, with that said, let's talk about how to get the most out of this Academy, shall we?

Understand that the site offers a ton of basic principles in and by itself.  The mentioned textbooks offer a lot more. 

Use both the site AND the textbooks with the goal of gleaning as much as possible from whatever sources mentioned.

At the end of each Module, several items are added for further study.  25 QuestionsQuizzesPapersA journal

Consider the material to expand your knowledge on any particular topic or subject.

Remember that AGS Life Academy is guaranteed.  Yes, it is guaranteed to work and work profoundly.  Like nothing else you can do or try.  There is NOTHING ELSE out there anywhere like this Academy. 

Prove it by doing it.  Seriously.  That's YOUR challenge now.  YOU are still in charge.  Self-Help and Self Improvement at its highest human level possible.  Totally up to YOU.


Let's move on to Orientation - Part 2 - Tailoring It All To YOU

Click here for the next step in how to get the most out of this Academy step by step.  We'll address the 14 day Preparation System for mind-blowing, solid, ever-growing, all-around success.


You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - Orientation - Part 1 ".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
How To Get The Most Out Of This Academy

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