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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Truly limited only by YOU!

When the President was hiring individuals much more actively, as a former Operations Manager over almost 200 service oriented employees and shortly after that, he used to say, "Give me someone who has no high school or college diploma but has the right motivation to listen, learn and put into practice what was taught and I'll train and mentor and coach them to generate $100,000 annual personal income in 2 years. 

"Now, I say their limit is truly UNlimited.  AND, quite possibly within one year. 

"I'm very serious about this."

With the RIGHT KIND of knowledge you don't need the sheepskin or parchment that tells you and the world your "stuff" is PHD (P-iled H-igher and D-eeper) indoctrination in theoretical mediocrity. 

This was also discussed and taught in his former Life Finances ... Made Simple program he created and instituted for all his former Comprehensive Financial Planning practice clients.  The clients loved it and unsolicitedly referred clients his way because of that program.

This program of AGS Life Academy provides more than a college degree in "real street smarts" in how to live life abundantly while encouraging and helping people become what they would like to become.  Parts of it were included in his former consulting practice

Read on as an example...  from his former activities and his perspective...


100 million in 18 months due to loving to serve others

Many many years ago his desire was money acquisition.  He set a goal to acquire 100 million dollars of real estate in 18 months. 

He read and studied everything he could on various types and qualities of real estate, numerous groupings of sellers and their needs vs. wants, buying & selling nothing down and attended all the seminars at the time on real estate he could.

He had also read the books and attended the countless seminars on personal motivation, self help and all that.  He knew the saying "Dream big dreams as you don't know if you might actually achieve them."  Also, "When shooting for the stars, what if you don't hit the stars, but only hit the mountain top?  Is that acceptable?" 

If you were like he was at the time, dead broke with $38 in the bank and no job nor credit, that was more than acceptable.

He figured with 100 million dollars of real estate the way he found and bought it, he could sell it all and walk away with a million in cash to use as he pleased.  $38 in the bank don't go far and does motivate one to change.  If it wasn't a full 100 million, that too was alright.

Why?  Because then he had motivation as well as knowledge to make it work. 

The international college that he graduated from taught hospitality and service, organization and management.  In other words, taking care of others as they need to be taken care of.

In even more crystal clear words - serving others.

He had become disillusioned in that hospitality industry, yet loved serving others

For years, he had self-studied people, human nature and circumstances both good and bad.  What works and what doesn't work.  Cause and Effect.

And finally, he had the right motivation to make a change - dead broke with no job and no credit but yet a family to support. 

He felt like one of the "gurus" who said, "Take away my IDs and all of my money and all of my credentials and give me a roll of dimes [back then, public phone booths cost 10 cents for a call] and within 24 hours I'll buy some real estate, legally and above board."  He had knowledge and motivation.  He also had character not wanting to hurt anyone but rather help them with their "problems" giving them 100% of the asking price or many times, even more.  Lots more.


Had to be win-win or all could walk away

How could he do that? 

Because he knew how to make the numbers work so all parties had a win-win situation as soon as the purchase was concluded. 

The seller had to be satisfied as with his contracts he developed through several attorneys, either the buyer or seller could walk away up to and including the closing so it had to be structured in a win-win situation right from the get-go. 

No speculation, just dollars and cents and positive cash flow from day one.


Did it work?

Within 6 months he had $35 million in various stages of acquisition to already in his portfolio purchased.  He was on target.

He even created and taught several no credit, nothing down, cash back at the close expensive real estate courses where 66 2/3 % of the last class bought or sold property within 60 days of graduation.  His system created several millionaires in several states quickly.

This was outstanding when you consider that in the type of national seminar industry he was in less than 12 % of graduates did anything with the material after leaving their seminars or courses.  We repeat - his statistics were 66 2/3 %. 

He knew how to teach and generate meaningful knowledge and self-motivation.

Then his life suddenly changed. 

His father, due to health reasons, unexpectedly entered a nursing home asking him, "How do we pay for this?" 

Money and real estate all of a sudden no longer was motivating for him. 

Taking care of his parents' needs and subsequently other peoples' more pressing needs (financial, life, organization and planning to name a few areas he's assisted with) became his driving force.


What Are We Saying?

Attitude, motivation, vision and excitement is MUCH more important than current skills or educational status.  Get the vision and the money becomes a by-product and the details work themselves out. 

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Take the coins from your purse, and fill your mind, and your mind will fill your purse."

The question then becomes, what kind of vision? 

He has answered that question for himself a long time ago.  Part of that is wanting to serve others. 

What's YOUR motivation? 

Are YOU willing to compromise to get ahead?  He doesn't suggest nor recommend that. 

There are too many opportunities out there for you to pursue WITHOUT compromising your values.  Without short-changing the good ethics.  The good character traits.  Click here as an example.

Will you help us serve you?  Seriously?  Will YOU help us serve YOU?

Will you follow directions till YOU are successful?  In the field of YOUR choice... 

It truly is in YOUR hands.

By the way, do YOU realize how close a Millionaire's Attitude really is to YOU?  Seriously close!

YOUR  future ...
... really, really, really, REALLY is up to YOU!!!

What would  YOU  really, really, really
like YOUR FUTURE to be?

Simply - will YOU allow this Academy
help YOU achieve YOUR dream?

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