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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Obviousness Module
A Missing Dimension In Hope, Leadership & Success








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Objective Of This Module

This Module is the beginning of the Foundation of learning here at AGS Life Academy

It teaches students to think and to relate what they do, what they see or observe, what is said by themselves and others, what is done by themselves and others, how things are done looking for the whys behind it all opening the mind to think how it all could be done better for different results.  More enhanced benefits.

It also teaches to consider going back to the source.  The basics. 

And then researching the original material to verify the accuracy of what the student is told and where those associated with all the material they are presented with are coming from.  And what those presenting that material have to show for  THEIR  lifestyle.  Do they live it or not?  Their results.  

What can you learn from them?  Do they give the enticement to follow them or stay away from them and why?

This Module begins the mind expansion in breaking down select sections of the learning material as to what's good and what's not and if one incorporated an idea into their own personal life, how would it be for them?  Would they be better off or worse and why?

To get students to open their minds to begin discerning right from wrong FOR THEMSELVES.  The principles of Cause and Effect.

AND ... to speculate on results of their actions and potential actions should they decide to incorporate something new in and to their life.



5 Stages Of Learning ...

1.  First stage, as Master International Sales Trainer Tom Hopkins calls it, is the Unconscious Incompetence stage.

This is the stage of not knowing what one does not know and not caring going with the flow.  They just DO reaping the results - both good and bad - of their actions.

With all due respect, this is the stage the vast majority of most people are at.  The masses of society, governments and industry at all levels of them and in all industries and professions.  For the most part - almost everyone today.  Just going with the flow.

This is not meant in a derogatory way.  Nor disrespectfully.  Just reality. 

Not knowing what they don't know going with the flow as they have previously been taught by those who didn't know what they didn't know that have been taught by those who didn't know what they were never taught.

Hence, just about everybody throughout the world in all cultures is in this stage of "Unconscious Incompetence".  Again, no disrespect intended.  Just reality.  Not knowing what they don't know.  Usually at no fault of their own.


2.  The second stage is Conscious Incompetence.  This is the stage where the mind is opened to realize how incompetent society and as a by-product they individually really are and begin to consider if something changed, how could their situation, their life change in the process?

That change is almost always hoping for the better, even if they still don't know what that "hope" is.  What that vision is.

You could include almost any mass demonstration anywhere in the world in this stage.

This attitude may include the masses or the individuals individually not being happy with the way things are going for whatever reason. 

They may not know what that is but they know something is wrong with society and/or the direction society is going or the way things are going individually for themselves. 

They are beginning to think they individually need to do something.  If not for society that seems bent on "their" own way as a society as a whole, then for themselves individually.

They are beginning to be humble enough to think change is necessary.  But not ANY change for the sake of change.  But a structured change with a pre-determined outcome, even if they still don't know what that outcome will be.

This is an excellent stage to be in.

This stage is receptive to the likes of AGS Life Academy in what it offers. 

3 Academies in one.  A finishing Academy for lower grades.  A preparatory Academy to even higher greatness after the Academy.  And a transition Academy to transition from one lifestyle to another.

To make that incredible greatness blatantly obvious when it is presented.

Actually, this 2nd stage makes for an ideal student - humble and receptive to learn.  But not knowing what needs to be learned or how.  And needs and wants some guidance to go forward. 

BUT, ... with that hand-holding, they want to be in charge and in control of everything. 

They don't want to be at the mercy of others that "claim" change is good but have ulterior motives in mind.  Who is the "change is good" for?

The receptive and humble have learned perhaps the hard way to want to have control of everything.  They don't want to be forced anything.  They want to be 100% in control.  To accept what they want to accept.  For their reasons.

This is where AGS Life Academy comes into being to help them help themselves. 

As a potential student they become part of the Self-Help Self-Improvement generation. 

Obviously, a need here in this stage is to learn the basic questions to ask to determine the underlying ways to change and then making the decision they want to change and decide not only the direction they want to go, but also the method in how to get there.

This stage of "Conscious Incompetence" is important.  It is a transition stage.  Once one decides to change from what they have been but perhaps before they really know where they want to go to consider their options. 

They are ripe for being taught the fundamentals of learning.  Giving them the crystal clear foundation.  So they can build on so they can dissect for themselves as they proceed where do they want to go.

First in their research to learn what's right and wrong  for them  and then how to incorporate what's best for them into their own being for their own reasons.

The seeds of the "new YOU" or the  obvious  for them in the individual stage of their development to be their Champion or my analogy a Rolls Royce.  The best of the best.


3.  The third stage is Conscious Competence.  This is the stage where a dramatic attempt to make changes in their own lives with a pre-determined approach for certain results has been made. 

Therefore, the projected outcome will be their Rolls Royce type unique being or vision they will have created for themselves by themselves.  With guidance from AGS Life Academy hand-holding them in the process AND being 100% IN CONTROL themselves.

Yes, here at this Academy, they are hand carried to do that research using specific textbooks and other material and then to MAKE THEIR OWN decisions each step along the way while in the 5th Module in how they will put it all together for their "new YOU" creation.

Again, they want to be in control of how that vision for themselves is created and carried out.

That is an organized obvious missing dimension to thinking approach to "Conscious Competence". 

This is the AGS Life Academy approach in teaching. 

It is being designed for all ages, all nationalities, all cultures anywhere in the world.


4.  The fourth stage is Unconscious Competence.  Where one has researched the various options learning what needs to be learned, made the decisions in how to tailor their "new YOU" to themselves and began to work on implementing it all to themselves.

Then this stage is practicing it.  Fine tuning it as it is being practiced going forward. 

The end result is so the rough edges are smoothed over becoming the Taj Mahal of smoothness and elegance of inlaid jewels as if that was the way it all just happened in perfection.

This stage may take a short time span or it may take years to develop.  It is totally up to the individual and their commitment, drive and their motivation.  Or the lack of any of those traits.

The way AGS Life Academy is established, practice as you learn Module by Module with pre-determined objectives for each, this 4th "Unconscious Competence" stage time is reduced substantially so when one graduates after Module 6, they will already have been practicing their "ideal" vision of themselves each simple step by simple step easily along the way.

Whether these steps are done in less than or the full 26 weeks (6 months) as it was designed or 52 weeks (1 year), it doesn't really matter.  What matters is that each step has been done sequentially in order as thoroughly as the individual student can complete them.

Obviously, the system is designed for a profound 26 weeks "Hope, Leadership and Success" program.  And shockingly can be FREE to the student. 

Imagine what this type program could cost by the greedy and unscrupulous...


5.  The fifth stage per Tom Hopkins he calls the Champion stage.  This stage is the well-known fact of life of actually BEING that Rolls Royce (best of the best) of one's industry.  One's profession.  One's group or in whatever - THE best of THE best.

This is THE objective of each student.  Whatever it is that they visualized themselves as.  What their determination of "success" is for THEM.

This is the stage of "having arrived" - whatever that means to the individual.  The Champion.

Now, consider the 5 Ws Questions to open the thought patterns to think even more.  We at AGS Life Academy want you to develop that THINKING process and profoundly.  Never accept at face value.  Dig deep and analyze everything.


... & The Process Of Osmosis Difference

These 5 stages of learning above are different than the Process of Osmosis in that the 5 stages looks at life differently.

The 5 stages are actively attempting to re-create themselves with a pre-determined approach to aggressively create the "ideal" person for themselves whereas the Process Of Osmosis is a subjective look at being caught up in something without realizing what has happened until after the fact. 

I.e. a movement of the times.

As a reminder to what is taught elsewhere in the Academy, the Process of Osmosis is the simple realization of what has happened.

  • First time you hear something, you reject it outright.
  • The second time you hear something, the thought becomes well, maybe.
  • The third time, is alright.  I can see that.
  • The fourth time is right on. 
  • The fifth time is definitely, this is right without question.
  • The sixth time you are now ready to fight to protect it.

So the 5 stages is an active aggressive shock and awe systematic approach to writing your own history in advance while the Process Of Osmosis is writing your history after the fact only.  That writing after the fact is repetition (whether reading, writing, listening or practicing) at least 6 times.

And, if done within 30 days every day, the student sets a habit as explained in Orientation - Part 1.  Remember, it will take another 60 days to cement that habit deeper into the self.

Consequently, doesn't it make sense rather than always reacting after the fact to certain events that affect YOU, many times negatively, to be pro-active and determine what events will affect YOU in advance with preconceived outcomes, usually always super positive, already determined to YOUR advantage?

YOU are in charge of YOUR destiny.  You'll live your life in any case.

In other words, why settle for 2nd best?  For mediocrity?

Why not go for the best of the best which YOU can achieve? 

Yes, maybe with a little effort.  But, with easy, simple and structured effort?


The Obviousness

Therefore, this Module of Obviousness begins to break down that Process Of Osmosis that has happened to an individual and with research here at the Academy, go back to the basics to learn the basics so an individual can discern for themselves when it is more appropriate what they want to do and who they want to become. 

And then go after that "ideal" person THEY have willingly with forethought created in their own mind.  The "new YOU".

This is one of the purposes of this Academy.

Therefore, using that 39 page first Academy textbook booklet - Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman by Robert R. Updegraff, look at your life currently and determine some obvious things:

  • Which of the 5 stages of Tom Hopkins mentioned above are YOU in right now? 
  • Can you look back in your life and see how you could have used the Process Of Osmosis to have changed your life to the next level or see how you can now?
  • What makes YOU realize YOU want a change in YOUR life?
  • Initially, what is it that YOU want going forward?
  • What are YOU willing to give up or sacrifice for that whatever  IF  (not saying you will have to, just how bad do you want whatever you want?) you had to?

In addition to you, when you consider other people - personally known to you closely or indirectly known as an acquaintance to you or of others totally not known to you personally but know of - what can you obviously observe from them?  What can you obviously learn from them? 

Here, we do not consider them in a judgmental way, but in obvious lessons you can learn from them - i.e. their actions vs. their words and the results of what they do.  Observe their "obviousness" vis--vis you and what you are learning here at AGS Life Academy.

  • Can you see some things you can learn quickly?
  • What are the obvious good aspects YOU like?
  • What are the obvious not good aspects YOU don't like?
  • What could you envision incorporating in yourself?
  • What could you observe you do NOT want, rejecting for yourself?
  • What would you have to do to either incorporate or remove from you to be a better you?

As a wise father taught his children, "There are two ways to learn something.  By observation in watching other people and by what you do yourself. 

"In many ways, it may be much better to observe and learn from others than by yourself.  The trial by error method. 

"The result of observing others first rather than personally doing first, will be fewer scars you'll have.  Much less pain and suffering in learning and the need to unlearn before learning to correct the bad or the all-around general trial by error ways of living life going with the flow, especially of the masses."

That father was the President's father.  A very astute man full of uncommon wisdom.

That's what this Module teaches.  Use observation as well as your own experiences to look for the obvious.  In everything.  Learn from others before tailoring what YOU like to yourself. 

You're 100% in control.  Step by step.


Now, A Challenge To YOU...

Here is an outstanding article you may be interested in while thinking about the obviousness of things.  By the way, expect to find these nuggets throughout the Academy.

"Make Money Without Working; Automate Your Business" by Matt Barre


At The Conclusion Of This Module

Before you go to the next Module - Module 1 (Attitudes of ambition, motivation & drive & how to use them appropriately.), consider quickly refreshing yourself with:

When you do, consider each of the 7 Areas Of Life for balance.

Even though the only Student Level available here at the Academy right now that FREE is the Audit level, consider the other levels to learn how to reap the most from the Academy.  The Audit Program means simply, to read the material through without any required attendance, homework or other assignments without any follow up by the Academy.

We do suggest to do the assignments of the FULL Diploma Program FOR YOURSELF to glean even more out of the Academy than the bare minimum.

Therefore, we do suggest now is the time to consider upgrading to either the Certificate Program or the Diploma Program, for the credits for the other assignments FOR YOURSELF.

These include for the Diploma Program and higher levels:

  • papers - what YOU got out of this Module

  • self examination - relate the Module to YOU

  • journal - keeping track to look back later and be WOWed

  • 25 questions - instill it even further in you while learning to be a leader

  • quizzes - staying informed is important to be forward thinking

  • music appreciation - enjoy the finer things in life


Then, go out to dinner with the family and enjoy the reward.  You've earned it.  Make it special.


One Final Suggestion, Please

Also, if you would please, send a quick note to AGS Life Academy as to what YOU thought about this Module and/or any comments you'd like about YOUR experience with the Academy so far. 

Please understand that not only will each comment be read, digested and perhaps considered for further developments here but they may also be used on the site as what others think of the Academy.

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - obviousness".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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