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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

Start fresh today?

Module 5 - 4 Weeks

Tailoring It All To YOU, The Student  Personally
In All 7 Areas Of  YOUR Life








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Module 5 - The fifth Module is to go through the  self inventory taking sections  of "What Color Is Your Parachute?" by Richard Boles. 

Once that self analysis is complete coupled with what you've been learning at AGS Life Academy, the other sections of the book may be helpful to find the "opportunity" to start the "new YOU" in the work place or create your own opportunity.

Looking over the Table Of Contents of different years' edition (Mr. Boles almost rewrites the book entirely every year), from this Academy's perspective, the 2012 edition seems to provide more than the 2013 edition. 

Again, from this Academy's perspective.

There is a reason this book has sold over 10 million copies.  This book is fantastic in that it can help you discover yourself like nothing else can.  It is considered THE job hunter's manual. 

The basics of the WHAT, WHERE, and HOW, with an emphasis on finding your passion and identifying your best transferable skills.

Your future can be bright, harmonious, exciting and full of true joy and happiness beyond belief.  

Take the exercises in the self analysis sections seriously. 

Then YOU should almost be ready and eager for the next and final Foundation Module of going out living life as the "new YOU" is about to emerge. 

Are YOU ready?


The Last Week Of This Module

The last week of this Module, set aside the whole week to do a thorough goal setting exercise for YOUR future.  With no distractions.  A very serious high-level executive session.  With YOU and YOU only. 

Later on, you can bring others into the process.

You can find elsewhere in this site a format for goal-setting AND value determination as a guide for your success. 

Actually, you should have already made it part of you.

The big question is at this point in your "New YOU", can YOU THINK for yourself? 

AND ... have YOU proved things for yourself?  Do YOU even know how to prove things for yourself? 

Has this Academy given you a foundation to go forward wanting to continue learning, growing, constantly improving yourself and those around you as you have grown in the past 26 weeks?

What areas of your life will YOU want more depth in?  Remember the original 7 "ideal" books mentioned way back when?  Is it time you pursue them?

YOU can now do whatever YOU set your mind and heart to do, obviously, within reason of your skills, your talents, your assets (not just financially), your liabilities. 

Yes, YOU can do whatever You want.

Therefore, it is almost time to GO FOR IT.

Those are the real questions to ask. 

We believe yes, you can and will put our money behind that belief.

You have made tremendous strides in turning yourself around in a multitude of ways. 

The "New YOU" should already be showing to others as well as yourself.  We expect that YOU will be happy with the transformation so far. 

But, the next 6 months will be the key in your future to cement in those changes so the "Old YOU" never returns. 

You  ARE  a new person.

You may want to review the entire site once again as you did way back almost six Modules (26 weeks or so) ago. 

Well worth doing so, as there will be new items you may not have seen before for multiple reasons. 

One of which, we will be adding some new material on a regular basis. 

So two things will emerge.

First, searching out the gold nuggets that have been in the online Academy may shock you in how simple and easy you were presented them and show you how much progress you made within the first twenty-six transition weeks of the "New YOU".

And second, the new golden nuggets added since your first penetration into AGS Life Academy, will enhance your learnings even more.


In That Review...

In that review please consider:

  • Was it truthful? 

  • Honest? 

  • What did you like and why? 

  • What did you NOT like and why? 

  • How would YOU modify it? 

  • What are YOUR suggestions to improve it?  To make it even more meaningful and special and beneficial for others that may visit it for the first time or the twentieth time? 

YOUR input, YOUR feedback, YOUR suggestions are asked for and encouraged.

Write us of your success story so far.  We'd appreciate hearing from you. 


The President's Learnings Are Here To Help YOU

As a former Operations Manager for a service organization, the President of this Self-Help educational Academy can honestly say the president/owner of his former company got his attention when he bluntly told him, "Gary, either you take the Dale Carnegie course or you are fired." 

He took the course and was asked twice to be a Graduate Assistant.  The director of that program thought he demonstrated he got so much out of it.  And he did.  As he says from a complete "Basket Case" of Basket Cases of sorts before to who he has since became from it.  He doesn't feel he has become perfect yet, but heading in that direction.

What an advancement!



That 14 week one night a week of 1 1/2 hours changed his life and the service company he worked for.

Hopefully, after Module 2 going through much of that Dale Carnegie human relations program here at AGS Life Academy, you'll understand the major emphasis on what that program now incorporated into this Academy now might do for you.

Whether just going through the books with a desire to go through the full program later or actually taking the 14 week full program.

The top 3 people in his former company (the President/Owner, the Sales Manager and himself as the Operations Manager) doubled the size of that company TWICE in two years to the tune of 20 plus supervisors/managers and close to 200 employees. 

When he left for other opportunities, that company was still growing. 

Again, in the service industry with minimum wage people and their reputation was extremely high.  Nothing could touch them.  Which is part of the reason they grew as they did.

What are we saying?

If he could do what he's done with just one 14 week program, what can YOU, with possibly so much more talent and skill than he has had or currently has, do with so much additional here in 26 weeks?

We do believe these 26 weeks 6 Modules will have given just about anyone what they need to be the Rolls Royce (highest level and higher) of their industry, their profession, their environment. 

To be the best of the best or even higher.

You can read and/or glean many other things that have contributed to the President's professional and personal background and experiences over the decades since. 

AND, in a major way, this Academy.  He founded it and has returned as President of it. 

And to think he was a former Basket Case.

Therefore, we ask if he can do what he's done, anyone can do so much more.

Now, the question becomes, what are YOU going to do with your "new YOU"?


Special Project Geared To YOU

Back in Module 3 you learned about El Sistema and in Module 4, you began to take that system to YOUR corner of the world.

Please watch this 14 minute 35 second video of Eric Whitacre "Part Of Something Larger Than Ourselves" as a prerequisite to this special project suggested to YOU before considering a Master's Program at AGS Life Academy.

Now, your assignment is to do something similar to both the Venezuelan El Sistema and Mr. Whitacre's "Part Of Something Larger Than Ourselves" but geared around YOUR skills and talents, YOUR likes and dislikes, YOUR strengths and weaknesses and YOUR chosen profession/industry as this Module is all about.

In other words, tailoring the AGS Life Academy experience to YOU.  How can YOU promote your "whatever" to the largest audience possible of the highest quality possible?  Above the best of the best.

That's your assignment for this Module.

Graduation Special Thesis Type Question Paper Is Also Required

Another special question to add to your final exam papers for graduation that can now be added with this Module.

Here is a master broad-spectrum type question to address in a 2000 word thesis type report to be submitted with all the other Graduation requirements.

Consider how YOU would consider training others, whether over you, under you, or around you to look at and consider other people to be no different than yourself or themselves and how to interact with them.

Remember aren't they ALL human beings?  Created the same as YOU?  With the seed of a father in a mother growing for a certain period until they become ready to be born separate from the mother and go on their own? 

Yet still needing both the mother and father for on-going growth to maturity?

But, because of circumstances, they are different individuals than YOU.  Yet, aren't their basic needs though the same as yours?  No different.

Don't they ALL need to eat, breathe, sleep, wake as you do? 

Don't they need to live life as you do? 

To grow and be stimulated and trained, nurtured, protected along the way until and even after they become adults on their own, possibly with families of their own? 

Before they die transferring their resources accumulated over the years whether knowledge, experiences, material possessions to their offspring?  For them to continue the cycle with their progeny?  Your descendents?

Therefore, think and consider all the needs YOU have vs. what they may need in their life.

Their physical needs such as food in the belly, clothes on their back, roof over their heads, etc. - as you do. 

What about their emotional needs - respect, honor, integrity, doing unto others as you'd want others to do to you type attitudes?

All the types of great characteristics and traits of the most excellent of the best character possible?

Whether those people being interacted with may have been labeled in the past as black, brown, tan, white, yellow, male, female, conceived and nurtured embryo still in the womb before they gasp their first natural breath of fresh air for themselves, young, child, older-child/young adult, adult, mature, very mature, old, parent, grand-parent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, extended relation, non-relation, acquaintenance outside the natural family.

Whether they may be of your local community, your state or region or country or a neighboring country or any other country.

Whether they have been at any level of the economic realm or had any title of the social register from CEO, President, board member, manager, supervisor, consultant, employee, vendor, unemployed, underemployed, retired, or something else.

Whether thy might have had whatever special needs of one sort or another (physically, mentally, financially, etc.). 

That need being the need as support whether temporary, periodic or more permanent like canes, walkers, being wheelchairs, iron lungs, rehabilitation, rejuvenation, financial assistance, or just a tweaking or complete makeover in their attitude.

So, the question for this Special Graduation Thesis report leading towards becoming a graduate of AGS Life Academy is simple - how would YOU train others, especially with strong emotions of dislike or hate towards one or more groups to rethink their position of that bias and actually love that group as themselves? 

A 2000 word thesis to develop using all 5 Modules so far to show YOU, the potential graduate, have a good understanding how YOU, if placed in a leadership type national position after graduation would address profound issues before YOU.

This really is a serious thought-provoking higher than a world-class international educational institution.  It IS the elite of the elites teaching world leaders one graduate at a time.

Then, the question might be asked, WHEN do YOU want someone to call YOU, "your royal majesty"?  Or some title more appropriate to your "NEW YOU" status?


Time To Reward Yourself

It might be time you thought about YOUR future with AGS Life Academy.  Maybe you might like to join the ranks in spreading the Academy's benefits to others.  Please see Job Opportunities.

Or, perhaps re-schedule your repetition course.  More about this in the next Module.

Or perhaps the Certificate Program or the Diploma Program?

A quick reminder of those items for graduation with a diploma include:

  • papers - what YOU got out of this Module

  • self examination - relate the Module to YOU

  • journal - keeping track to look back later and be shocked at your progress

  • 25 questions - instill it even further in you while learning to be a leader

  • quizzes - staying informed is important to be forward thinking

  • music appreciation - enjoy the finer things in life


Time To Celebrate

At the conclusion of Month 5 Module, you know what is next.  That's right.  It is time to go out and celebrate.  You've earned it. 

The last day of the fifth Module, take off and celebrate. 

And maybe have a super special dinner with a thick juicy prime rib medium rare, baked potato with butter, green beans Almandine, a glass of Merlot or Pinot Noir, Jamaican coffee with simple vanilla ice cream and cookie for dessert. 

How does that sound?  And maybe an after dinner cordial.


Additional Reading Considerations To Do  After  The Initial 6 Modules Program

First Things First by Stephen R. Covey


Perhaps even the "Ideal 7 books" mentioned elsewhere in AGS Life Academy

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - Tailoring it all to YOU".

Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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