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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Module 4 - 5 Weeks

Role Models & Principles To Learn...
How To Be A Man  &/Or  How To Be A Woman  &/Or
How To Be A Family,  Loving & Enjoying Life More Fully








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Module 4 - The fourth Module is increasing the human relations training.  And, obviously, more profoundly.  You should have completed the first 3 Modules first before going through this Module.  This Module will be better understood when you do.

And completing them knowingly with the whole in mind wanting to live life more abundantly and joyfully, NOT  necessarily  politically correctly. 

There are, contrary to political correctness, differences between men and women.  We do teach rather than political correctness what is more important to living life with abundance of love and joy overflowing.  You will learn in this Module how both man and woman think differently and their respective different needs.

The key is to know what those differences are and to use those differences to each person's best interests and in harmony with that special-to-you person AND with others in general. 

Wholesome Marriage and Family is at the heart of profound hope, long term leadership, sensational success and is a major display of wisdom.  


AGS Life Academy is all about Family

Please watch this YouTube video clip and read the script for it.

Therefore, a strong marriage and family builds strong entities such as groups, organizations, businesses and nations.

So, practical outstanding marriage and family growth is at the heart and core of AGS Life Academy. 

If an uncommon happiness & mouth-watering seductive lasting joy is wanted, then pay attention to this Module.

Especially, if one is dating a "special" individual or if already married how to improve that relationship beyond your greatest expectations. 


Outstanding Relationships Can Be Yours

Relationships and proper knowing what you're doing dating all leads to a happy progressive fun family and fun family life of true joy, true happiness, true peace, true growth.

Do YOU know how to satisfy your mate?  Or your future mate?



In other words, how to make THEM happy?  To their fullest possibility? 

How about your family? 

Or are YOU after whatever YOU can get? 

If you are still selfish, you have not been learning too much from this Academy so far. 

Independent studies have found the happier you make others, the happier you are. 

Here is one from Psych Central by Rick Nauert PhD, Senior News Editor entitled "Parental Time with Teen is Time Well-Spent".    

There are tons of surveys, studies, research projects and examples available to confirm what is taught here at AGS Like Academy.  Obviously, all you have to do is search for them.

For example, the Armstrongs from one of Module 3's textbooks Herbert W. Armstrong Autobiography were married for 50 years shy 3 months.  Wouldn't YOU like to be married with one mate 50 years?  Reread chapters 9 and 10 of that Autobiography.

Or, check out the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar family with 19 smiling children and counting.

Obviously, not everyone has a relationship like Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong nor the Duggars and one cannot undue some bad decisions in the past, but they can start today to change the future from keeping the present going as the past has been.  That's what AGS Life Academy is all about.

In other words, start from where you are right now going forward.

As a father used to tell his kids when they were growing up, no need to cry over spilt milk.  Time to move on and make the best of it.  That was my father to his son.  Good advice.

One can, however, learn the secrets to make one as happy as one can possibly be in the state one finds themselves in at any given moment.

Therefore, for men, the book "Man Of Steel And Velvet" by Dr. Aubrey P. Andelin and for women the book "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen Andelin should be read and digested in this 5th Module.

Again, read all the way through once.  Attempt to digest what you've read in a general sort of way. 

Then, go back and re-read it again with a yellow highlighter highlighting key points. 

Then, THINK about it again digesting what you can quickly. 

Then, go back and study those highlighted key points AND REALLY think about what you've read and highlighted. 

Then, think how can YOU implement your key learnings into YOUR life as quickly as possible. 

Perhaps, you might want to map out what you want to implement quickly and what you want to implement over a given time table in the future.

Your goal is happiness, joy, unity isn't it?  Unsurpassed happiness, joy and unity?


True Street Smarts Beauty Beyond The Normal

That's what we want each graduate of this Academy to learn. 

True happiness.  True joy.  True unity that lasts.

You are in control of how you live.

Yes, you CAN live life abundantly and in peace with stress-free enjoyment galore. 

Cause and effect leads to success beyond one's incredible imagination. 

You, individually, own their future. 

AGS Life Academy graduates will be unique and superior to non-graduates.  In every way imaginable!

They will know when they marry, they don't marry a body but a mind.  The body changes over time.  It is the mind that they really want to learn about and become one with when they marry. 

That mind is character.  Pure and simple.

Learn the principles and then you will never be bent out of shape when "situations" crop up as they will. 

Principles teach flexibility.  The more principles learned, the more flexible you can be.  AND, the happier you'll become.  AND, the more love that will develop between the parties.

This takes time.  There is no substitute for time spent together.  And true love is developed over time.

As was heard in a conference, "Don't marry a face or a body, but do marry a mind and you will have a mate for life."


Consider the possibilities

If you consider the roles of the husband and the wife are there any careers more worthy than those?  Think of the ripple effect of each.

The man is to love a wife fully and dwell with her with understanding taking charge of the entire relationship and what comes of the relationship, the children in particular.

The woman has two roles, both incredible when fully realized.  To help her husband be the best he can be and therefore revolves around him so he can love her as she needs to be loved.  The second role is to birth children and bring them up teaching them in what they need and should know for their futures.  Both roles may seem so simple but aren't when digging deeply into them

Actually, each has so much responsibility it might blow the mind of feminists who want women to compete with men.  Is there any other career that has more professionalism than being a wife, a helpmeet, a support, an encourager, and a mother, a nurturer, an educator?  She has the future world in her control. 

Consider the ripple effects of what she does for her husband and everyone he deals with and then the ripple effect beyond from those individuals.  Consider the effects of what her children will become as future leaders of the world all because you, as their mother, taught them how to think and act in almost any circumstance or situation. 

You have the nation's future in your control.  If you do poorly, look around and see the results of how women and mothers have not supported their husbands or in raising their children properly as they could have producing those disgusting horrific effects we see throughout the land today.  If you do well, consider Hannah who raised her son to be a prophet anciently that we today still think about every time a king is coronated on the throne in England.  You can read about her in 1 Samuel chapter 1 and then study the life of Samuel.  The whole nation looked to him.  And today we still see the effects of one woman behind that man, his mother.

Wouldn't you want the whole nation to look to your children because of how you raised them and taught them?  That seriously is in your hands if you (both man and woman) take your roles seriously.

George Washington

Consider a real-life United States Presidential example George Washington.  As the first President he had quite the role to play in the country that has survived over 200 years in relative peace and prosperity and blessings galore.  This is the time to read the book The Making of George Washington by William H. Wilbur.  Learn how his parents raised him and consider doing the same for your children.  Or, in transforming yourself.  As the expression goes, your future really is in your hands.  Why not make it something extra-ordinary?

Reverse The Process

You will want to reverse these books ("Man Of Steel And Velvet" and "Fascinating Womanhood" mid way through this Module.  Meaning the men should read "Fascinating Womanhood"  and women "Man Of Steel And Velvet" so both men and women can first UNDERSTAND those differences between men and women and not fight them.    For example the differences of men and women in their thinking and in their needs.

Therefore, each man and each woman should have their own set of books so they can each make notes important to themselves in their own books.

Learn your own role first as either a man or a woman and then learn the roles of the opposite sex in how they interact with you.

Yes, those differences between men and woman are there for a reason and yes, there are roles for each.  That is, for true harmony.  True happiness.  True joy.

Contrary to the political correctness changeologists. 

Truth is still truth and is incontrovertible, regardless of what certain select special interest people wish.

You should be able to work with the Principles of Living for major stress reduction, peace, harmony and phenomenal joy that is great. 

They ARE laws in and by themselves.


Cause & Effect Results Every Time Regardless What "Political Correctness" Thinks Or Demands

Yes, YOU can be happy.  Just learn and follow the laws of happiness.  Break them and be unhappy.  Cause and effect.

There are several other books listed elsewhere also geared towards these differences in various ways and compliment these two books, but these two are foundational. 

Here is one that you may want to consider in the dating process leading up to potential marriage..

Not reading and thinking about and considering implementing in YOUR marriage and family these things - these ageless, well-proven, foundational, uncommon, not-known-nor-taught-by-world Principles Of Living - will always lead to bad results ... sooner or later. 

Not a question of IF, but ... when and how severe or in which ways.

For example, according to Mail Online, January 15th, 2011 article by James Chapman "The children who never see daddy: Tragedy of Britain's fatherless families where one in five youngsters lose touch with a parent", not only is there a real good likelihood of the children loosing touch with a parent within 3 years, but  "... research suggesting that children who are not brought up in a two-parent family are 75 per cent more likely to fail at school, 70 per cent more likely to become a drug addict, 40 per cent more likely to have serious debt problems and 35 per cent more likely to become unemployed or welfare dependent."  

In other words, parents that bring children into the world have a certain responsibility to bring them up in the world the right way. 


World Leaders In YOUR Home

Those children will be the future leaders of the world. 

How do YOU parents want the future leaders to be? 

With all due respect, this is YOUR responsibility. 

That is where they begin their training for those kingly responsibilities.  Seriously. 

All training begins in the home. Even for all other jobs with responsibilities.  You name the position, and the training begins in the home.

Learn so YOU can teach YOUR responsibilities (your offspring) what they need to do themselves later in life.  YOU owe them that foundation. 

If you don't could you not be responsible for child abuse not teaching them what they really should have?  Maybe not physical child abuse, but intellectual child abuse?

There are lots of other studies with similar results as the one just mentioned. 

The merits of 2 parent households (one man and one woman) is incredible.  Each brings to the training of their children different characteristics.  

Remember, parents are responsible to raise their offspring to be future parents of their grandchildren to be future parents of great-grandchildren and so forth. 

When you think about it, that IS a huge mountain-sized responsibility AND honor if treated correctly.  A mountain-sized shame if not.

So, sex IS beautiful ... IF ... treated with respect and the way it should be. 

The consequences can blow the mind if seriously considered to their fullest degree.  Both positively and negatively.

True joy inexplicable or heart-wrenching nightmare that just does not end. 

How do YOU view it?  Reality is not what you SAY ... but, ... what you do.  

AGS Life Academy teaches the Principles of Living in what and how to THINK.  Then, act.

Remember that the father of action is thought. 

Hence, be careful of what YOU think about as the consequences, both good and bad, may come to pass.  Whether you want them to or not.

The Academy strongly recommends to meditate on those laws so deep down you do for the right reasons in ALL 7 areas of life more abundantly everything you do. 

Living life more abundantly really IS in your hands. 

It is a choice.


Beginning Results Have Begun ...

... and, you AND others will have noticed them already

So, in the first four Modules, you've expanded your mind to look at the international horizon and see how the world affects you in your own little corner.  And how YOU affect the world.

All while you have begun to work on your own health in becoming healthier. 

  • Your finances should also be showing a major improvement with a Cash Flow Spending Plan having been developed; 

  • a 6 months Cash Reserve having begun; 

  • some debts having been paid down and/or off; 

  • the estate plan being thought about and more.  

Your financial house is being turned around reducing the stress in your life substantially.

The journal you've been keeping should confirm your progress.

You are seeing more obvious things out of the norm that you used to take for granted as common.

You have also begun working on your own mind in opening that up to be motivated to want to do something more than what you've done in the past. 

Also, you've begun to attack the whole human relations scene with all sorts of other individuals as this world does rotate around individuals, not things. 

If you are going to be a best of the best Rolls Royce leader or anything else, you will need to do it through people.  

You have also begun to open the mind even more learning some fundamental principles of all sorts. 

You will have learned how those principles work while increasing your inquisitiveness of your own fundamental beliefs. 

You will be able to ask the right questions with boldness and deal with sensitive issues without rancor but logically and seriously with out offense.  To get to the meat or the heart of just about any issue.

You will be trained in how to prove all things, without exception, and then hold fast to that which you believe is true. 

These truths and fundamental basics will be needed as you progress. 

You won't be putting your trust in any human being, including us.

These are STREET SMARTS you have begun to learn. 

Not just theory, which there is some of that as well.  To be someone special, you need both - theory AND practical in every day how to live life principles.  Hence, STREET SMARTS. 

An example of these practical street smarts can be found here in what you should have seen before - the 5 Questions To Ask Your Daughter's Potential Boyfriends.

All this has been acquired because YOU invested only just a little over 1 hour a day

Yes, the initial 2 weeks and the first Module or so, you did spend more than an hour a day, but after the initial program was established, how much time have you spent? 

Most tell us about one hour a day first thing in the morning. 

Isn't that fantastic?  Of course, it is.  And, you should be proud of yourself.  YOU, even you did it.  That's awesome.

And out of all the textbooks out there, these are the most all-purpose, all-encompassing, for anyone yet specific enough to give everyone interested their fundamentals they need going forward. 

So they don't have to look to others. 

They can be independent and begin to get others to pay attention to them.

Let us repeat that, as you WILL be shocked at the progress you've made when you arrive here at this stage in YOUR "new YOU" progress. 

And to think only 4 Modules with AGS Life Academy!

Ponder these achievements for yourself.


Beginning Results Have Begun ...
and, YOU AND others will have noticed them already!
In Only 4 Modules... in 1 hour a day increments


A Heads Up Looking Forward To

You are getting closer to becoming ready for those "Ideal 7 Books" mentioned earlier.


Time To Reward Yourself

Again, it is time for your Music Appreciation class.  Even that you are making progress in.

As promised, here is a special assignment about Music Appreciation to challenge you to take your online search from the last Module to a higher level.

If YOU were to create a type of El Sistema where you are, how would YOU go about it?  Here, we're talking about music as the system is being done in Venezuela.

Using the CPG or Chairman's Planning Guide explain as much in detail by answering the questions how YOU would go about implementing it in your area.


Isn't It Time ...

Isn't it time you thought about the Certificate Program or the Diploma Program?  It is not too late to consider either.  Or, maybe you might consider the Teacher's Certificate Program if you are involved in groups, organizations, businesses or a nation.

A quick reminder of those items for graduation with a diploma include:

  • papers - what YOU got out of this Module

  • self examination - relate the Module to YOU

  • journal - keeping track to look back later and be WOWed

  • 25 questions - instill it even further in you while learning to be a leader

  • quizzes - staying informed is important to be forward thinking

  • music appreciation - enjoy the finer things in life


At the conclusion of Month 5 Module # 4, you know what is next.  That's right.  It is time to go out to dinner and enjoy the reward.  You've earned it. 

And maybe have a special desert.  Perhaps fried bananas with shredded coconut, brown sugar and maple syrup.  Delicious.  And maybe an after dinner Kahlua and fresh ground special roasted coffee.

Get ready for Module 6 - Tailoring it all to YOU  personally  in all 7 areas of life


Additional Reading Considerations To Do After This Month's Module Program

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray, PHD

Letters To Phillip by Charlie W. Shedd

Letters To Karen by Charlie W. Shedd

The Missing Dimension In Sex by Herbert w. Armstrong

Father Hunger by Robert S. McGee

Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem by David Blankenhorn

Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

Mothers and Homemakers by K. Neil Earl in the Good News magazine, October/November 1983 issue




The Module Reminder About Your Comments Being Accepted

A friendly reminder for those contributing comments, suggestions, feedback, considerations on a Module by Module basis.  And anyone else that would like to consider offering extra from what they have already.

Again, Thank YOU.
AGS Life Academy

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Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

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