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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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Module 2 - 8 Weeks

Human Relations & Emotions
Building & Maintaining & Controlling








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Module 2 - 8 Weeks

This is so important, it requires 8 weeks to address and needs to be done one of the first things in the program. 

After having the motivation and drive from Module # 1.  Now, dealing with others while controlling your own emotions.


First Things First

This Module uses the same 3 textbooks from the 12 to 14 week Human Relations course by Dale Carnegie. 


Outstanding books in general.  If you haven't ordered and received the books, do so urgently.  These are your textbooks for this Module.

It takes the student to a new practical everyday human relations level we seriously doubt you could achieve any other way than taking this course. 


Making It Obvious

Again, before continuing, this should be obvious, but want to make it even more obvious.  Quick reminder...

Read Every Word.  Don't Skim.  Read To Understand.


A Word of Caution In General:

Do NOT accept EVERYTHING you read from any source (including this Self-Help educational website) as what YOU should do or think.  Use YOUR filtering system AND prove ALL things for yourself. 

YOU have to live with whatever decisions you make and whatever you do. 

Therefore, prove all things.

We do NOT endorse nor accept nor believe EVERYthing that is written in ANY of the non-AGS Life Academy listed  websites or books (with a few select exceptions), on tapes/CDs/DVDs or in the various seminars, workshops, boot-camps, "whatever" listed anywhere on this website or from other websites linked here.  With or without great reputations. 

Now, that is quite the blanket statement. 

Read it again to understand - we recommend these items that are listed, but not necessarily EVERY point they make. 

That is up to YOU to discern which YOU want to believe or not believe and that decision can only come from YOU.

Having said that, we  DO  believe and strongly endorse reading the specific textbooks, sites and other resources listed as there IS a lot in each one of them to learn. 

AND, ... we do recommend reading and studying the material in the order they are listed.  They are listed in a specific order for multiple reasons and personally selected over the hundreds of other potential textbooks the President could have chosen. 

Each Module will explain the whys behind each textbook.

While we're at it, please remember all aspects of the Academy including the assignment sections.  For example, the recap page per program taken.  I.E.  The Diploma Program Recap Page has several daily, weekly, Sunday, monthly, per Module and other assignments scattered throughout for a reason. 

We do want and expect YOU, the student, to learn obedience to follow directions and read every word to understand and then be able to think.  To think for yourself.  YOU are being trained to be not the norm.  YOU are special.  Very special.  YOU are a future AGS Life Academy graduate.  Very much of the uncommon elite.

This is so YOU can teach others in the future raising the standards of the world one graduate at a time. Actually, raising the standards far beyond the norm.  Uniquely.

Remember that the Academy is to teach wisdom and each assignment does that even more.  A true personal growth Academy.

YOU are the reason for this Academy.  YOUR improvement.  we believe YOUR potential is so much greater than even YOU can believe.  With all due respect, you don't have a clue at what YOU can become. 

In 6 Modules in 26 short weeks or 6 months, write us and tell us what you think.  Are we right or not?

Please understand, as was mentioned decades ago now, ... IF ... you can glean just one new item and implement that one new item, then the time spent getting that one new item from whatever source you received it from (including this Academy) was well worth it.  If two, so much the better.  we're expecting a whole bunch more than one or two items...


Strong Suggestion

As quickly as it is offered in your area, take the Dale Carnegie 12 to 14 week one night a week Human Relations Course. 

Unfortunately, this course is not offered in all locations. 

[Personally, our President bluntly believes the franchise owners don't know the value nor how to sell this great educational program.  To their shame.]  

The course is very expensive AND well worth it

Simply, because it maybe even under-valued. 

Currently it is $2000 locally and graduates have seen that returned in benefits the first week for many students. 

Literally.  This course is super and well worth the investment. How much is changing you worth?  If you could even put a dollar value on it?


Slight Digression ...

A side note, we think they would have many more students if they lowered their price and in the process they would increase their profits. 

They wouldn't need expensive advertising nor marketing as word of mouth would generate more students than they could handle, we do believe and believe very strongly.

Like McDonald's.  Make less per sale, but increase sales volume and therefore, generate more profits. 

As Tommy Hopkins, the International # 1 Sales Trainer says, "Sell them in bunches like bananas and sell more."  We digress.  


... & Now The Learning Lesson

The course currently is expensive.  Yet, the returns are also great.  Possibly more in the benefits it internalizes in YOU.  Many of which you can't put a dollar value on.

A quick comment about this $2000.  It is expensive.  Yes.  Very expensive.  For 12 to 14 weeks, especially. 

Now, however, also consider how much does a college cost a year?  The President's daughter's college cost over $45,000 a year for 4 years.  

Granted, in college there are lots more than one course and the college lasts more than 12 to 14 weeks.  So do the simple math.  The cost to obtain the quantity ratio is lopsided for a "formal" college even for one academic year vs. this Dale Carnegie brief course.

Now, consider a different concept. 

Do you finance your college education? 

When can you expect a pay back from your college courses or when is that loan paid off in full? 

Years ago, when the President took the Dale Carnegie program, the cost was much more reasonable and his employer paid for it. 

The company President/Owner at the time actually told him as his Operations Manager, "Gary, you either take the Dale Carnegie program or you're fired." 

He took the course. 

That company went on to double the size of itself twice in two years. 

Was it worth it?  It should not take a financial genius to say yes, boldly.

For some of the students in his class, they claimed the course paid for itself in the first week. 

It took his employer longer but still the pay back was great.  Doubling the size of the company twice in two years is not too shabby a return on the investment.  

Is there ANY program at college that could generate this type return so fast?  In one week?  Or, for that matter a month or even two?

What if taking the Dale Carnegie 12 week program took a full month before the returns showed up?  Or even a full 6 months?  Would it still be worth it?

We say "YES!" resoundingly.

When would you expect to utilize the benefits of ANY college or university program?  Can you use those courses immediately?  What about within the first WEEK?  Or even the first 6 months? 

Compare the two - Dale Carnegie vs. college or university - and you tell us which can generate the benefits more quickly?  Even at these, we think, elevated more-than-they-should-be prices.

Many that have taken this Dale Carnegie program advice from us have come back and thanked us profusely for suggesting it. 

Many others would love to take the course, but neither they nor their company could afford those rates nor share in those prices.  A simple question of affordability.

Those that have taken the program came back CHANGED.  And talk about a major CHANGE!  Outstanding! 

It changed the President and dramatically. 

All changed for the better as well.

We sincerely believe that if they lowered their prices, they would dramatically increase the quantity of students and overall increase their profits substantially.  Yet, that is not our decision to do.

This comment is here for your consideration with your products or services. 

If they are top-notch and high quality, lower your prices to be reasonable and increase the market making more bottom line profits with less hassles in the process.


The Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course

Again, Dale Carnegie material is our second Module concentration and for a reason. 

Remember, we consider this AGS Life Academy a true Self-Help type University replacement or at least a preparatory Academy to prepare YOU for YOUR future. 

It builds the rock-solid foundation for YOU to build on after completing it. 

These are THE foundational principles to grow by to be a phenomenal successful leader in only 26 weeks. 

You do want to be a leader, don't you?  A phenomenally successful leader?  Right?  In 26 weeks you can do it...

... and this course or these books are fundamentally critical to that foundation.

If, ... you are like lots of others out there that can't afford that full 12 to 14 week program right now, especially in these economic hard times, then in Module 2 read and digest as completely as possible these books beginning with "How To Win Friends And Influence People".  

Then "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living".  Finish the series with "The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking".

Use the formula already mentioned in How to get the most out of this Academy or How To Study

Read and go through each of them, especially the first book at least three or four times.  The more the better. 

They are all easy and simple reads and great to change your attitude while also beginning the new you to acquire some professionalism of a real high caliber.

AGS Life Academy students are now starting to realize they have a choice and are in command of their future.  They usually will find the time to do more in less time.


Reward Yourself

Once having completed the reading assignment for the month, it is time for your Music Appreciation class.  If at all possible, review this section in Module 1 and also review your Music Appreciation file notes as well.

The next Module will be a special project for Music Appreciation.  Anticipate it.


2 Special Projects For Credit Students

For Credit students, the first is to organize a concert party of several people from different families to go to a concert together. 

Perhaps these people may come from work or from another group you may belong to. 

Your assignment is to organize this concert party and go to the concert and then complete the following Chairman's Planning Guide.

This music appreciation concert event can be as simple as one wants to make it or as complex and elaborate as one wants.  The choice is up to the student. 

Two of the purposes are to begin developing your leadership and your human relations skills.

The key is to use the Guide filling it out as completely as possible showing the organization, the planning, the implementation, the budget and the recommendations for future projects. 

Such as your Music Appreciation project next Module.

You, the student will submit this finished document for the credit. 

The second special project is to consider whatever YOU are and study the opposite side for a potential debate.  Prepare a paper on the subject to defend whatever you are not.  i.e. if you are liberal, study and defend conservatism to a liberal or vice versa.  Republican vs. Democrat is another example.  Depressed feeling inadequate or worthless vs. on a high feeling on top of the world full of worth to others.

Use your new human relations skills and talents you've acquired to seize the moment and put your might into the exercise.  Do more than what is expected as just an assignment of minimal efforts.

How well you defend the opposite view point will be indicated by whether the other person is persuaded or not.


Here's Another FUN Project/Game For YOU

Here's another special FUN project you can do on your own as you develop the hungering and thirsting to do more than what is required - the minimum - for your consideration after you have gone through this Module 2.

Consider this November 9, 2012 article on "The Power Of Praise" by Kathleen Kim of staff -

Consider it's merits doing a little research on the subject of praising others.  One book on the subject that might be fun as well is "Try Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn.

Then find a way to make it a game with yourself to find 5 people a day for 7 days to praise each of them for something AND mean it.  Without expecting anything in return.



Towards the conclusion of this month, take the last few days to once again review:

Do this before you begin the next section on work ethics, great character and going from poverty to $ 200 million a year income. 

Then, ponder deeply what YOU got out of this Module 2 section at AGS Life Academy

Again, think about YOU.  Are YOUR goals still the same?  How would YOU modify them or tweak them to be more current for YOU? 

Look at the time management section once again.  Do you need to update it?  Have you noticed you have become more organized, more time management oriented?  More focused and your values have started shifting?  That's good. 

Actually, very good.  Log it all into your Journal that you have been keeping.

How about the Certificate Program or the Diploma Program?  Are you ready for either of these?

Then, it is time to go out to dinner and enjoy the reward.  You've earned it.  Make it extra special.  Take someone special with you.  Preferably to a fine sit-down linen table clothed restaurant and enjoy.


4 Traits of Great Leaders

By The Way...

By the way, have you begun to notice the 4 traits of Great Leaders developing in YOU? 

Think of past great leaders of various nations and why they have been great.  They are extremely rare and almost if not non-existent today.  Truly great leaders.

You'll find these 4 traits are common for each of them.  ... AND ... beginning in YOU as well.

1.  They have candor and speak plainly.  Look at their actions and not their words.  They understand human nature.  They are doers.

2.  They are decisive.  They ponder and then act.  They are sure of what to do and advance with bold initiatives.  Great risks can and must be taken when appropriate.  They are willing to stand alone, if necessary to do what is right.

3.  They balance details with the big picture.  They see the big picture and don't get lost in the details.  They must be trustworthy putting the nation ahead of self.  They focus on their subjects.  Their people.  Their own welfare is a by-product of serving their nation.  Do you have a servant attitude and a servant heart looking to share, to cooperate with and help others with a true sincere heart?

4.  They have a historical imagination to help form great judgment.  As Winston Churchill said, "The farther back you look, the farther forward you can see."  Leaders know their history and test everything.  They don't accept what they are told without checking it out for themselves.  And they are self-educators pushing the boundaries rightfully.  They ask bold questions from the heart for the good of their nation.

For Example

For example, consider the father of the United States of America and first President George Washington.  He is credited by the age of 16 with the 110 Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in company and conversation.  These are worthy to be reviewed and known as you aspire to become a future leader.  Later you in your quest to be an outstanding above the norm leader, you will become more acquainted with George Washington in Module

Family Fun Assignment

This Module's Family Fun assignment is to incorporate the game of ping pong into your activities.

Find an inexpensive table tennis also known as ping pong table and designate a family play room where you can put it leaving enough room so players can freely move around the table and have fun.  Maybe with other family members watching.

Then have fun learning this game trying to keep the ball on the table.  Suggest not to be too creative in trying to do trick shots but just try to see how many volleys you can do without the ball coming off the table.  Keep the game simple and fun.


One Final Request, Please

Also, at the end of Module 2, if you would please, send a quick note to AGS Life Academy as to what YOU thought about this Module and/or any comments you'd like about YOUR experience with the Academy so far. 

Please understand that not only will each comment be read, digested and perhaps considered for further developments here but they may also be used on the site as what others think of the Academy.


Additional Reading Considerations To Do  After  The Initial 6 Modules Program

Emily Post's Etiquette

"You Can Read Anyone" by David Lieberman

The whole body language, non-verbal communications, human nature & various cultures industry is a fascinating subject to dive into and learn.  That industry is called or is known as non-verbal body language.   This non-verbal body language can also be broken down into Haptics (the touch), Chronemics (time), Proxemics (space), Kinesics (body language).



By The Way, Thank YOU For Being A Student

Just a quick thank YOU for being a student of AGS Life Academy.  YOU are the reason for this Academy.  Seriously.

Please send us a note on how we might be able to serve YOU better.  Would you please?

Hopefully, you are taking full advantage of the Academy so YOU can be the best of the best that YOU can be.  The Rolls Royce of your environment.

Again, seriously, thank YOU
AGS Life Academy

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Or, consider making this Academy YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

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