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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

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I have a dream.  Am therefore looking for people who can dream as well and therefore think big. 

The goal or cause - to educate 2 billion people (that's 25 - 30% of world's population) within 50 years.  Have the education to be taught and curriculum can be taught in 26 weeks (6 months) 1 hour a day or 5 to 8 weeks more full time.  Can be taught in a Self-Help style on one's own using 11 textbooks in a structured format or agenda or curriculum using AGS Life Academy through the online  That's the cause.

Now looking to make it happen.  Looking for the logistics and the people to be involved in full implementation mode step by step.  Expect the initial structure to take 5 years to plan out and establish before major launch worldwide.

Looking for people to make that launch capable and happen.  Logistics breaks down to 1 million students per nation or groups of smaller nations for 20,000 students a year average having gone through program.  Should plan on beginning with English speaking nations of world before expanding to other languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, etc.

Who do you know that thinks big?  That can grab onto a cause and run with it?  That wants to get involved on a ground floor opportunity?  To change the world to live life abundantly?  Literally.  This is THE cause of all causes.


Plan On Showing Us YOUR Work Ethics

We've been told ... and we've seen some of this directly...

  • People don't want to work. 
  • They have horrible work ethics. 
  • Government handouts are on the increase with 1 out of every two homes receiving some sort of benefit taking away the incentive to work. 
  • In Britain and other English-speaking nations, it is just as bad.

Yet, we've found that anyone with any work ethics can find work quickly.  Fulfilling work.  Fun work.  If they seriously want to...  and boldly ask for the job showing how much they are qualified for it and want it.

... and ... are taught what to do and how to do what they are suppose to do with care and love and respect that those employers would like to receive if they were in the workers situation.

... AND ... one makes it worth their while.  Give them meaning and purpose and motivation and proper remuneration and watch them come alive.  FOR THEIR REASONS.

One way to quickly discover whether a person is honest, has integrity and how their character is can easily be seen here.


That's what this Academy is all about - a thoroughly rewarding fun challenge with  unlimited  opportunities. 

For example, check below at the potential job opportunities and then show us what YOU can do and then make us a proposition we cannot refuse.  If not immediately, set your sights on something and go for it.  Let us know what YOU want.  It really is here for the taking.  Show us YOUR initiative.

At AGS Life Academy, you can have a great future.  It will be fun.  It will be rewarding.  Very rewarding AND you can feel proud you were involved with it.  Very proud.

And the return to YOU will also be great.  In direct proportion to what YOU contribute.  You want a lot, contribute a lot.  Simple as that.

Time to think outside the norm.  Seriously. 

AGS Life Academy is NOT the normal educational institution, nor are we typical bosses. 

We are people persons that care about people looking at things differently than most any leader or administrator out there.

You may first want to review this link about 5 questions to ask your daughter's dates/boyfriends to show we are NOT the norm.  We look deeper than most employers.  By the way, we don't use these 5 questions as we don't need to.  We have learned to look at least 4 levels deep for answers.

Actually, we don't care about your past performance and your work history.  We care about YOU and what YOU want for YOUR future.  And YOUR attitude.  Especially your attitude.

We look to the future.  With all due respect, not your "Basket Case" past.  Yet, your horrible past we may find exciting to consider where you've come from to where you're going to.  We know what it is like to be and as President, I'll use the term "Basket Case" as I was one, but did not stay that way.  Hopefully, you don't want to stay your existing way. 

Where do YOU want to be in 26 weeks?  In 1 year from now?  In 5 years from now?

What are you willing to learn as long as it is honest, above board and legal?  Here at AGS Life Academy we don't play games and want nothing to do with shady or illegal activities or endeavors. 

Actually, that negative past may gender with us a higher respect than always a glorious life based on what you do after that.

We're bold about that disclaimer right up front.

Your future is more important than your past or present to us, while your current and former history may give us a foundation to build on when you join the Academy. 

And whether you might be receptive and flexible enough to grow into the leaders we want and expect.

In other words, why should we consider YOU to join AGS Life Academy and what will you do once associated with us and the Academy? 

In still other words, sell us on why you would make a great addition to this academy?

If you have so much expectation in yourself, why not show us and be creative than the typical low-paying guaranteed salary type individual.  We love creativity.  Reasonable and respectful creativity.

Why not offer a test period to show initiative on your part, such as willingly becoming a student of the Academy first?  Invest 26 weeks for your future.  The self-development training is free.

Perhaps, after reviewing the Academy here online (by the way, it is available 24/7/365 for those eager to learn how to improve themselves by themselves in a true Self-Help fashion but not by themselves only), why not also be creative in showing us where the money will come from to pay you an extra rich paycheck?  Above the norm.

(By the way, this showing us why it is to the Academy's best interests to hire you is a tactic as a Consultant to Small Business, has been suggested and many are now doing so for a win-win very profitable situation for all concerned.)

Let us see that YOU can think.  That YOUR mind is stimulated. 

We're NOT looking for mediocre people.  And we're NOT looking to fill positions for the sake of filling positions.  Nor for financial reasons.  We'll willingly keep them vacant if necessary.

We want people who are honest with integrity and are people-people that can think and be friendly yet not in the face obnoxious.

The Academy is founded on different principles.  You can find that out elsewhere on this site.  Like in the heading at the top of each page.  It is designed for each person individually to become the best THEY can be and even higher without limitations.  A Rolls Royce type best of the best leader and higher.

Can YOU buy into that attitude?  If you can, then YOU may be a good candidate for one of these jobs.

Remember, quality is always easier to sell than constantly apologizing for mediocrity.  To us the inner person is much more important than the superficial outside appearance.  Seriously.

Have YOU gone through AGS Life Academy as a student yet?  If you have, then, you understand your potential truly is great and will jump at the opportunity being offered you here.

And if not, consider the next 26 weeks and what YOU can do to be employed.


Whether students come from the government (political, appointed, a coup or others), businesses or organizations (top and various levels of leaders or their staff) or individuals (currently employed, under-employed or even unemployed) come on their own, there are explosive benefits for each student or volunteer in ways not easily understood at first blush. 

That's what we offer our students.  Our volunteers.  International benefits beyond normal expectations.

If YOU want to buy into this attitude, then please continue reading.


Several Ground Floor Opportunities Before YOU - NOW

It's All About  THE CAUSE  Worldwide

If you'd like to assist in the effort to get these basic educational guidelines out to the largest audience possible, please write us and let us know how YOU might assist. 

We are eager to hear from you.  We know we need help in this cause of ours.  We are more than receptive to receive it.  We can tailor programs around the individual's skills, talents, assets, limitations, time constraints/availabilities. 

Here is one example - Volunteers Program.

Here is another example - Volunteers Social Media Program.

Here is a third example - Video & Audio Clip Volunteers Program.

And another example - Logo Design Volunteers Program.

Several other opportunities  might exist - Web Assistants, Graphic Designers, SEO and other projects Volunteers.

In other words, we're flexible.  If you see an opportunity on our international "vision" chart, let us know. 

There are international, national, region and local ground floor positions available as well.  For example in the Sales and Marketing arena, there are both the International Sales and Marketing Manager and the National Sales and Marketing Manager for individual nations.  And, other volunteer opportunities that may lead into paying positions later on.

Whether it might be short term or more longer term, one simple project or more elaborate projects, we're open-minded and eager to listen to what YOU may have to offer.  We might be able to design an opportunity around YOU wherever you are in the world.  Literally.

We show by example this Academy is different.

Worldwide, people share, cooperate, think of others and do their own thing in all walks of life. 

Why?  For the benefit of others without expecting anything in return.  Think about and consider the  classical music "The System" in Venezuela  and has mushroomed worldwide.

The way of giving vs. the way of getting. 



Remember what we're looking for - we're  urgently  looking for 100 graduates in  EVERY  country  throughout the world.  This is a first step to overall goal mentioned above.

Therefore, what YOU do as a volunteer that can make it easier for potential students to go through the program of their choice is awesome.

Besides, in the process, YOU could be one of these graduates we're looking for!

Your potential then truly is limited only by YOU.  Do YOU have confidence and vision in yourself?  Show us.

These positions will be filled at some point.  Will YOU be filling one of them? 

Remember, to address our goal of "billions", this will take more than a few individuals, wouldn't you think? 

Where could YOU fit?

Those immediately sought might fall into the following categories. 

Yet, we are interested in talking with anyone interested in pursuing any opportunity within the AGS Life Academy organization.  

We are serious in getting this Academy to the largest audience possible.  Will YOU help us?

How high can YOU dream?

Here is one former goals and what the status was 6 months into it.  What can YOU dream doing in 6 months?

Consider your 6 months reality after being a student here online with the AGS Life Academy Hope, Leadership and Success Program taking only 26 weeks 1 hour a day.  Yes, that reality can be 6 months or less...


Several Opportunities Before YOU

There are outstanding opportunities available for those with this knowledge acquired here at AGS Life Academy

Not only are those opportunities with the Academy worldwide, but all sorts of other opportunities in the future will be brought to those that have prepared themselves for them.

Remember knowledge is power.  The RIGHT knowledge is even more power.  And it is that knowledge that lasts.

We know not everyone has that knowledge currently, and if not, you can obtain it quickly.

Remember we are in the education business.

Part of the AGS Life Academy's role is to help find that RIGHT true knowledge and make it obvious to YOU. 

We've done that.  That true knowledge is here ready for the taking right now.

Seek that knowledge.  Go after it.  With all your might.  As a drowning swimmer in an ocean with nothing else around to cling on to.

Then, if you aren't ready right now, ... you will be ready in only 26 weeks for the opportunity or opportunities for you. 

Are YOU able right now to take advantage of those opportunities or will you be able as they become available?  Will YOU be able to discern which are good and which are not appropriate opportunities?  In other words tailored to YOU?

And why they fit into which category?  For you and not for you?

If not ready now, plan NOW and study and show yourself worthy.  Remember that your Academy President is a visionary.

A very  practical  visionary.  A pro-active visionary.  Prepare now for the future is what he suggests and highly recommends.  Then, never look back.


Are YOU Unemployed Or Under Employed?

Then show us YOUR work ethics and what YOU can do and how YOU develop yourself (your eagerness to improve yourself and learn to think for yourself) over the next 26 weeks ... or possibly less.  Can you work by yourself with little to no supervision?  Show us.

Assuming you haven't gone through AGS Life Academy "Foundation Program" yet (or you would have a job by now and a real good one tailored to you - you also would have known about these opportunities available) then go through the Academy whether in an accelerated 5 weeks (roughly 180 hours training divided by 40 hours a week) full time or the normal 26 weeks 1 hour a day routine or however long it may take YOU using the Diploma Program, vs. the Audit Program or the Certificate Program, show us what YOU can do completing these 3 specific assignments:

  • Send us a brief resume on yourself
  • Send us a short paragraph or two cover letter about your initial goals or desires (what is it that YOU want to do and the time frame you'd like to do the whatevers)
  • And then after registering as a student, send us directly the assignments of the Academy as the Diploma Program requests.


Like Summer School

AGS Life Academy could be fast-tract to a 5 to 8 week type Summer School anytime of the year for those who might be unemployed or underemployed.  How motivated are you to show your desires to get ahead in life?

Please see the Current Opportunities Available.  We are actively and aggressively recruiting worldwide.  Many are ground floor opportunities.

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - Job Opportunities".

Or, consider making this YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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