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Are YOU considered on the Bottom of the Social Register?








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Are YOU looked at as being on the bottom of the Social Register?  Or humbled in some way?  Or lowly in stature?

For example are YOU or do you know anyone who is or was: 

  • addicts - current or former (drugs, alcohol, sex, law breakers, time wasters i.e. video gamers)?; 
  • juvenile delinquents &/or prisoners - current and former?; 
  • handicaps and/or disabled and/or limited for whatever reason (physical or mental or poverty or humbled thinking you might be a "Basket Case")?; 
  • depressed and stressed out almost at the breaking point of being a "down and outer"?;
  • bottom of the Social Register in jobs held: security officer, housekeeping, janitor, landscaping, chauffeur/driver, customer service, receptionists, data entry or clerical, accounting, warehouse/shipping/receiving, sales representatives, restaurant/hotel/tourist/hospitality, food service, waiter/waitress, or other entry level position, or maybe even unemployed
  • rejects and received declines of one sort or another (employment, debts, other)?;
  • or maybe others considered just an everyday, no-name, nobody or bottom of the Social Register or a "bottom of the barrel" type individual?


YOU are being sought

If you are one of these or are another considered bottom of the Social Register, YOU are being sought out by this Academy as a special somebody we want as a student urgently.  If not YOU, do you know anybody that might be considered in the bottom of the Social Register?  A low life person?  Truly humbled for one reason or another?  Would you please share this with them? 

We're serious.  YOU really are being sought out.  WE WANT YOU or THEM as a student urgently.  You have something others don't have and we want YOU.  You may be offered a FREE FULL Scholarship.

YOUR future truly is fabulous and beyond your wildest imagination.  Yes, YOU really have a future beyond your belief.  In 26 weeks (6 months) or less.


Would YOU be willing to...?

Would YOU consider going through some training to gain the confidence you really are looked at as we see YOU?  That of YOU being very special and YOU can produce just as much as the college graduate or even the MBA that flaunts his/her seemingly rich credentials around?  Remember we are serious and believe YOU can be anyone YOU choose to be.

Yes, YOU can be a success within certain guidelines obviously.

What we are looking to do is swap a Work Study practical education (a $2147 value gift to you) and train you to be a Rolls Royce type best of the best type leader filled with Hope, uncommon very practical Leadership and dynamic Success that transforms nations, businesses, organizations doubling their size in only 6 months while transforming everyone into happy productive people.

Again, we're serious.  That's what we're after.  Are YOU one willing to transform nations, organizations, businesses, families or others?

We have been looking for candidates to fill jobs worldwide and there doesn't seem to be any qualified.  We really do want to hire.  Therefore, we figure go to those that don't have their noses (so to speak) so high in the air.  Find those willing to be trained and train them to be somebody super special and then show those former noses in the air "snobs' what they could have had for employment and happiness.

We are serious! 

You see, we believe we can take just about anyone and train them to be outstanding.  The challenge is finding those people that want to be trained to be outstanding.  Are YOU one?  We hope so.  Do you know someone that might be?

Test us and prove us we know what we're doing.  We do guarantee results.


What is required?

There is something you will have to supply even though the coursework training is a FREE full Scholarship complimentary to you.  (You will have to supply the 11 textbooks that you may already have in your personal library.  They are classics.  Combined, they should not cost more than #150 delivered to your door.)  You also have to supply your attitude.  That is critical.


Are YOU interested in being happy?  To have fun and be treated like a special super somebody with respect in the making?  With prosperity-never-looking-back that comes with success?

We're serious.  If you are serious, you must have the right attitude and ask for it.  And here is how to ask:

1.  simply by going to  http://agslifeacademy.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=f47573d46e2295b873cf331f5&id=5f6b9b4d66  and registering online.  In the "any other comments" section, mark "considered bottom of Social Register".  Hit the subscribe to list button.  The course is then yours compliments of your AGS Life Academy President. 

There are 10 coursework textbooks you'll have to supply yourself.  You may obtain these anyplace you'd like but combined the investment should not be more than $150 combined delivered to your home or office.  You may already have some of these common books in your own personal library and if not, you will want them in your own personal library to use over and over again in the future.  By the way, many are less than $5 each.

2.  go to  http://agslifeacademy.org/AGSAcademy-Diploma%20Program%20Recap%20Page.htm  the recap page of your coursework to be somebody super special and begin being a special somebody gaining the reputation you really do deserve for others to look up to YOU.

3.  now dream big dreams as you don't know your future and don't want to limit yourself.  Seriously.  You really are on your way to transform nations, businesses, organizations and obviously yourself.  In 6 months or less.


By the way, FREE mentoring by me, the President goes with this complimentary program.  I am serious.  Are YOU?  Now here is your challenge to prove me correct.  Or continue your lifestyle as you've been going the past 5 or 10 years.  Choose a future or continue as you've been going.  Your choice.

Your President
Gary F. Restall
AGS Life Academy


You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - bottom of Social Register".

Or, consider making this YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
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