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National Sales Manager Wanted


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Summary Of Position Of National Sales Manager

International online provider of Self-Help education wants to initiate a comprehensive marketing and sales force worldwide.  The responsible National Sales Manager per nation or combination of nations is to plan, direct and orchestrate that objective through various venues achieving at least 1 million students of all sorts within 50 years and an open-ended commission incentive.

It is expected that a roll out within a nation or group of nations may begin by regions or states within the nation or group. 

The National Sales and Marketing Manager should not plan on personal sales but the challenge in developing and training the national sales force in sufficient quantity and managing that.  The goal would be to establish a complete national sales force.  Hence, up to 50 years is reasonable to expect a national sales force to be well established and 1 million students to have gone through AGS Life Academy in that country.

Please see the English Speaking nations of the world as an example of initial potential.



  • To plan, direct, establish and coordinate an entire national sales and marketing program for AGS Life Academy and/or all of it's affiliates subject to directives and guidelines of the President and the International Sales Manager.  You may also work directly with the National General Manager of a specific nation.  This may include being part of an international franchise system of bricks and mortar as well as online endeavors.
  • Use sales forecasting and strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of divisions, products or services, analyzing business developments and monitoring market trends.
  • Oversee territory allocation and their respective regional, state and local sales managers and their staffs.
  • Identify main client groups and audiences, determine the best way to communicate information to them, and develop and implement an effective communication plan.  This may include a national franchise system.


  • Plan, direct and coordinate staffing, training, and performance requirements and evaluations to develop and control resultant activities.
  • It is expected that all affiliated with AGS Life Academy as volunteers or employees, including all Sales agents will personally take the AGS Life Academy full Diploma Program as quickly as possible.
  • Determine price schedules and discount rates for that nation.
  • Monitor customer potentials to determine focus of sales and marketing efforts.
  • Plan and coordinate straight commission schedule with the President and International Sales Manager for the entire national sales department by area.  Salesmen should be very pleased with the return on their training, skills and talents and corresponding productivity.
  • Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for the Academy to increase product or service awareness or to promote goodwill.
  • Draft speeches for company executives, and arrange interviews and other forms of contact for them.


Education & Interests Desired

No formal Master's degree need apply. 

Some college with 1 to 3 years of practical hands on, people-to-people, personal sales experience and also a 3 to 5 years sales management experience desired.  Professional use of Social Media and target marketing tools an added plus.

Having been a former Boy or Eagle Scout as well as a Jaycee are two big pluses.

Dale Carnegie, Tom Hopkins and Self-Help backgrounds should apply.  Guerilla Marketing and self employment experience are also encouraged to apply.  Remembering how YOU would like to be treated is a big plus.

Either AGS Life Academy Diploma Program or working towards it or willing to work towards it required.

7 great characteristics in one sentence - uncompromising character of honesty, integrity and a determination willing to take risks while acting without hesitation facing the impossible with fearless nothing to loose attitude of nothing can stop you caring-for-a-cause.


Compensation Expected

National Sales Manager is expected to earn in excess of $100,000 to $150,000 a year with most sales personnel expected in the $60,000 to $90,000 range.  Supervisors should be in the $90,000 to $125,000 range.  Limited only by one's own skill and talent.  He who does the work will get the pay.  This could develop into a high 6 or 7 figure income with other responsibilities added.

This could develop into a high 6 or 7 figure income depending on your cover letter, resume and other ingredients that could naturally become part of this opportunity.

A big encouragement to the salesperson is seeing and knowing you are changing lives dramatically and fundamentally.  Actually transforming whole nations, many businesses and organizations and a way of life for the masses.  Literally and seriously.  That truly is in your hands.

The Academy goal is 1 million students within 50 years in each nation will have gone through AGS Life Academy.  The National Sales Manager should plan on making that happen.  He is setting the stage for countless others to reach for the stars.  Not only those within the sales force but more importantly the students who will be taking the courses offered by AGS Life Academy.  AND as a by-product, the entire local, regional, national and international population surrounding them.  Seriously.


This is a sales opportunity

As this is a sales opportunity unlike any other sales opportunity, it is expected that applicants will sell themselves a bit.  Before submitting your resume, you may want to view a response to another applicant to tailor your proposal accordingly. 


Cover Letter Expected

In other words, sell baby, sell.  That is expected to show what YOU can do.  That YOU know both how to sell in bunches like bananas and one at a time.  I'm more interested in what YOU can and will do in the future for me and AGS Life Academy then with all due respect what you've done in the past as impressive as that may be.  The past may be used as an example, but the future is what is important.  The job won't be handed to you.  So, sell.  How aggressive are YOU and how badly do YOU want the opportunity?  A potential high 6 or 7 figure income in sales and management and influential power. 

Show that you understand there are two ways of life and I'm looking for one way and not the other way.  Show in your understanding how you would use your experiences and knowledge in your vision as you see and understand it.  What YOU feel YOU are worth and what you can do for me, AGS Life Academy and those the Academy will serve.  Consider the assignments for students in their papers.  I want to see your plan of what you'd do once in that position to hit the ground running.  Tailor your background around the vision I have showing me by example what you can do.  I realize I'm not the typical President of "normal" educational institutions or for that matter typical companies.  I want to change the world in their thinking.  Therefore, you'll have to think outside the norm.  Therefore, you better do your homework.  That's what I expect.  I expect that from students and should expect that from the key individual who will introduce this Academy to those students.

YOU have one shot at selling yourself to me for this opportunity as you may have one shot to sell potential students at being a student.  What will the outcome be?  That is up to YOU.  And only YOU.  Do your homework.

In other words, sell baby, sell.  That is expected to show what YOU can do.  The job won't be handed to you.  So, sell.  How aggressive are YOU and how badly do YOU want the opportunity?  Show your vision, your skills, your capabilities what YOU feel YOU are worth.

Please submit your resume and your visionary cover letter electronically or in writing to:


Please do check out the International Sales Manager Job Description before you submit your resume and your visionary cover letter electronically or in writing to:

PO Box 336
Northboro, MA 01532

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