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Just what do we mean: practical and balanced wisdom education?  Here's the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How all wrapped into a combined Finishing School (from lower school learning), A Prep School (for higher learning) and a Transition School (from one lifestyle to another) online for YOU to use in all 7 areas of life, some immediately right now and more later.  That's wisdom, both practical and balanced education.

It is a Classic hope-filled Self-Help international Academy to teach the fundamental & everyday practical "how tos" transforming nations, businesses, organizations & individuals into incredibly outstanding entities beyond one's wildest expectations ... AND ... the psychology behind it all.  Guaranteed.  In other words, superior and fast, social re-engineers of the world for all to love more abundantly.

Start fresh today?

6 Months Reality
or ...
Imagine and consider the benefits of  AGS Life Academy  AND the results:
... a "transformed  YOU".  What YOU may be.  Or, have.  In ONLY 26 weeks!
5 to 8 weeks (2 months like a summer school program) on the fast-track program.


Within 26 weeks... This could be YOUAnd, We'll Guarantee it!

Imagine... within 26 weeks, you could be a transformed nation, business or organization, family or an individual. 

Just think what the following achievements might mean to YOU.  The following IS YOU in just 26 weeks (6 months). 

Seriously and without question. 

If YOU could design the ideal person YOU would want to be, what would it be like?

Consider what it would mean to YOU.  How would YOU feel? 

Imagine these traits as a minimum:

a practical goal setter AND a down-to-earth achiever AND a focused sensational driver.

a time manager and an organizer doing so much more than you or others thought possible.

a balanced in all 7 areas of life, calm, generating profound happiness and exhilarating joy just by your presence when YOU walk into a room or when people simply think about YOU.

a people-person caring about, motivating others and stimulating others where they truly want to do what you ask.  (Ask.  Notice and not tell.)  They begin to think like you.  Maybe even finish your sentences.

a positive, uplifting, encouraging, top-of-the-line, out-of-the-ordinary, Rolls Royce (best of the best and beyond) type leader people look to get things done.

a sought-after individual by many so you'll have to pick and choose where to work or what you do.  Assuming you don't want to work for yourself... and do your own thing, when you want to do what you want to do and how you want to do it...

a motivated, energy-filled, doer determined and focused, filled with integrity the masses envy and wish more were like you. 

living life to the fullest and abundantly on auto-pilot.

a capable speaker and motivator before audiences of all sizes.

an internationally knowledgeable person who knows not only what is going on in the world and by whom, but how it all affects you and those around you on a regular basis.  You will be a predictor of future events before those events come about. 

a prosperous willing giver to those who can't repay you anything.

a loving family member laughing and happy and close-knit unified with the rest of the family, both immediate and extended, all the time, setting the example in how they, too, can be like you teaching the next generation in how to teach their next offspring to constantly do even better than you have done and are doing.

a healthy with no or fewer medications & drugs vibrancy you never thought possible coupled with enthusiastically positive and knowledgeable in street-smarts, others shake their heads wondering about you in how you learned so much so fast while at the same time seeking you out asking how to do this and how to do that.  You'll become the local sought-out consultant on a myriad of topics.

positive  cash flow (more income than outgo expenses) with bills current, no debts or the few remaining being paid off including the mortgage, if you even have one still, a 6 months Cash Reserve begun, an estate plan in the works or completed and smarter financial management skills learned AND practiced, living within your means saving money on a regular basis.  Think of the peace and harmony from just this alone...

learned the super FREE missing ingredient to make all these items above and more causing all the happiness, abundant living and rejoicing than your wildest expectations could ever have imagined possible.  Deep down in the inner core of your being making the transformation profoundly changed for all to see and envy.  You exude excellency in every way.


These above traits ARE YOU in 26 weeks.  6 months.  Guaranteed!


It's In YOUR Control

These are just  some  of the sensationally seductive skills, talents and magnetic benefits we envision you achieving due to the time you spent with AGS Life Academy and the 10 simple yet profoundly different than any other textbooks, yet common books, combined in a unique way to produce the above all within 26 weeks at 1 hour a day or less.  5 to 8 weeks with concentrated effort.


If YOU think this is too good to be true, Think Again.

Check out what is required on YOUR part. 

This could be the toughest 26 weeks of YOUR life.

AGS Life Academy  IS  an Academy in the fullest sense of the word Academy - learnings for improvement of the student. 

In only 26 weeks. 

More so than any other school, college or university open to the public or masses anywhere in the world.  (We do believe there is one exception and that institution is not open to the public.)


What is all this and more worth? 

Are you serious?  How could you spend 26 weeks of your time and effort better?  To change your life from the inside out profoundly with YOU totally in charge?

Put YOUR life on auto-pilot for the next 26 weeks.  Seriously.  Remove any and all distractions.  Could be THE best investment you will ever have made.  Try us.  Test us.  Prove us.  Invest in YOU.

AGS Life Academy is really three schools in one.  A finishing school.  A prep school and a transition school.  All combined uniquely like no other anywhere in the world.

Then, ...  dream a little... 

If YOU knew YOU could not fail, how high can YOU dream?

Imagine a bit...  What would YOU like to achieve?

What do you have to lose? 

More of the same you've had for the past 5 years or more? 

A transformation is as close as bookmarking this site and making this your home page for just 26 weeks. 

AND ... going through the program diligently proving it each step of the way.  And dreaming a lot.  Considering what your future could be like.



Here's A Challenge For YOU

Consider reading this page each morning first thing for the next 7 days to ingrain the "future YOU" deep down in your being as we're serious. 

This really can be YOU

In ONLY 26 weeks.  Guaranteed!

You may want to immediately before you forget bookmark this page under  "Education - Everyday Practical Learnings - 6 months reality".

Or, consider making this YOUR home page for at least the next 6 months during YOUR "transformation to the New YOU" period.

Or, make this your screen saver.

In the meantime, Let's Get Started By Clicking
How To Get The Most Out Of This Academy

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This is about re-engineering failing or weak individuals, families, organizations, businesses and even nations looking forward. The ideal age is from 16 to 25 to prepare for and build a rock-solid Copyright 2014
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