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Transforming nations, organizations, groups, businesses, families, people into
greatness respected and loved by all - above, below and all-around - one entity at a time.
Guaranteed re-engineers of superior leadership by examples.



AGS Life Academy is 3 alternative type schools in one


Upgrade your staff or employees to keep them or upgrade yourself to be kept




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HOW TO BE A LEADER.  Not just ANY leader, but a GREAT Leader (and so much more).

We teach pure practical known-by-the-fruits WISDOM.  A leader filled with integrity, honesty, intelligence, energy, courage, vision, loyalty, passion, and Character traits having a lot to do with it.  Yes, that's right - deep-seated profound CHARACTER traits!  And family is at the heart of Character and any family, business, group, organization, nation.  So, how to build and raise a great loving and caring family is at the heart of character which is at the heart of hope, leadership and success traits to develop!

Imagine your employer constantly enticing you to stay with raises and promotions.

Consider your competitors wanting to steal you away.

Visualize your wife and family with so much love, joy and thankfulness that you are their husband and father.

Dream of a time you can do no wrong in ALL 7 areas of life and relish the accompanying feelings, emotions and benefits you set as an example for others to want to model.

Now multiply those feelings in any larger entity or even nationwide.


Build and gain a legacy of those above, below and all around you of not only in being knowledgeable about your area, but also and  more importantly  being uplifting, encouraging and very positive inciting others to WANT to listen and obey you willingly vs. obligingly.

Bottom line - learn these techniques and be loved as you lead to greatness.  Yes, learn to have right wholesome power-generating magnetic character others will flock to and support willingly.  Having astounding character, not being a character.

Build international  practical  theory as well as hands-on everyday results-oriented LEADERSHIP skills in a structured curriculum as  a pre-college private alternative at non-college manageable expense.

What is taught here will help YOU achieve ALL the wisdom and hope YOU want or need!  And, maybe offer you a job.  A high-paying meaningful job.  6 months from now... or faster.
Remember - we wrote the practical courses on the how tos:  Winning  Customer Service and various life skills such as - being organized simply, effective time management, having vibrant health, increased money, unrelenting mental security with no fear or depression, outlandish joy in every relationship one can have, supreme prestige and image amongst others of any stature, incredible happiness, real love and lots more...  Balance in earning a living AND living life abundantly.


There is a hidden dimension and it is included here.  First comes  KNOWLEDGE.  Then comes  UNDERSTANDING  and finally  WISDOM  to make super great  uncommon  leaders greater.  Done with a pre-meditated & pre-determined purpose where you can dream and are encouraged to dream big dreams with practicality in mind.  And not held back from YOUR full desires and potential. YOU will be in total control of YOUR future upon graduation.



If you would like to learn the best-kept secrets of kings
as well as national & international great leaders,
and all about Customer Service
let this "unique" course show you how


Immediately, with what is revealed here at this Academy, YOU can duplicate those hidden nuggets yourself in your life.  You can become the big leader by default making YOU loved by all quickly.  No one will do customer service or be a leader as well as YOU.  Or that will be able to learn as much as from you.

And maybe a job waiting as you progress in your training.



Which means, YOU can have  REAL

sensational  HOPE !
winning  LEADERSHIP!
amazing  SUCCESS !


Power to achieve it  ALL  and  thrillingly more ...



In only 26 weeks 1 hour a day ... or less than 6 months!!!  Consider maybe in only 5 to 8 weeks what your options might be.
And here's how possibly for FREE - with a full Scholarship.  And Guaranteed!  Worth the full tuition of $2147 or even double or any multiple of that.

Puts living life on auto-pilot so you can spend more time doing your own thing  "playing"  as you want...

Or help YOUR mate to be the best they can be!


At Last!

It is now available to YOU.

A total give-away withhold-nothing program ... that takes effort on your part.  Fun easy effort and gives fabulous returns to YOU and everyone around YOU.  We're expecting nothing in return,  but YOUR best effort to be the best YOU can be.

First - in the "7 Laws of Success" booklet, elaborated on in the program, it states fix the right goal, which means define what success is BEFORE you go after it. 

Do YOU know what that overall first goal of success for YOU is?  Are you knowingly fastened with a prearranged effort where and how you should go proactively?  Or are you drifting through circumstances buffeted as you proceed?  Do you dream?  Dream big dreams?  Dream really big dreams?


This course helps YOU determine what's right for YOU and then helps YOU go after it.  Simply and easily by following the proven pattern that works.  In only 6 months or less.


Who should take this course &/or who it was designed for.

So, it really doesn't matter where you, the student, start from.  Whether international or national political or appointed officials, business CEOs, Presidents, Board Members or, the other extremes - the everyday, no-name, nobodies or worse - the "Basket Cases" or anyone in between the social register, including the unemployeds, under-employeds, juvenile delinquents, prisoners or ex-convicts, disabled and the truly "humbleds" for whatever reason.  YOU can become somebody great!  Truly Great!
Truly  SUPER  Great!!  And LOVED for taking this program.

Grab YOUR personal upgrade.  NOW.  Even in this unsettling age!

Seriously.  YOU can be settled in satisfying hope, peace, harmony & lots of love.
From ALL directions.
Above, below and all around.



Isn't it time to take charge of your future?  Here's how to really take charge right now and design your future the way YOU want.



... or do you need more?


From either extreme ...
... to this...
26 weeks (6 months) to a year may be all it takes only 1 hour a day


Why not take your future to new heights
beginning right now?


By the way...

YOUR ultimate challenge of challenges is here ahead of YOU

Do YOU have a millionaire's attitude?  You can... simply and easily ...


Who should take the course?


Breakthroughs come from going "outside the box" and bringing new, proven, translated-to-you systems back in.  Keep doing what you've always done and you can be sure as shootin' you'll never get anything different than what you've already got.

Grasp the new but already proven 6  simple & easy  foundational Modules of hope, truthful & caring Leadership (that's truly a win-win for all) & Power-To-Make-It-Happen Program to raise just about anyone in the world to Rolls Royce status (the best of the best & higher in ALL 7 areas of life for the  whole  being) designed to be completed in 26 weeks (6 months).  This character development amongst other enrichments course is flexible to be accelerated in less time, maybe 5 to 8 weeks (that's only 2 or 3 months) or prolonged up to 52 weeks (1 year) to improve YOU regardless where YOU start from. 

In other words, ... at YOUR pace any time day or night.
Right here online making it super easy for you to take when it is convenient for you.

AND, ... the FULL course is possibly FREE for the revealing detailed "how to" test-drive taking Please keep reading.


Imagine how these 6 simple & easy Modules instantly covers things in your life:


IF ... YOU think YOU, as a potential student, can't learn something from taking this seriously revealing maybe FREE course 1 hour a day, take this quick test.


This may be THE toughest decision of YOUR life

Why not start fresh today?  The past and the current are history.

Remember that tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  YOUR future is before you!
Why not launch your greatness, now?


Explosively boost  YOUR practical skills & YOUR future instantly


Discover The Unknown Principles:

   This Academy is not to feed a person for a day, but to TEACH a person to feed themselves ... forever.  And well.  Very well.

  First, comes knowledge, then comes understanding before wisdom and finally, greatness.

A fine-tuned tweaking, or partial upgrading, or
total transformation, or whatever is appropriate for YOU, while YOU, as a student, remain in total control each step of the stunning-results upgraded way.  In some cases, all it will take is a tweaking for these startling floodgates to open.  For others a complete overhaul but it doesn't matter as everything is here for both extremes.  You WILL learn.  Guaranteed.  That's The AGS Life Academy way.  Only one hour a day!  That's right.
Just one hour a day.
And, yes, shockingly, ...
auditing the private do-it-yourself-but-not-by-yourself Academy online step-by-easy-step can be FREE or through the Work Study Program earn a FULL Diploma Scholarship compliments of the Academy!


Here is YOUR  3 Part  1st assignment.


A.  Reality time ... This is the time to examine yourself as best you can.  Your past, present and projected future based on what you have achieved so far.  Where YOU are presently.  Your outlook for the future.  Especially, in this ever-increasing age of unsettledness.

Are YOU happy with YOUR current state of affairs today?  Your finances?  Is Your life stable and happy and harmonious and hope-filled love projected in EVERY direction?

Then, ... make the decision whether YOU want more of the same or ... are YOU willing to be one of the unique students to  take the challenge  to "tweak" yourself or more fully transform yourself.  To learn wisdom.  To gain hope.  In only 180 days.

Please understand, we haven't met anyone yet that couldn't improve in one way or another.

The question is whether YOU are willing to be tweaked or transformed.  Whether YOU are willing to get smart wisdom.  Not just any wisdom, but real practical progress-making wisdom.  By yourself with us guiding you step-by-step.  Like having your own personal mentor / coach holding your hand walking you through the maze of living learning the psychology behind it all.  Are YOU all talk flapping your gums as a character or do YOU want character to be in total control in the  simple and easy  process of life with abundance?

And do so possibly for FREE.  This Academy is designed as a non-profit institution.
(While some programs have a token fee associated with them, donations are accepted however to assist covering all those taking the Program with a scholarship.  Some of the Classic textbooks required you may already have in your own library.  If not, wherever you do obtain them, you should not invest more than $150 combined for all 10 course books to have them all delivered to YOUR door.  Remember the Academy itself has the FREE Audit option for the FULL course and with the Work Study Program even the Diploma Program may be FREE for
an immediate $2147 value to you!)

Just follow directions... and gain overflowing wisdom to be in POWER.  Be the leader YOU can be.  Reduce and eliminate the stress and uncertainty in your life.  Take charge of your future.  You can begin right now.  The program can be complimentary.  On the Academy.  If not, it will be worth whatever you pay for it.  Seriously.  And a lot more.  Like gold.  Precious gold.  It is guaranteed with an exceptional beyond the normal 1 year guarantee.

B Then, ... after  YOU  made YOUR decision  YOU  are NOT 100% of the time happy with  who  and  what  YOU are today and  where  YOU are  ALL the time, and your current or projected outlook...

... then, ... find and read the 39 page booklet "Obvious Adams: The Story of a Successful Businessman" by Robert R. Updegraff.  There are many valuable lessons here you'll love.  Make sure you obtain the 1953 Copyright edition from the Updegraff Press as this edition has notes made many years later by the author on doing the obvious.  Try here from $3.99 delivered to YOU.  Please tell them AGS Life Academy recommended them.

C.  ... then, ... during your initial waiting-for-the-book-to-arrive-time, your encouraging, uplifting, motivation-building homework (yes, there is homework in this valuable serious course) is simple and fun - consider or imagine simply what YOUR potential could be like. 

Consider, if you could be or do anything, what would it be like?  Seriously.  If ... YOU knew YOU could not fail, what would your future be like?

Unlike the precious physical gold this program is like or the years of working for others or the things you've acquired or the close people around you, the knowledge once learned and internalized cannot be taken from you with a change by others.  It's yours.  Forever.

YOU really can have your dreams beginning in 26 weeks... or less ...

Are you serious?  We are!  So, dream a little.  Actually, dream a lot...


That is your 3 part 1st assignment.


Next step after enrolling is also easy...

... getting started in YOUR quest of a "new YOU" by going to Orientation - Part 1: How to get the most out of this Academy.

Your future can  really  be fantastic!
With so little effort...



May I boldly, up front, ask a favor and then I'll explain why?

Would you please forward this site to everyone in your address book?  Urgently please?  Especially to those that might be depressed or unhappy for whatever reason with no hope going forward.  Or, those who might be limited or handicapped mentally, physically, monetarily, or in some other way - like frustrating opportunities before them.

In the process, did you know that you may have sent them a glass of water in the desert of their living or a life raft in their raging stormy waters of their situations?  Or perhaps directions to correct a wrong path they maybe were on before without even knowing what you did?  Others have helped me in just this way.  And, that has happened before to others or so I've been told when others forwarded previous sites to everyone in their address books.  Worldwide.

Maybe with a simple, "Just found this - and found it interesting.  What do you think?"


Gary F. Restall
AGS Life Academy


Thanks for visiting this international powerful leader-building site.  What will YOUR future be like?  Your life really  IS  in YOUR hands.  You ARE in control of your future!

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